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Friday, January 13, 2012

Write your Senator. Stop SOPA!

This is the letter that I wrote to both of the Senators from South Carolina. You guessed it, they are both Republicans, so I decided to pander a bit to their GOP line in my request that they not support SOPA.

Have you written or called your Senator yet?

Dear Senator Graham,
Dear Senator DeMint,

I am writing to request that you NOT support HR3261 or the SOPA Bill. Senator, this Bill is just another way for the government to grow larger and interject itself into our daily lives. It will hamper our economic growth by limiting online e-commerce in our nation and is a huge threat to web related businesses. In these tough economic times do we really want to waste millions on growing the government through more bureaucratic oversight and putting further restrictions on those who use the Internet to run small businesses?

Also, as an educator, I know that this Bill would restrict teacher’s ability to stream content into the classroom for both History and Science classes. Some web content is invaluable to teachers in the classroom and HR3261 would virtually eliminate the possibility of using this content as a resource. It could also threaten internal networking and sharing of information between teachers from different districts. Our educational system has enough problems without adding to them with the passing of the SOPA Bill.

Finally Senator, I would like to say that in America one of the things we value most is our Freedom of Speech. Don’t turn America into an Iran or China where the citizens are not allowed to grow the Marketplace of Ideas through free sharing of information. Please DO NOT support HR3261.

Thank you!


Brad said...

Just FYI, SOPA is a House Bill...and thus, your senators have no impact on it.

PIPA is the Senate version.

AJ said...

Yeah I figured that out and sent out another version to them. Just to lazy to correct this one.