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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dateline: America; Week 2 Impressions

Food Highlights:
- Smoked pork chops with homemade mac and cheese and rutabagas.
- Seared Wahoo with bacon risotto, squash and zucchini.
- South Carolina Peaches!
- Bacon egg and cheese on English muffin. (By the way, I love how the bacon package has to tell you that this is “not a low calorie food.” DUH! It’s bacon!
- Thai chicken tacos with cheese burger spring rolls.
- Corndog.
- Pan fried flounder with angel hair pasta and veggies.
- Pizza.
- Leftovers that don’t suck.
- Venison tenderloin wrapped in bacon. YUM!

Things I’ve noticed:
-Hey Hipster kids, if you all look the same, how are you different? I don’t get it.
-Americans sure do love their dogs. Wow.
-I still love SportsCenter and Linda Cohn.
-Example of the awesome side of America:
-I may be in love with Camille Ford; Host of Food Wars. (The show sucks, but she’s worth it).
-Seeing old friends is great.

I did make it back to downtown Charleston this week and walked around as much as I could. (It was hot hot hot that day.) Saw some old friends and caught up on the news on the streets as it were. Found out that not only has my favorite watering hole been bought and changed into a bar I would never enter, my local corner store was also bought up and now looks more like a sandwich shop rather than you corner bodega.
Mom and I met up with a lot of her friends that I’ve known for years and call family. They all seem to be about the same. Apparently, Mom talks about me a lot, but she’s a mom and that’s what they do. It’s ok anyway, I’m making her suffer through watching a few Braves games with me and she allows it despite her hatred for America’s game.

I also went out with some friends of mine and we’ve had a great time catching up and making up for some lost time. I’m going to
the local minor league baseball game tonight to cheer on the Riverdogs with two close friends (well, if
one of them doesn’t flake out as is his M.O.). Should be a good time anyway. Tomorrow Mom and I are making the drive to the middle of nowhere Georgia to visit my grandma. It’ll be good to see her but man that drive is long and Boring!

Later this week it’s off to Atlanta again for Braves games Friday, Saturday and Monday!

Hope everyone is staying cool. Peace!


AJ said...

Also, I can't believe that I left this out, but today is also marks 3 years since the Georgian/Russian conflict of 2008. 8/8/08. Raise a glass to the fallen today.

Ma' said...

hopefully, all of my cooking has made up for me talking about you so much, and you're right, it's what Mom's do.

Saint said...

You missed all the specials on television about the great evil of Russia. It was all very exciting. Our House of Culture had a display that literally said "FUCK RUSSIA". Paid for by the Georgian government. Way to keep it classy, Georgia.

alexanderlennartz said...

Yuengling - Good call. You owe me a call before you head back to Georgia!