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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fire Drill

So y’all have kept up with my “schedule” so to speak and my complaints about long days and not having all that much time off as is the norm for PST. But, this past Saturday we had to go through a “necessary evil” of having a security drill.
We had our language class on Saturday morning from 9-1 and then I went home to enjoy my one and a half days off. I ate lunch in the heat of the kitchen as normal and then told my host family that I needed to go take a nap as I was exhausted. So, at about 2 or a little after, I laid down and started to doze off while watching a movie on my laptop. I don’t even remember what I was watching because I went to sleep within about 10mins or so. At 2:40 my LCF (Language and Cross-Cultural Facilitator) called and informed me that Peace Corps was performing a security drill and that I needed to pack my emergency bag and report to Sagarejo, our hub-site.
Needless to say I was none too amused as I knew it was a test that was preventing me from taking the one nap a week that I would be able to get. So, I packed my bag, and met up with the other two volunteers from my village and we made the 2-mile hike to the main highway to catch a bus to the hub-site in the mid-afternoon heat. After a 15min. ride, and another 10min cab ride, we arrived to check in. We all made it in just over an hour which is pretty good considering. We were also well ahead of most of the other volunteers. So, all in all it was both a crappy and a good experience. Good that I now know better than to pack so much crap and more essentials for the two mile hike and possible evacuation and bad that I missed out on my nap.
Sunday was a good day though. I slept in till about 9:45 which is awesome and got up and had a good breakfast. After that, I swept up and cleaned my room, pack for the week’s travel (going to visit my permanent site) and then did two “loads” of hand-washing laundry. Then me and Jefferson (another volunteer in my village) went to the school to pick up some books we had left there and then went up to Krisanne’s house (the third volunteer in my village; pictures to follow). We met up with two other volunteers who were visiting and had some watermelon before coming back to my hose to do some Georgian homework. Then we all went back to Jefferson’s for some technical homework and dinner before walking Krisanne home and going our separate ways. I had to come home and get my laundry off the line and in general relax from all the hiking up and down hill all day.
So, overall it was a good weekend.
I know this wasn’t too exciting of a post, but hey… not everyone will be. I’ll be on sometime next week to post up info about my permanent site and show some pictures if I can. Below are some that I took this past week. Hey Mom! Do those flowers look familiar to you? Never thought I’d see some 4 o’clocks on this side of the world!

Um... ok, pictures dont want to load today. Sorry, I'll try to get them up later.


Ma' said...

Can't wait to see the 4 o'clocks. Mine are still in the "baby" stage. The ones @ the old house are doing great though.
I'm anxious to see your new home away from home too!

patrickryan said...

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Atlanta, Boston swap first basemen, LaRoche returns to Braves

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The Red Sox also gave the Braves approximately $1.5 million to cover the difference in the remaining salary the players are owed this season.

To fill Kotchman’s spot in the lineup, the Braves called up Barbaro Canizares from Class AAA Gwinnett to fill in at first until LaRoche arrives, which is expected to happen on Saturday.