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Monday, August 31, 2009

No News...

No news to report just wanted to get around to posting this picture of the time Ol' Joe got to pose with my killer stache! By the way did I metion that it felt great to git rid of that thing? It did.
I had a chance to send out some e-mails today but only a few because, well the Internet sucks here.

Starting my camp in the morning, so I'll get introduced to my students for the first time. Expect a post sometime this coming weekend about that. Hopefull that everything will go well.

Well I have to run so I can eat (more sheep I'm sure) so I can take my malaria meds.



MAC is wack said...

Did you get the malaria meds that give you really cool dreams or the ones that make your skin really sensitive to sunlight? I had the dreamy ones and every night was an adventure.

Christie said...

Geez, Andre, you make the Peace Corps sound SO appealing! I think I'll go join up!

...Damon says hello, by the way.