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Sunday, September 1, 2013

College Football Week One

Well well well, it wasn’t a booming start to the season but a fun one and while a ton of questions were asked during the off season, not a whole lot were answered this week. Is Alabama that good? Meh. We’ll see. Is Ohio State overrated again? Well yeah, but whatever. Is Johnny Football an asshole? Yes. Is scheduling a cupcake game in week one a good idea? Um, that seems debatable.

My Saturday TV schedule included: Texas A&M’s 52-31 over Rice, Miss State falling to Oklahoma State 21-3 (Nice defense from the Cowboy’s by the way. Watch out “Big” XII this may be OKS’s year), Alabama over Virginia Tech 35-10 (Zzz…), and Georgia falling to Clemson in an early season heartbreaker for this Dawg fan 38-35. Georgia needs to go back to Athens and find both an offensive line and some heart and try to regroup before the USC game next week. (Oh, if you’re new to the blog, USC can refer to the University of South Carolina or Southern California; in this case its South Carolina).

Also, in an unrelated note, Duke is 1-0 after beating NC Central (High School?) 45-0.

Anyway, with mad respect to the state of Washington… let’s kick it off.

Games of the Week:
#8 Clemson over #5 Georgia 38-35
So this game was 14 all before anyone had a chance to sit down and grab a second beer. It looked as if a track meet was going to break out and we were headed for a Baylor style bowl game.  The second quarter was slightly less eventful and at half the score was 21-21 but the momentum seemed to be all with Clemson. Their stadium was rocking and congrats to those redneck fans for keeping the energy level high all night long. In the second half Georgia’s young defense was exposed and the offensive line was either just out of gas or just plain bad. Either way, the Tigers took advantage and rode Tajh Boyd to a 38-28 lead. A last gasp pulled Georgia to within 3 but when you’re counting on an onsides kick to save the game, you’ve already lost. Congrats to Clemson. They have a good squad. Looks like Georgia is once again, a lot of hype around a good team. A good team. Not a great one.

#12 LSU over #20 TCU 37-27
In probably the least hyped game of the week but one of the few featuring two top 25 teams, LSU and TCU actually put on a good show in Arlington, TX Saturday. LSU built a 30-17 lead late in the third before TCU decided to stage a comeback and pulled within 3 with less than 8 minutes to go. But, LSU still has a defense and Zach Mettenberger at QB. They also have a kicker whose last name is Delahoussaye. And, well, that has to count for something.

Northern Illinois over Iowa 30-27
What? The Huskies rose up and took over the second half against Iowa IN Iowa City and hit a 36-yard FG with 4 seconds left to win it. Wow. Iowa took a 24-17 halftime lead and this game looked like it was going to be romp but Iowa turned the ball over 3 times and you just can’t do that against a hungry pack of Huskies.

Runner Up: #18 Nebraska survives The Wyoming Cheneys 37-34.

Upset of the Week:

Eastern Washington over #25 Oregon State 49-39
The Eastern Washington Eagles from the Big Sky Conference have shocked the College Football World! Well, not really but damn! I’m never one to say that Beavers are overrated, but the ones from Oregon just may have been after paying EW to come to their house and then letting the Eagles put up 29 points in the first half. Wow. The Beavers tried to hold on, but in the end took a bit of a pounding giving up 625 total yards to the Eagles.

Honorable Mentions:
North Dakota State University over Kansas State 24-21. Um. Ouch.

Washington over #19 Boise State 38-6! What? Did Boise’s 6-year starting QB finally retire, I mean graduate?

Beat Down of the Week:
Georgia Tech over Elon 70-0!
Georgia Tech’s offense is a joke. There are three plays: Option left, Option right, Option up the middle. So, Elnon’s defense must be the WORST in America. GT just set and ACC record for margin of victory. I really don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Elon let Tech run for 368 yards or that their offense got out passed by Tech 189 to 164. I’m glad this happened in week one because sports fans, this is the definition of beat down that you can expect to see in this section each week. Usually though it’s done with a bit more class than GT’s week one smack down.

Pillow Fight of the Week:
I called it correct this week picking Gardner-Webb over Furman and they came through with a 28-21 win. G-Dub racked up 434 total yards to Furman’s 213 and that’s pretty much all you need to know I guess. That, and Furman had a halftime substitution where they replaced their D-line with a group of passing NASCAR fans. It was a bold move, but they just kept circling the field every snap and following the running back really closely without actually tackling him; employing the “drafting” strategy. I mean it’s a Southern Conference vs. Big South Conference matchup so it screamed Pillow Fight.

For next week I’m going to take (0-1) William and Mary over (0-1) Hampton in a classic CAA v. MEAC matchup. W&M call themselves the Tribe but there are only two of them, so maybe they’ll pick someone up on the way to the game and then down the mighty Pirates of Hampton. Like I said I’ll stick with the home team and have Bill and Mary win it by 10.

Player of the Week:
Derek Carr. Remember David Carr? The guy who played for Fresno State the last time they were good and then went on to be the Houston Texans’ first franchise QB? Well, some of us do and this guy also plays for Fresno State and may be able to throw the ball as well. He’s either David’s little brother, cousin or son. I didn’t bother looking it up. Anyway, he went off for 456 yards while going 52 for 73 passing and 5 TDs. He led F-State to a 52-51 win over Rutgers (in OT) and even ran for 24 yards. I really don’t know what’s more impressive: completing 52 passes, throwing it 73 fucking times, or being in your 5th year at Fresno State before I realized that David Carr had a brother/cousin/kid playing at F-State. Either way. Congrats Derek! Keep up the good work!

Biggest Loser:
Johnny “Hancock” Manziel is Week One’s winner or loser. Whatever. 6 for 8 passing for 98yds and 3 TDs with 0 INTs with 19 rushing yards all in one half doesn’t usually get you a Biggest Loser Award, but taunting a player from Rice not once but twice and getting a personal foul penalty is a joke. Manziel was the talk of the off season because of his behavior and potential rule breaking. And the reigning Heisman Trophy (presented by Nissan) winner didn’t help his image on Saturday by acting like an asshole on the field either. He’s a spoiled brat who has a million dollar arm but a five cent head. Johnny, you are this week’s biggest loser.  And, best of luck to A&M’s coach. He’s tied to this kid, his family and his attitude.

My Picks Go…

Meh. 6 and 4 plus my pillow fight win. I missed on Boise, Cal and Iowa (sorry NIU fans, I didn’t think they had it in them) and of course on my Bulldogs who let me down in week one. Could be a long year if I keep picking with my heart. Guess I’ll have to take a 6-4 start and build on it best I can. 


MAC is wack said...

How can one of the best and most experienced offensive lines in the Big XII, a line that successfully ran on nearly every team it played last year, get manhandled by an FCS squad? It's shameful. It's also all Bill Snyder's fault. His conservative playcalling (relative to other games) the past few years has almost cost them games against UMASS and Missouri St. At some point don't you just have to win the game?

The offense played well enough for the Huskies, but the defense won that game for them. I can't believe I wrote that sentence. Incredible, isn't it.

I got to watch the Toledo-Florida game as well. Toledo just couldn't capitalize on a few chances. Otherwise, it seemed like the game was more evenly matched than the final score indicated. Leastwise, Toledo showed that they've got a few athletes that can consistently outplay the big boys, so to speak.

... and why not pick Colorado-Colorado St. as your game of the week? I'm kidding, of course.

AJ said...

Florida showed that they are really inconsistent on offense. I think that kept Toledo in it more than anything.

MAC is wack said...

I won't strongly disagree with that. Several straight 3 and outs to start the second half probably showed that.

AJ said...

Thank you for only mildly disagreeing with that.

MAC is wack said...

Now, (... and I hate talking about Toledo so much, but they're playing so many SEC teams this year....) a game to watch this week might be Toledo-Missouri. (Oh, and I hate Missouri.) I give Missouri a 70% chance of winning, but, by golly, if Toledo's offense can get rolling and the defense plays nearly as well as it did last week, this could be a stunner. Of course, we have agreed that it may not have been Toledo's defense that gleamed last week, so much as it was Florida's offensive ineptness. Whatever, should be a good game.

Christie said...