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Sunday, September 15, 2013

College Football Week Three

My TV schedule was obviously interrupted by work, but I did get in some of UCLA v. Nebraska (Taylor Martinez is STILL the QB at Nebraska by the way. It’s his 4th year as a starter, but it seems like his 8th.), I watched a few drives in the Arkansas game, the 4th quarter of that Michigan v. Akron craziness, watched Alabama and A&M all the way, and then channel surfed the late games. Yeah. And I worked an 8 hour shift. That’s the kind of love I have for my readers. The kind of love Durham native Vad Lee of Georgia Tech had for his hometown when he lead the Yellow Jackets to a 38-14 win over Duke. Tough love I’m sure.

Anyway, with Duke’s perfect season destroyed, we’ll all have to move on and pay attention to the regular contenders. Ya know, like Alabama, Oregon, Stanford and an Ohio State that should coast through the Big-10.

With all due respect to the idiots that came up with this “targeting” rule which by the way is the dumbest rule I’ve ever seen… Let’s kick it off!

Games of the Week:

The Game of the Century!!!... Of the Week
#1 Alabama over #6 Texas A&M 49-42
What is this? The PAC-12? 49-42 in the SEC? This wasn’t Alabama surviving A&M, it was Bama proving that they can play anybody’s game. They may have a weakness in their secondary, but Bama is the best team in the country hands down and it’s going to take some team’s perfect Saturday and a whole lot of luck to beat The Tide. The drive they put together at the end of the first half to go up 28-14 was textbook and they are just too good for 95% of the country to even compete with. Oh, and AJ McCarron must feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of the SEC. No Respect; just keeps on winning. A&M is a real to to be sure, but they’re just not ready to hang with Bama year in and year out.

Big-10 falls to the PAC-12 - 3-1

Interesting matchups between these two conferences this weekend. Not good enough to make their own mark here, but together…
#16 UCLA over #23 Nebraska 41-21. Ouch! 38 unanswered points by UCLA.
#19 Washington over Illinois 34-24. This one stayed pretty close all the way through, but Washington isn’t a real threat out of the PAC-12 just yet.
#4 Ohio State over Cal…ifornia 52-34 I like to hate on the Gay Acorns of OSU, but even I have to admit that it’s impressive what they’re doing even with their backup quarterback.
#20 Wisconsin upset by Arizona State 32-30. Um, See below.

Honorable Mention: Akron’s losing effort against Michigan 28-24. The Zips were four seconds away from being this year’s App State. Did you know that Akron is on a 27 game road losing streak and that Terry Bowden is their coach? Terry Bowden!!!???

Upset of the Week:

#20 Wisconsin! Bad punts, fake punts, lots of rushing TDs and then… What? Whether you think it was a fumble, a kneel down or whatever you thought you were doing to center the ball for a FG, you had to know that either way you were going to have to spike it to stop the clock because it was going to keep running. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and done! The Badgers just upset themselves. Bad Bad Bad Loss.

Beat Down of the Week:

#10 Florida State over Nevada 62-7
Nevada took a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter and I thought for a brief second that maybe FSU was going to overlook the Los Lobos (Wolfpack; whatever.) Then FSU ripped off 59 unanswered points. Florida State hasn’t look great this year, but a tune up like this (and next week vs. Bethune-Cookman) may put them on a roll heading into ACC play. Anyway, the Seamanholes of Florida State racked up 617 total yards and had two rushers go for over 100. Nevada gave up an average of 9.2 yards per rush attempt and that, will lead you to a beat down each and every time. 

Pillow Fight of the Week:
Oh no I missed one! Damn you Western Carolina! You let the Citadel build a 21-0 halftime lead and then couldn’t quite catch up. To be fair it was a 28-21 final score so I was close in my blindly picking the Catamounts. Stupid mountain cat.

Next week I’m going to get smart and go with a Bulldog. Yale baby! They open their season against Patriot conference “powerhouse” Colgate (0-3). I say the Colgate Raiders fall to 0-4 while Yale starts off 1-0 and redeems me for picking against a bulldog this week.

Player of the Week:

Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon Ducks. Quack! It was only a matter of time before Mariota found himself here. This week he’s awarded our player of the week for laying a quack down on Tennessee. The numbers: 23/33 for 456yards and 4TDs with 27 rushing yards and a TD on the ground. A couple of guys threw for more yards this weekend, but I’m going with Marcus for nearly swimming the #2 Ducks to this week’s Beat Down section.

Biggest Loser: 
Joel Stave, QB, Wisconsin. Hey Stave, you might want to learn the rules of college football, or pee-wee football for that matter. At least the clock portion. Seconds tick away and with them your hopes of winning games. Also, YOU SUCK!

My Picks Go…

I went 7-3 this week, and stand at 74% correct so far this year, but now (much like Duke) I’m 2-1 on the pillow fight picks. This week Wisconsin, Nebraska and Penn State all killed me. Why did I have faith in the Big-10??? I hate the Big-10! And UCF! Whoa, hold on there. I did correctly pick Iowa over Iowa State, Ole Miss over Texas and a few others that were pretty close. So far so good. 


MAC is wack said...

Can't argue with your picks this week. Well, I'll bite on the Wiscy-ASU debacle. Geez Louise, the freaking referee blew his freaking whistle right after the QB gave himself up by attempting to kneel (maybe succeeding, maybe failing... you can't really tell). But it doesn't matter, see, because fake kneels are considered to be real kneels (you can't, for example, fake a kneel and throw a bomb down the field for this very reason). When you start to kneel, you are giving yourself up, and the referee blew the whistle upon seeing this. The ball is dead. It doesn't matter if ASU thought it was a fumble because it can't be a fumble if the referee blew the whistle.

Complete disregard for the whistle is causing confusion in other areas of the game as well. I've seen defensive ends come around the backside of a QB and interrupt his throw. At this point it is either a fumble or an incomplete pass. Sometimes the referee will blow the whistle indicating an incomplete pass. When they do this, it is instantly a dead ball whether incomplete was the correct call or not. Incomplete pass or inadvertent whistle, take your pick with, essentially, the same result. Well, if the defense recovers (after the whistle, which isn't really a recovery), the play goes under review, and I don't think the booth reviewers have any concept of a whistle indicating a dead ball, 'cause they will give the ball to the defense. At least in the name of player safety, this shit needs to get straightened out.

Oh, I've got a couple of other incongruous rules that I'd like to rant on as well. Targeting is not one of them. Maybe some other time. But yes, Stave was an idiot for not kneeling (or at least diving to the ground) and for trying to spot the ball himself. Oh, and did you see #31 for ASU try to call timeout before the Badgers snapped the ball? What in the bloody hell was he thinking? That was the stupidest blunder of the play (except for the diddling referees, of course).

MAC is wack said...

Oh, and the fact that Martinez has started for 4 years and hasn't really improved over that span and wasn't good to begin with should tell you something about Nebraska football. It is going to be a long time before they are great again. I can't believe their fanbase accepts such mediocrity. Sure, they made it to the B1G Championship last year, but that final score wasn't encouraging.

And that goddamned missed field goal by UCLA that was called good. What, exactly, are you looking up at, referee? What ever it is, you are obviously not seeing it. How can that happen?

I suppose, though, that Nebraska should have won the Big XII Championship their last year in the conference. But, for some damned reason, Colt McCoy didn't know how to throw a ball away and the end of the game turned into a college basketball game with refs staring into a monitor trying to determine exactly how much time was left on the clock when the football made contact with an object out of bounds. And, you know how avoiding intentional grounding requires the ball to travel past the line of scrimmage, well, why doesn't that apply to throws that go out of bounds as well. In the end (if I remember correctly... and this happens in more instances than this) the ball made contact with somebody out of bounds and past the line of scrimmage... I've established that. But, why don't the same rules apply to errant passes that apply for punts and players running out of bounds? The ball should be spotted where it crosses the vertical plane of the boundary line in those cases. It should apply to forward passes especially in situations where intentional grounding may be applicable. Why doesn't this same principle apply in every circumstance. You can't (actually, shouldn't) change the principle to suit specific circumstances. That's what I'm saying.

And this whole changing principles to suit circumstances applies in other areas as well, such as establishing possession after a catch. If a receiver catches the ball but doesn't "make a football move" before getting it knocked out of their hands, it is not a fumble. Okay, I can deal with that. But, if a QB is taking a snap on a quick shovel pass and makes some volleyball set of a pass forward, how, exactly did they demonstrate possession of the football? They didn't. They didn't even catch it. They essentially just batted the ball forward. In the event that the "shovel pass" itself is not caught, this should be a fumble. In the end, rules for possessing laterals and forward passes and snaps all have to be the same.

And another thing that bothers me: The whole "who knows what goes on under that pile during a fumble recovery" thing. Holy shit, that doesn't matter. More often than not, you can tell immediately who recovers the damned ball. If they are on the ground, the ball should be whistled dead at that point. Give that team the ball and let's get on with it. But noooooo, for some damned reason we've got to watch 20 people pile on top of one another while a few people wrangle for the ball under the mountain. The one who wrangles the hardest earns it, right? Fuck that bullshit. It should go to the player that grabs it first (establishing possession and making a football move, of course... that includes just lying there, I guess).

I feel better.

AJ said...

Wow. Um, yeah you needed to let all that out. Guessing the kids aren't ready to hear Dad rant about these things yet?

MAC is wack said...

My kids couldn't give two shits about football. They do like animal mascots, though. Here's a conversation with them regarding collegiate athletics.

Child 1: The Wildcats and Jayhawks play football, right?

Me: Yes, yes they do. But, they play a lot of other sports, too.

Child 1: Like mountain climbing? Mountain climbing is a sport.

Me: Well, I meant other sports like baseball, basketball, soccer....

Child 1: (Interrupting) Do the Dallas Cowboys play anything besides football?

Me: No. They are a "professional" football team and only play football. You see, sons, schools for people out of high school like colleges and universities help their students play football and they go to school at the same time. Some other students at the school like to climb mountains, so they start a club where they can practice climbing mountains. Teams like the Cowboys pay their players a lot of money to play the game of football.

Child 1: Do college people get paid to play games, too?

Me: I don't know son. I don't fucking know.

Child 2: Dad, can we go to a Cowboy's game someday?

Me: You've got to be shitting me.

AJ said...

Hahahaha! Yeah. Good luck with that. Child Free!!! I'm sure they are a joy every minute though. Glad I can provide you with an outlet.