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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Braves Time!

So the week is grinding down and I am amazed that its Thursday. Actually, I’m not. This week seems to have been longer than it really has with all the coming and going that I’ve been doing over the past few days.

Tuesday night was awesome at Turner Field with Dave. Before the game, the Braves gave Bobby Cox a little ceremony for his 2,000th win as a Braves manager which he had gotten the night before. The Braves came back and won 4-3 and Lowe picked up his 7th win of the year, which was cool. We had awesome seats for the game thanks to Dave’s mom and it was a gorgeous night for baseball. We decided to tailgate in the parking lot before the game with a 6-pack of beer which is a good idea as beers in the park are over $6. Dave and I had a few laughs and in general enjoyed ourselves before he dropped me off back on the South Side.

Wednesday morning I went and met Elaine’s parents for breakfast at a local café frequented by the blue hairs of the area. It was good and it was good to see them again before I left. We chatted about what I was up to and what had been going on with the family since I last saw everyone.

After breakfast I drove up to Chattanooga, TN to have lunch with Marcie and wander around for a while looking at places I had visited as a kid with my grandparents. For example, the Chattanooga Choo Choo. There were some awesome gardens around the train and we had a good BBQ lunch. Shocking; I was eating BBQ. Some lady at the visitor’s center tried to recommend Sticky Fingers to me as a place to get BBQ in order to get me to stay in the tourist district. I laughed at her and told her to get real and direct me to a real BBQ place. Anyway, lunch was good at Porker’s and I had a great time visiting with Marcie.

My friend Eriana ended up not being able to make our dinner appointment and so I drove back to Atlanta after rush-hour and ended up hanging around my dad’s house for the evening.

This morning Dad and I got up and went to lunch before the game. We also had good seats and it was a beautiful day at the start of the game. The weather got progressively cloudier as the game went on and it ended up pouring down rain as soon as the last out was recorded. There were a ton of kids up in the upper deck because it was some kind of Summer Camp Day at the park. No bother to me though since I was down on the field level. I’ll yell no matter who is around me. I did censor my choice of words for this game though since there was a family in front of me with 2 younger kids.

It was a great game despite the Braves losing 3-1. Javier Vasquez struck out 12 guys and only gave up one run over 8 innings. But, blame it on the bullpen… they suck!

Anyway, no plans really for the next few days. Just spending time with Dad before I go. I’ll probably get back on here and post a blog about something other than my day-to-day during that time I’m sure. That is of course if I get some laundry done and get some packing squared away. Oh yeah, I do have to pack again before I leave out on Monday.

Hope all is well people. Sorry for the boring blogs, but really there isn’t much to do out here in the suburbs.


Christie said...

Agh! The bullpen! God! I hate those guys!!!

lbopeach said...

You should have called me & Allen while here is Stockbridge. We could have had some fun. Things can get boring around here. I hope you remember meeting us with your Mom while in Georgia after your return from Russia. We enjoyed spending time with you, especially your stories about Russia. Good luck on your "new adventure"!!!! Happy Traveling
Linda Hornsby & Allen Fink