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Sunday, October 26, 2008

College Football Week 9

Time for Week Nine in the world of College Football!

A good week in the world of College Football. Lots of upsets and great games from the big conferences. Offense was the word of the day on Saturday with a lot of points being put up on scoreboards around the nation. A couple of teams didn’t look as good as the hype and a few proved they were in it to fight for some championships. Overall some great football on Saturday and too bad I missed a lot of it since I had to pull the night shift.

There is only one real note that I need to make about this week and it is on the Big-12’s defenses. I thought that the Big-12’s offensive numbers were inflated because of the style of offense they ran. I mean, we can all agree that the spread offense is going to put up some points. However, after watching the Texas Tech game and the extended highlights of several of the other Big-12 match-ups, I can tell you that every single defense that I saw SUCKED! No wonder TT hung 63 on Kansas. Even I can throw for 386yds in a game if every single receiver has a 5 to 10-yard cushion and I can set up every pass with a run game that faces no D-line pressure. Mizzou put up huge numbers against a bunch of slow ass Buffalos and Oklahoma and K State’s defense couldn’t get out of their own way in efforts to let the other team score. I mean go look at the highlights of every Big-12 touchdown from this weekend and then look at the SEC. There is a difference between scores and contested scores. Hell even Florida had to fight for every one of their scores against UK and they’re my Beat Down for this week.

Moving on…


#3 Penn State over #9 Ohio State 13-6
Defense. Can I get a little defense? Oh yes I may! What a game. This was the type of game Penn State needed this contest to be in order to win. Everyone knew that if PSU was to have any chance of winning they had to shut down OSU’s offense and hope for the best. And, that’s just what happened. The game ended on an INT by PSU in the end zone and the whole game was dominated not by the big names but by the guys you don’t hear about in the highlight clips every week. The two teams combined for only 568 total yards in the game! Hell, there were a few QBs from the Big-12 that had more yards than that. I’m starting to cheer for Joe Pa’ all of a sudden. I kind of want him to win something this year so he can go ahead and retire.

#1 Texas over #6 Oklahoma State 28-24
Oh Texas, you almost let OKSt. get by you there. Granted the Cowboys were in the top ten and had a good chance of pulling out an upset, but Texas did what a #1 team needed to do and that’s win at home. I do think that Texas may have lain down in the fourth quarter a little bit. UT went up 28-14 midway through the third and then did nothing else on offense for the rest of the game. 60 minutes guys, 60 minutes. A couple of turnovers didn’t help them much and they may have left a window open for a group of teams that are gunning for that #1 spot. Once again though this was the McCoy and Shipley show in Austin hooking up for 168yds and a TD through the air and combining for 58yds on the ground and a TD from McCoy. (Tebow loves him by the way).

#7 Georgia over #13 LSU 52-38
Oh my Dawgs hung 52 on LSU! I’m not going to lie; I was worried about this one. And, for those of you that will cry homer, I try to keep Georgia out of my top games, but this was a good one for many reasons. For one, unlike the Texas Tech v. Kansas game, this shootout actually featured defense. Stafford managed the game well going 17/26 for 249yds and 2Tds, while Knowshon went off for 163yds on the ground and a score. You’d have to look at the box score to see how back and forth this one was. Total yards = LSU 497 to 443. Rushing yards = UGA 194 to 188. Time of Possession = UGA 32:10 to 27:50. The key stat that separated the two teams was Turnovers = LSU: 3; UGA: 0. The Dawgs scored 14 points on two pick 6’s and that was truly the deciding factor. That, and some great defensive stops. Stat of the game... 30. LSU had won 30 straight home games that were played on Saturdays, with its last Saturday home loss coming in 2003.


Wow, a bad week to be in the middle of the pack. But, if you go back and look at some of my previous posts, you would have seen three of these upsets coming. Explanations to follow…

Louisville over #16 South Florida 24-20
How many times have I said that South Florida was overrated? Hmmm? They are now 6-2 on the year with both of those losses coming from other Big East schools. Boooo!

Rutgers over #17 Pittsburgh 54-34
Another overrated Big East school and now you have a 2-5 Rutgers picking up their third win on the road against a “Top 20” program who should have been fighting like hell to win their conference and keeping some semblance of respect.

Virginia over #18 Georgia Tech 24-17
I believe it was just last week that I said Virginia wasn’t as bad as everyone thought they were. And now here they sit at 5-2 after beating GT on the road. You’ll also remember that I said Tech was a hot and cold team. Must have been chilly in Atlanta this weekend.

Indiana over #22 Northwestern 21-19
Um… ok, you will not see much mention of either of these teams in my other posts, because, really… who cares? Northwestern may be on a hard fall back to Earth with Minnesota, OSU and Michigan coming up in the next three weeks.


#10 Florida over Kentucky 63-5

Ouch! Blocked kicks setup Florida for some short early touchdown drives and before the fans even had time to get on their third beer it was 35-0. UK didn’t even score the safety at the very end of the game; it was a bad snap that went out of the end zone. This was the 22nd straight win for Florida over UK and the only highlight worth mentioning was the rushing TD for Tim Tebow that tied Emmitt Smith for Florida’s all-time mark.

Runner-up: #15 Missouri over Colorado 58-0 It’s really not that much fun picking on your retarded cousin is it?


Michigan State over Michigan 35-21
Another rivalry that used to mean something. Now it only means that Michigan State has rolled up a 7-2 record and Michigan is stuck on 2. (Thanks Miami of Ohio and Wisconsin) Ringer had 194yds on 37 carries with 2TDs and is looking like a back that may be able to prove himself at the next level. I think that without him Michigan State would only have 4 wins at most and with him they may have something to say about the Big-10 Championship with Wisconsin, Purdue and Penn State still left on the schedule.


Florida Atlantic over Louisiana-Monroe 29-28
A match-up of 2-5 teams? I can’t resist. This week’s pillow fight comes to us from the Sun Belt Conference. Somebody has to get to three wins right? (We know it’s not going to be North Texas, that’s for sure. 45-17 loss to Troy this week). It took a 22-yard touchdown pass with :20 left in the game but somehow FAU was able to get the last swing to connect in this epic pillow fight. Up next for the Owls is the Mean Green of N. Texas and I smell win number four.


The Washington Huskies!
The Huskies are now 0-7 on the year and while they may be bad they at least… well no, they are just bad. Only 4 of the 10 teams in the PAC-10 have winning records. So, it’s not like they are playing against really tough competition every week. And this week’s loss to The Fighting Irish (33-7) didn’t help matters that much. The Husky defense is giving up an average of 40 points a game while averaging only 16 points a game on offense. Their leading rusher is QB Jake Locher (whom you might remember from the Biggest Loser earlier in the year) with 180 yards… on the season! By the way, he’s missed the last three games due to injury. Better luck next year guys!


MAC is wack said...

Please refrain from referring to Miami University as Miami of Ohio. It is wrong. As a matter of fact, the city in Florida was incorporated nearly a century after the university in Ohio; the city was founded by a woman from Cleveland. NIU won with 45 yards passing. I thought passing totals that low went out with the Roaring Twenties. Anyhow, Ball State kept rolling for now. Don't worry about them crashing the BCS party as they won't make it through the season without a defeat. They have given up points all year. Watch out as they have to play the other three best teams in the entire MAC over their last four games (NIU, Central Michagan, and Western Michigan). CMU and WMU can put up points. Why didn't Leach let the new kicker (didn't he used to play third base somewhere?) try a fieldgoal? Bummer. The old kicker missed his only attempt. Of course, you don't need to kick many fieldgoals when you score touchdowns on every possession. The defense in the OU-KSU game showed up in the second half.

First half: 55-28
Second half: 3-7

And defense in the game between The Ohio State University and Penn State. Defense? No, inept offenses. The Buckeyes have nothing going except an athletic QB. I think that's about five sentences. Peace.

shanepettit said...

I didn't get to watch any games on Saturday since I was on the road, but I listened to quite a few. I've seen some previous games where Florida's offense looked great, but I'm not sure I buy the "Kentucky's defense was solid" position. 63 points? Kind of hard to sell that as an offensive "fight" by Florida for every point they got. Unless that was a basketball game we were talking about.

Yeah, mac is wack, Ball State probably won't make it, but it would feel good to have them there. I have some bias, but Central Mich. will end up taking the mighty MAC.

I lost out on my prediction for upset of the week last time (sorry North Texas, but I believe she will get a single digit loss sometime this season). This week... Tech over Texas. I say that with blind bias.