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Sunday, November 10, 2013

College Football week 11

Well Alabama won their annual street fight with LSU (no surprise there) and Oregon FSU is still in the title hunt as well. Really Stanford made the biggest play to get back in the conversation this weekend and no one was happier about that than the idol Buckeyes who got to sit at home and watch. Clemson is behind the eight ball, Missouri (really? Missouri?) needs to hope they land a miracle in the SEC Championship game and all Alabama has to do is survive Auburn in the Iron Bowl at the end of the year. So it comes down to Alabama’s world and everyone else just living in it. Oh yeah, also known as College Football. The Big-12 is still interesting. Not great, but interesting; and the PAC-12 just got a whole lot more interesting this weekend as well. The ACC is FSU’s to lose and the B1G is a cluster fuck that nobody really cares about since the Ohio State will just win a chess match against a bunch of checkers players.

Stop the presses! Duke beat NC State and has moved to 7-2 and with that the Blue Devils are guaranteed their first winning season since going 8-4 in 1994. Really? They had a winning season in 94?

With all apologies to Baylor who I’m still not talking about in this blog… Let’s kick it off.

Games of the Week:

#5 Stanford over #3 Oregon 26-20
Whoa! Hold on now! I thought it was Death, Taxes, and Oregon’s offense as the things we could count on
in this world. Stanford had other plans. Stanford had two things going for them: Defense and clock control. Oregon had the ball for less than 18 minutes in the game and Stanford’s Defense was huge keeping the Duck’s scoreless in the first half for the first time in 55 games. Oregon did come back though and with a blocked FG that turned into points followed by an onside kick recovery, then a quick score, Stanford’s lead was down to 6. However, more clock control and power running allowed them to end the game without giving Oregon another shot. This week made it two years in a row that Stanford has derailed the Duck’s season and they looked really good doing it too. Oh, and if Oregon is going to contend in the future, they MUST learn how to tackle on defense. Way too many yards after contact for Stanford players on Thursday night. That tree is still creepy.

#22 Arizona State over Utah 20-19
Staying in the PAC-12… ASU has had an interesting season and now thanks to a 13 point 4th quarter comeback, find themselves at 7-2 and in control of the PAC-12 South. They do still have to go to UCLA, but that is a winnable game and they may just be in the conversation when it comes time to play Stanford in the conference title game. However, The Sun Devils haven’t looked the best at times, and they have already lost to Stanford this year. Either way, Utah gave them all they could handle on Saturday and nearly came away with the upset.

Pittsburgh upsets #23Notre Dame 28-21
I’m starting to come around on ole Pitt. I like the way they play ball; gritty, coal mining style football. They should have beaten ND last year but a blown call allowed the Irish to escape and go on to be undefeated. This year they got some measure of revenge and played one hell of a second half to upset the Irish. Pitt really just controlled the clock, capitalized on some Notre Dame mistakes and then just played a clean game. They only went 3-13 on third downs which is not good, but Pitt isn’t a really good team. But, they are playing hard and on any given Saturday a team that plays hard and doesn’t turn the ball over has a chance.

Honorable Mentions to:

Nebraska’s 17-13 win against Michigan handing them their first home loss in the Brady Hoke era.

K-State’s 49-26 upset win over free falling #25 Texas Tech

Texas’ OT win over West Virginia. How is Texas still in this? Each week I think it’s over and they just hang around. Oh well. The corpse of Mac Brown must still have some life in it.

Upsets of the Week:

Virginia Tech over #11 Miami 42-24
After getting smacked down and beat up by FSU last week, Miami just didn’t have enough players or enough gas to compete with Virginia Tech for 60 minutes. Now that’s saying something since VT has laid some stinkers themselves this year but still find themselves at 7-3. Of course Miami didn’t help themselves very much either turning the ball over twice and managing only 28 rushing yards on the afternoon. Two of Miami’s TDs came on passes of over 80 yards so those can be chalked up to defensive miscues or even dumb luck. In the end, Miami now finds themselves with two ACC losses and trips to Duke and Pitt still to come. VT meanwhile just needs Georgia Tech to take a loss and they could be in control of the ACC Costal.

Vandy over Florida 34-17
You can say FU was banged up and this was a good shot for Vandy, but snapping a 22 game losing streak against the Gators and winning in Gainesville for the first time since 1945 is an upset. History alone should have gotten Florida the win. Will Must-Not-Be-A-Champ and crew turned the ball over 4 times on the afternoon and now find themselves with a 4-5 record with trips to Carolina and FSU still to come. I see their next appearance on the blog to come in the section below. On the flip side all is sunny in Nashville these days and Vandy is about to go to their third straight bowl game after beating both Georgia and Florida for the first time since pretty much forever.
Beat Down of the Week:

#2 Florida State over Wake Forest 59-3
Yeah, it needs to be said. Florida State is good. Are they Alabama good? Maybe. Maybe not. Are they Top 3 good? Oh yeah, without a doubt. Is Wake bad? To be sure. But Florida State has a really good team this year and barring a major upset from Syracuse, Idaho or Florida (really? Idaho?) they should coast to the ACC Championship Game and on to a National Championship bid. Oh and Wake had 7 turnovers in this game compared to just 8 first downs. FSU broke their previous home record for points scored (56) and tied a school record for INTs (6) in this game as well.

Pillow Fight of the Week:

North Dakota over Northern Colorado 24-21 for the win! I really don’t know what’s worse: the fact that North Dakota doesn’t have a mascot or the fact that their logo looks like a rip-off of Notre Dame’s. Either way they created a late turnover and then put up 7 points with under 3 to go for a big time Big Sky win. Of course more importantly it gets me to 7-2 on the year in the pillow fights.

Next week I had some ideas in mind until I saw it. The Golden Egg of pillow fights! Once again the MAC has brought us two teams with laughable records pitted against one another… wait for it… on a Wednesday night! Wednesday! They are so desperate to get people to watch they’re going to compete with reality TV and Modern Family. Anyway Miami (of Ohio) and their 0-9 record will travel to Kent State who is sporting a 2-8 mark coming off a 16-7 loss to Akron. Oh man… this is a tough pick. I’ll stick with the home team and take the Golden Flashes to gut out a win. Go Kent (not a) State!

Player of the Week:
Remember last week when I picked the Old Dominion QB as our player of the week? His name was Taylor Heinicke. Well this week he had another hell of a game throwing for 533 yards and 4 TDs with 20 rushing yards and a TD as well. I think he should be in the Heisman (Presented by Nissan) conversation; except for the fact that he plays for Old Dominion. Seriously though, go look at his numbers side by side with FSU QB and ESPN lover boy Jameis Winston. Anyway, I’m not giving this week to him. I’ll go with Colorado State RB Kapri Bibbs! Not only does Kapri have one hell of a cool name, he also had 4 TDs on Saturday off of 30 carries and 312 yards. Sick numbers Kapri.

Honorable Mention to: Georgia QB Aaron Murray who on Saturday set the all time SEC mark for touchdown passes at 115. He still has three games to play and should put that record out of reach for a few years. Behind him now are: Danny Wuerffel, Peyton Manning, Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. Not a bad list there when it comes to college QBs. Congrats Aaron!

My Picks Go…

6-4. Yeah I didn’t put a whole lot of time into this so I missed on: Miami, Texas Tech, Notre Dame and Michigan. I stand by those Michigan and TT picks though since both of those teams should have won their games. Why do I ever pick Notre Dame? If I ever do they are sure to lose. Oh well. 7-2 on the year for pillow fights still. 

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MAC is wack said...

Yep. FSU is good... Winston is pretty good, but I ain't calling him great yet.

It's a shame that the Mildcats of Manhappenin' had to play Texas so early in the season. They are finally back to playing boring old K-State football but it is too little to late (nevermind that they handed the Baylor game to the Bears).

The MAC has provided some absolute doozies of pillowfights this year, haven't they? Man oh man. Plus NIU's victory over Purdue is looking worse by the minute; the victory over Iowa to start the season (forgotten by the entire country) is looking like a quality win. Whatever. Ball State is going to win on Wednesday and Fresno State will not lose the rest of the year. Do you think losing to FSU in the Orange Bowl looks bad now? The voters do, apparently. Maybe they are looking at that close call against Eastern Illinois - a team that has BLOWN EVERYBODY ELSE OUT (except Southern Illinois).

Warning: You are playing with eternal fire if you go worshipping false Buckeye idols.