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Sunday, September 28, 2008

College Football Week 5 The Upset Issue

Time for Week Five in the world of College Football!

It’s the first week of the UPSETS! Too many to contemplate…must restore order… can’t believe this amazing Beaver… Oh! Sorry. Anyway, week five brought us what we came to expect last season and now the world of college football has been flipped around at the top.

Just when we thought USC was going to cruise through an easy PAC-10 schedule and play for a national championship…oops. And, that wasn’t the only one in the stink from this weekend. I was going nuts watching these games either online or on the screen. My Dawgs decided to lay down. Sit Doggie Sit. Now roll over and die. Wow, just when they get my hopes up for a run at the National Championship they bring me back down with a performance like this weekend. &*#!@&*%!

Too much to describe here so we’ll just get to it…


#15 Auburn survives Tennessee 14-12
This game made me want to puke! It wasn’t for the defense, it was for the total lack of offense in this game. (AUB-226 total yards TEN-191) Boooo! If I were a fan at Auburn on Saturday I would have been pissed because Auburn should have come out firing after last week’s close loss to LSU. Instead, they looked terrible and Tennessee, well Tennessee just sucks! Let me just say on any other week Jonathan Crompton (UT’s “QB”) would have gotten my Biggest Loser Award. 8/23 67yds 0TDs and some horrible throws. This year he’s 64/123 658yds 2TDs and 4INTs. As my lone Tenn friend quipped this weekend, “You’re telling me we have no one on the bench that’s better than this guy?”

The other ones have to go to:
#2 Oklahoma over #24 TCU 35-10
#5 LSU over Mississippi State 34-24
#12 Penn St. over #22 Illinois 38-24
Good job LSU, Oklahoma and Penn St.! Ya’ll won games you were supposed to win. Oklahoma had to deal with an upstart TCU squad who was looking to fly up the rankings if they pulled out a win. And Miss St. tried to give LSU a game and probably had some Tiger fans sweating after they’d seen the other scores from Saturday. Penn St. had to win probably the toughest of the three contests and has to be the Big 10 leader at this point.
Oklahoma has to be a clear #1 and one of three teams at this point that truly control their own road to the National Championship game. (LSU and Alabama being the other two and they still have to play each other)


Wait wait wiat… First the Lesson of the Week:
Never count a win till it’s in the win column. Never overlook a team. Always come prepared and never think your past success will carry you to today’s victories. (That’s all me people. Poetic isn’t it?)

“If at first you don't succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.” –Bill Lyon

#1 USC shocked by Oregon State 27-21
(Note the shocker reference from the into is continued here)
“Oh how I love Beaver(s), Oh how I love Beaver(s), Oh how I love Beaver(s) cause’ they beat USC!” Wow! I was at work and not even looking at the score updates since I thought this would be another Dirty Sanchez show and USC would just (sorry) pound the Beavers, but when I got home all I saw was a sea of Beavers storming the field to celebrate a huge victory. Stats wise, this was pretty close aside from Oregon State’s run game which got 176 yards thanks to Rogers who actually rushed for 186 and 2 TDs.

The Trojans bust and ended up just falling limp at the end despite a late spurt for what must feel like an unsatisfying quickie for Pete Carroll and his national title hopes. (Its still early I know, but this was a big loss)

#8 Alabama dominated #3 Georgia 41-30
FUCK! I was ready to puke after the first quarter, then when Bama went up 31-0 with about 1:30 left in the 1st half I was ready to have a stroke. When did Georgia start believing that wearing black would be enough motivation for a big time SEC game? The Dawgs just looked flat out FLAT! The window of opportunity was wide open and Georgia just slammed it shut on their own hands. Hats off to Alabama, they came in and dominated. I have to go throw up again. Ok, I’m better now. Georgia did outscore Bama 30-10 in the second half and cut out all those dumb ass penalties. There’s a positive. Total yards were about even and Stafford did look good in the game (24/42 274 2TDs) he was only held back by good defensive secondary play and piss poor play calling. Glen Coffee showed big holes in Georgia’s run D going off for 86yds and 2TDs. Better than the whole Georgia team with a combined 50yds on the ground. Kind of hard to run the ball when your behind 31-0 huh?

#4 Florida falls to Ol’ Miss 31-30
Superman’s weakness must be a pass rush. Tebow did not look like the Heisman winner of 2007 and Florida simply overlooked the Rebels. The coaches may not have, but the players (outside of Harvin) played like this was going to be a walk in the park. Hello! It’s the SEC! This win could define Ol’ Miss’s season and they played like they wanted it more. Florida had plenty of chances to win this one and just didn’t. That blocked extra point was huge and Ol’ Miss can feel good about winning a big game and playing their asses off against an under motivated Gator squad. 1 for 11 on 3rd downs for Florida and 3 lost fumbles. Ouch.

#9 Wisconsin falls to Michigan 27-25
Wow! The Badgers lose after a 19-0 halftime lead. I thought they were going to win this one after scoring a touchdown with :13 left in the game and going for two to tie and getting it. Oh, no… flag on the play; ineligible man down field. Second attempt didn’t pay off and neither did the onside kick. Man I hate to see Michigan win but this was a great game and for the 500th in Ann Arbor’s Shit House, I guess they deserved a win. (I’m bitter this week people)

Runners up:
Navy over #16 Wake Forrest 24-17
Maryland over #20 Clemson 20-17
Houston over # 23 East Carolina 41-24
Wall Street over America 700Billion-0


#7 Texas over Arkansas 52-10
Dear Lord! How bad is Arkansas? Oh wait, that’s right it’s the bad karma brought on them by Bobby Petrino. They’ve lost their last two games by a combined score of 101-24. Pig SooooooWeeeeeeSuck! Oh by the way, the Razorbacks now have to play a pissed off Florida next week then go to Auburn. Have fun Bobby!
Good for Texas (and a 10gallon hats off) for not getting trapped on this weekend from hell for teams in the top ten.


Eastern Washington over Idaho State 45-31
This week’s Pillow Fight comes from the Big Sky Conference. Big Skies and Low Expectations. I think this one was a quarterback duel all the way. Eastern’s Nichols went off for 382yds and 5 TDs while Idaho State’s threw for 312yds and 3TDs. This one was tied up going into the fourth, but really, who cares? These teams are a combined 2 and 6.


Enough Said!


MAC is wack said...

What a good week to be idle, unless you play for Arkansas. They appear to have been idle all year but still showing up for scheduled games. Wierd. That Mallett transfer is really going to help them next year (sarcasm). Speaking of Michigan, yes, they defeated a top-10 team. They are not good. The Badgers outplayed them nearly the entire game. Nearly. A few lucky defensive plays and the Wolverines win. I must say, I had expected Alabama to win that game. I did not expect to see them dominate a first half like that. They were shell-shocked. My God, TMNT video game flashback. Wait. Georgia, to me, hadn't looked good all season. Until the second half. That was good stuff. Now, I believe they deserve to be up there. They are the better team. But, the rankings won't be able to show it for a while, if ever.

MAC is wack said...

Looks like the posse of Red Raiders rolls into Man-happenin' (the irony is that Manhattan is definitely not) this weekend. It had better be "guns up!" I felt really lame typing that. Sorry. Completely off topic, I will be watching the Pack knock around some Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. The Falcons do have a nice backfield, though. Whereever that tailback went to college, they must have one hell of a football program. It would be nice to see him have a big day - and he is certainly capable. Even more off topic, I would like to talk some smack for the AL Central. My Lord, the Royals had a better record than the Atlanta.... I've forgotten what they are called - Atlanta baseball is so five years ago. I have some big time studying to do this Saturday and won't be watching too many games. I can't wait for a nice recap Sunday morning. It is a good thing you are on EST; I get a nice hour lag. One more time for the cheap seats in the back (man this is lame): GUNS UP!!!!!!

AJ said...

Ok Seriously, like I wasnt having a bad enough week already, youhad to get that Braves dig in there. And you know Michael Turner went to Northern Ill. Come on. And to hell with your cheep seats. Thats where they put all Royals fans. I mean hell you could buy the team for like a buck fifty. And I will not talk smack about that Falcons Pac game. Sorry! I know the Falcons suck. Red Raiders... HA!