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Sunday, December 7, 2008

College Football Championship Week

Time for Championship Week in the world of College Football!

Ok, so this will be a shorter version this week since it was a Championship Saturday. Tune in tomorrow when I unveil to you the first ever Jenkins System for College Football Playoff. I’m telling you, it’ll be entertaining and much debate will ensue since I actually have two different methods of how this could/should work, both of which in my opinion are better than this stupid BCS system.

A fun day in the world of college football, as long as you aren’t a Missouri fan, and one of the best SEC Championship match-ups since 2003. It was a long day of TV watching and now I feel like my Fall hibernation should end and maybe I’ll start doing something on Saturdays rather than drinking and watching TV all day… well let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. The Bowls still have to be played.

On another note, what the hell Dr. Pepper!? How much money did they pay the NCAA to sponsor the whole day? Every game was Dr. Pepper this and Dr Pepper that. And did you notice that on the halftime challenges that the two girls from the SEC Championship game did better at the same toss game as the two guys from the ACC Championship game? Too bad the hot one lost.

Moving on…

(Brought to you by Dr. Pepper; they threw me $5 for that)

SEC Championship Game
#4 Florida over #1 Alabama 31-20

I do believe I told you so on this one. Florida is just too strong and too fast for anybody to keep up with this year. I had predicted the score to be 45-20 so I guess I wasn’t giving Bama’s defense enough credit. The game was awesome though. Very clean and well played by both teams (only 8 total penalties and one late turnover) and just some phenomenal players on both sides of the ball. This game was SEC football. Tebow did what he had to do with the absence of Harvin (14/22 216yds. 3TDs and 57yds. rushing) and the Gators should be bringing another National Championship home to the SEC this year. I do hope a lot of people got to see this one because it was back and forth the whole game with neither team really taking over until Florida did so in the fourth quarter. I do think that Alabama was slightly overrated, but expect this team to be back next year despite losing their senior QB Wilson and a few linemen. As far as Tebow goes, I think he is the best college football player, leader, quarterback… you name it. He deserves the Heisman again this year. I hate to say it cause I hate Florida and Tebow, but the guy is hands down the best out there.

Big-12 Championship Game
#2 Oklahoma over #20 Missouri 62-21 (Beat Down of the Week)
To be honest with you, I quit watching this game at halftime. It wasn’t worth it. Oklahoma would have been better served to play Texas again and settle the Big-12 South rather than waste America’s time by playing Missouri and beating them for the second year in a row for the conference championship. Total domination for the Sooners after about midway through the second quarter. Missouri just had no balance in their offense and their defense was just pathetic. The Tigers got out played out willed and out classed; period! Rushing Yards: 243-60; Passing: 384-294; Turnovers: 3-0; all for Oklahoma. Whatever, this games unlike the SEC game, sucked! It was fun to watch Oklahoma do whatever they wanted to, but as far as a Championship game, I wanted to see more of a contest and less of a beat down.

ACC Championship Game
#25 Virginia Tech over #18 Boston College 30-12
Another rematch from 2007 and another win for Virginia Tech. It seems like BC can only take them out in the regular season and have no idea how to win it all. This was a much better game than the score would indicate though despite both teams making some big mistakes. The game was one of who wants to win it much like the ACC was all year long. I don’t want it, you take it, no you, no you… 7 total turnovers in the ball game and a late safety. For Tech it was the Tyrod Taylor show with the QB doing his best Mike Vick impersonation (11/19 for 84yds and an INT; 11 carries for 30yds and 2TDs). BC unfortunately relied too much on the passing game with a QB that just isn’t strong enough to lead them to a Championship. The only real entertaining portion of this game was the defenses that were all over the place. BC has some good linebackers! Anyway, the ACC had a down year and VT just had to not lose in order to win back-to-back titles.

MAC Championship Game
Buffalo over #12 Ball State 42-24 (Upset of the week)
You know, some teams want to win and some don’t. Ball State wanted it but just didn’t want it enough. Buffalo is a perennial loser in that conference and has had a great rebuild, but there is no way that Ball U should have let that happen. It’s as if someone walked up with a silver platter filled with the best that life has to offer; Conference Championships, BCS bowls and caviar and Ball State just sneezed all over it. The Cardinals were given a winning lottery ticket and decided to use it as toilet paper. This is why… the MAC is WAC!

Navy over Army 34-0

Zero if by land and 34 if by sea a seventh straight win for Navy! (I just came up with that). A tradition in college football is to watch one of these teams dominate the other and feel sad that no matter who wins, they all have to go off and “defend” our country. This is the life they’ve chosen and I for one, even though I disagree with them, am grateful for their choice. Neither of these football teams are ever any good, but I never put them in my pillow fights or beat downs, because both teams (Air Force too) are full of great men and I’m glad that for a few hours on a Saturday they can forget about their obligations to the country and just play some football.
On a completely different note. WTF Army? Those uniforms did not do it for me. I get it, wear camo and maybe Navy won’t see you. But it didn’t work out that way. Go back to your traditional uniforms next year.

ACC: Virginia Tech
Big East: Cincinnati
Big-12: Oklahoma
Big-10: Penn State
Pac-10: USC
SEC: Florida

C-USA: East Carolina
MAC: Buffalo
Mountain West: Utah
Sun-Belt: Troy
WAC: Boise State

MY Heisman Vote:
The stats don’t tell the whole story, but I’ll give them to you anyway. And, if you go look at the defensive stats for the teams these QBs played you’ll see that Tebow faced a hell of a lot tougher competition on defense than either McCoy or Bradford. Like I said before, best overall player… Tebow. I have way too much man-love for him on here this week. I need to go take a shower.

1. Tim Tebow; Jr. Florida: 2,515 passing yds, 28 TDs, 2 INTs, 15 sacks, 176.74 passer rating; 154 rushing attempts for 564 yards and 12 TDs; 0 fumbles.

2. Colt McCoy; Jr. Texas: 3,445 passing yds, 32 TDs, 7 INTs, 20 sacks, 179.20 passer rating; 128 rushing attempts for 576 yards and 10 TDs; 0 fumbles.

3. Sam Bradford; So. Oklahoma: 4,464 passing yds, 48 TDs, 6 INTs, 9 sacks, 186.29 passer rating; 40 rushing attempts for 65 yards and 5 TDs; 0 fumbles.

Come back tomorrow for what will surely be a much debated post about the playoffs. Have a good one people!


MAC is wack said...

So what you're telling me is that I have to settle for Florida - Oklahoma in the national championship. That sounds very original. Neither of these teams have been there for a while, so... wait. I don't doubt that the computers got the two best teams, but come on, don't try to bill Saturday as a "de facto" playoff for me. That, my friends, was an accident. I guess if you have lemons, you have to make lemonade because everyone wants lemonade. But, man I f*****g hate making lemonade. Yeah, it was a freaking playoff, 'cause if Mizzou won they were going to play in the championship? Come on! I mean it... come on! In a playoff there wouldn't be any of this wait and see what the talking heads are told to say, then balance that with some scientific reasoning, a dash of bias, and a pinch of discrimination and there you go.

Gosh, Florida and Oklahoma looked good. But you forgot to mention how good USC looked. Wait, they didn't look that good. I haven't seen USC dominate a team they were supposed to dominate for quite some time. Forget about Notre Dame, they don't count. Speaking of USC and UCLA, if Carroll and Tricky Ricky are willing to disregard the rules on the field, what are they willing to do off the field?

It took almost two hours to get through the first half of the Big XII game. All that passing and timeouts and challenges and trash-talk and tackling-but-standing-over-someone-until-they-get-tired-of-laying-on-the-ground-and-are-forced-to-stand-up-into-your-crotch. The second quarter started and I thought half-time was over.

Poor Ball State. Giving the other team free touchdowns is bad. I think we can all agree on that... now. Credit is due to SUNY Buffalo; they earned that win. Next year it is back to losing. The MAC might not have any coaches left after this season.

Poor Tulsa. What happened to the "best offense in college football"?

I vaguely remember making fun of Rutgers a few games in to the season. Man, they were bad. Granted, their schedule was a bit harder in the beginning, but how does a team have a season like this?

Anyone else feel that about one-fourth of the teams playing in bcs bowls don't really deserve to be there? The other schools might want to think about opening satellite campuses near the bcs bowl sites.

MAC is wack said...

Forgot to mention why I never take the side of Texas on any arguments even though I don't like Oklahoma. The answer: I really, really don't like Texas. All of my respect for coach Brown was lost when he decided to bench a very solid, gritty quarterback in Major Applewhite in favor of Chris Simms, just because the pocketbook boosters were calling for the high-profile quarterback to be in the game. Weak.

MAC is wack said...

Yeah! (Wow, typing "yeah" is really more lame than actually yelling it - which I did.) Go Huskies, don't lose too badly to the Bulldogs from the West. Which West you ask? They are from as far west as Louisiana. I guess anything from the Purchase is considered west? Oh well, this invite comes as quite a shock. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty excited about Northern in a bowl, but when did mediocrity start being rewarded?

AJ said...

Well if Wisconsin can get into a bowl against FSU and Hawaii and Notre Dame get to play then why not Nothern Ill?

shanepettit said...

I agree MAC, I thought it was silly they were calling it a playoff. Yeah, Florida-Alabama was a semifinal, but OK-Mizzou wasn't. Part of me would of course prefer to see two different teams in the national championship that haven't been there in a while, but I still can't help but get interested in watching the national championship game. OK and FL are both on right now. I will be very surprised if either OK or FL turns into OH State and makes this game boring to watch. On that note, the Fiesta Bowl will be boring. As for the number of bowls, I wouldn't mind as much if they could just think of more prestigious sounding names. A bowl's a bowl, though, and even if some of the match ups make me laugh, I will admittedly probably tune in to them, at least for a little while. What else is there to do during the Christmas break? I was disappointed about Ball State, but it was still a great regular season for them. Congrats to Northern Illinois, I'll be sure to tune in in honor of MAC. And I'm hoping Georgia-Mich St. will be a good game... part of me thinks it will be, and the other part remembers that Mich St. is from the Big Ten. And I just got my tickets for the Cotton Bowl... Tech may have missed out on a BCS game, but at least the bowl tickets were hundreds of dollars cheaper and the travel time is only 40 minutes to get there. So AJ, what schedule is the blog going to have during the bowls... still just once a week?

MAC is wack said...

If you are looking for a team with virtually no offense, NIU is for you. Their passing game is nonexistant. Apparently, La. Tech's is very similar. They can run the ball well and have several talented backs; the stats don't really back that up, though.

I agree, shanepettit, it is hard to see the championship as a blowout from either side. I see a relatively high scoring affair within a touchdown, possibly a fieldgoal.

I was just thinking that if the Big XII games lasted this long when I was in school, I would have been pretty wasted by the end. You Techsters probably learned to pace yourselves early.

MAC is wack said...

I just got an official university e-mail offering me free tickets to NIU's game in Shreveport. I'm not going (couldn't talk the wife into it and I don't care that much). So, while your tickets might be hundreds of dollars cheaper, mine would have fit right into my budget (travel expenses excluded).

shanepettit said...

You're missing out, MAC is wack. The Independence Bowl is a mighty fine affair. At least there are casinos. I actually went there for the '98 bowl that coincidently matched Tech and Ole Miss. Ole Miss embarrassed Tech in that game. But that was ok because there are plenty of casinos in Shreveport with free alcohol. Oh wait, I was 19 back then.

MAC, except that I don't want to drive 3 hours and it is perhaps unethical and the other team is LA Tech (I don't like Tech schools that don't start with Texas), I'd almost ask you to take those tickets and send them to me so I could root for NIU for you.