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Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Review;
By: Oksana Robski

Let me sum this up in two words: Chick Book.

My mom passed this one off to me as a light read and it most certainly was. Now I’m not knocking it 100% because it was a good read with a few twists and turns. Mostly about the new elite in Russian society, Casual lets the reader into a world that none of us are ever likely to experience.

Contract killings, baby’s momma drama, caviar and cocaine all make an appearance in this international best seller. Basically the plot is like Sex and the City meets Moscow’s mob scene. A group of elitist Russian women throw away housekeepers, boyfriends and husbands like you toss out a tissue. The central character’s husband is gunned down in the street in the first chapter and the book is dedicated to her revenge and recovery. I don’t quite know what else to say because really the book isn’t that complex.

If I were to give you too much about the plot here I would ruin what kept me turning pages. Like I said; chick book, but readable. Robski’s style was very enjoyable and I liked the internal dialogue of the main character as she both shuns and identifies with the world around her. I think there is a bright future for this genre in Russia and around the world as Robski continues to lead the way and develop her style and material.

One Passage that I thought told the author's story was the following:

"Some people treat life as consumption. Some as an exploit. Some see it as a cup to be drained. To the bottom. I look at life as a partner in a game. The whole world is the playing field. Life always takes the first move. I respond and then wait life's response with interest.

There are no rules, which makes it a bit scary, but I've gotten used to that. There are no winners either.

At first I tried to keep score, but gave up quickly. I never missed my turn. Whenever I felt like quitting, I took a time out.

Life always has a joker in the pack. Its appearance in the most unexpected places made the game even more interesting. It was impossible to guess in what capacity the joker would appear the next time. The important thing was to live as if there were no joker.

I was playing for happiness."

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