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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 3 was Weak

Yeah so week 3 didn’t look that exciting on paper and it really didn’t disappoint on the field either. There were just too many predictable outcomes and too many lopsided matchups. There were a few games that I thought would turn out to be close but other than our upcoming games of the week there wasn’t much to excite the college fan on Saturday. I thought TCU 45 – Baylor 10 would be better, Nebraska 56 – Washington 21 would be better, and no, just predictable outcomes with large point margins. In fact the only game that was a lot closer than it should have been was Michigan 42 – UMass 37. Michigan almost landed in this week’s upsets. Close.

#16 Auburn over Clemson 27-24 in Overtime
This was one of the few games I thought would be a good one this week and it didn’t disappoint. Clemson looked athletic and very fast to start this game and found themselves with a 17-0 lead early. But Auburn’s defense proved their toughness and had a ton of hard hitting tackles throughout the game. OT was interesting with neither team converting a TD but Auburn making a field goal and then watching Clemson miss their 31-yd attempt to lose. So the question is, did Auburn win or Clemson lose this game? I want to side with Auburn just based on their defense, but that’s a close call.

#7 Oklahoma over Air Force 27-24
This was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Tied up 10-10 in the 3rd quarter The Sooners pulled this one out after converting a crucial 3rd down on the last drive after AF pulled within 3. Oklahoma should be a little worried about their defense after giving up 458 yards of total offense with 351 of those coming from Air Force’s running game. Also, going 7-15 on 3rd downs is not all that great for an Oklahoma team that typically moves the ball well and can put together some long drives. A good win for Oklahoma though.

#11 Wisconsin over Arizona State 20-19
The Badgers of Wisconsin got a scare this week at home and it took a fabulous play to block an extra point to pull out the win. This game gave credence to the phrase ‘The all important extra point.’ Arizona’s line let a 5’9” safety get through the line and end their hope of an upset on the road. The game as a whole was good, but the ending here saved this one and maybe Wisconsin’s season.

#12 Arkansas over Georgia 31-24

Georgia did everything they could to try a pull an upset in Athens on Saturday. Well, everything except play pass defense. Granted Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett is one of the top QBs in the country but two of his touchdowns went to receivers that were wide open and he ended up passing for 380yds and 3TDs yesterday. Georgia while showing some guts this week (as opposed to last week) just doesn’t have enough offensive firepower without AJ Green to be a threat this year. But, all it would have taken for a win would have been a catch on the last play of the game. Georgia literally came within a finger tip of catching that Hail Mary pass and pulling out this upset. Well that and like I said pass defense.

#24 Arizona over #9 Iowa 34-27
I was not drinking the early season Kool-Aid on Iowa. I mean its Iowa. But they are good and this was sure to be a tough road test for them early in the season. That it was. Arizona played some good defense and Iowa just made too many mistakes. Missed extra points, interceptions, that just can’t happen when you’re playing a quality opponent and you’re supposed to be a top-ten team. This game really was just Arizona jumping on Iowa early and then playing good defense at the end to win it.


#5 Oregon over Portland State 69-0
Ouch. Not only is Portland not a state but a city in Oregon, they also gave up 668 yards to the Ducks from Oregon. A real state. What can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan? It was that bad.


So last week I kind of snubbed Denard Robinson from Michigan and went with Bryce Beall instead. But this week he was the reason Michigan avoided the upset and pulled out a win. Robinson rushed for 258 yards on 28 carries and passed for 244yds for one touchdown. He had a better performance last week against Notre Dame and he should have been the player of the week. So cheers to you Denard! I still hate Michigan though.


My pick was LA-Monroe at Arkansas State. And your winner is… Arkansas State 34-20 over LA-Monroe in an early SunBelt Conference matchup. Ask yourself; are Arkansas and Louisiana in the actual geographic Sun Belt? Just a thought.
This week I’m going to go with New Mexico (0-3) going to UNLV (0-3) in a MWC pillow fight of the ages. I think I’ll pick the home squad and go with UNLV. Who knows though. I had forgotten the MWC even existed any more.

That’s it college football fans. Week three is in the books and thank God for that. Week four promises a lot more quality games and I’m looking forward to it and your comments on this blog.


MAC is wack said...

Dude, you forgot all about "Farmageddon." What's that? You don't give a crap about a rivalry contrived only to play a game in a pro stadium, fill half of it, and make a bit of money. I've been completely against playing "neutral site" games like this (except OU-Texas) from the beginning, and if this "experiment" has taught us anything, it is that no one gives a shit about KSU playing ISU - even the large alumni base in Kansas City. Play the damn games on campus and stop forcing "natural rivalries." They don't work. That is not how rivalries start. This is what bothers me most about conference realignment: "natural rivalries" are farces made up to legitimize all this reorganizing. "Well, it would be a good fit for X because they have a natural rival in Y." Bull fucking shit. My guess is niether X nor Y have ever cared about one another and never will.... Well, maybe they will when there is millions of dollars on the table for each of them to pretend there is a real, blood-boiling rivalry worth fighting for. Sorry for the cursing, but I feel it is warranted.

AJ said...

Let it all out man. Let it aaallll out. I feel ya.

MAC is wack said...

Last week was a lame one for college football. When is the last time you saw Texas Tech put up 150 yards of total offense? Ha ha. Oh, that's right, Tuberville is their coach. You can just see the players fighting their old habits on the field as they try to adopt to this new system. Any hint of offense and they win that game.

On another note, K-State is looking to become bowl eligible again this year. Even if they lose all of their "respectable" games, they still have KU, Colorado, UCF, and North Texas on the schedule. UCF is the toughest game there. Of course they will probably lose one of those; but Baylor, Okie St. and Missouri are all winnable. Worst case scenario, K-State goes 6-6. Best case, 10-2. For an average team, at best, 10-2 is quite a record. They are not that good. Everyone else is just playing very, very poorly right now.