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Sunday, December 8, 2013

College Football Week 15: Championship Saturday


B1G Championship Game
#10 Michigan State over #2 Ohio State 34-24
What the What? MSU went up early and looked to be a dominant team ready to take this thing. Then, the Fighting Urban Meyers Fought back from down 17 to go up 24-17 and I along with most of the country surely thought that OSU was going to cruse to the BSC Title Game. But, with about 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Sparty hit a FG and made it a 4 point game. Michigan State then dominated the 4th quarter, put up 14 points and ended the nation’s longest winning streak. Awesome job by a dominant MSU defense, especially late in the game and this will lock them into their first trip to the Rose Bowl in over 20 years. Bigger picture though, this hurts the B1G in that they will only have MSU in the Rose Bowl and no representative in the Title Game or any other ‘major’ bowl game.  Sound about right though since the B1G is the weakest of the major conferences. However, I’ll be looking forward to Sparty vs. The Cardinal in Pasadena come January as that will be an awesome matchup of defense and ball control.

SEC Championship Game
#3 Auburn over #5 Missouri 59-42
Ya know, if it wasn’t Auburn I’d be really happy for that program. They hired an awesome coach, brought in a new offense, and turned around a program in peril. The Tigers (Auburn) have somehow won the SEC Championship with an option attack and a lack of a dominant defense. This game overall was a lot closer than I thought it would be but once Auburn figured out that Mizzu couldn’t stop their run game it became the Tre Mason show. Auburn’s RB (see below) became the focus of the offense and with Nick Marshal only occasionally throwing the ball and also running all over the place, Missouri didn’t have much of a chance. To their credit though they kept it rather close and for only their second year in the SEC Missouri has to be happy with this finish and a possible trip to the Sugar Bowl in their future. The only thing I’m really concerned about is the fact that the SEC is turning into the Big-12 of the late 90s. A ton of offense and not a whole lot of defense. Come on guys. A 10-7 game is just as awesome as this 100+ point game. ESPN can rest easy, there will now be an SEC team in the BCS National Title Game.

BIG-XII Championship
#17 Oklahoma upsets #6 Oklahoma State 33-24 and #9 Baylor rolls #25 Texas 30-10
Um, so a two for one here since the Big-12 doesn’t have a Championship Game. With Oklahoma’s upset win, OSU was shut out of a BCS game and then the Baylor/Texas game actually meant something. If the Cowboy’s of OkState had beaten OU, then the Baylor/Texas game would have been pointless. However, the Belldozer of OU once again saved the day despite being the 3rd QB off the bench and OU gave both Texas and Baylor a chance to win it all. Baylor is now the Big-12 champ and headed for the Fiesta Bowl. Pretty much that’s how it all played out. I didn’t watch either of these games, so…
Honorable Mention to:
#23 Fresno State’s 24-17 win over Utah State to win the Mountain West.


MAC Championship Game
Unranked Bowling Green over #14 Northern Illinois 47-27
What the What? NIU was headed for a BCS game; now their dreams have been crushed by a Bowling Green defense that would not let up. Two turnovers by the Huskies and a 17 point 4th quarter form Bowling Green broke the hearts of NIU fans.

BEAT DOWN OF THE WEEK A.K.A. The weekly Florida State Discussion

ACC Championship Game
#1 Florida State over #20 Duke 45-7
So yeah, we all knew this was coming since the spread was about 29+ points and FSU was expected to win this game even if they would have started their second string players. Winston didn’t have the greatest start, but he didn’t need to since Duke was just over matched all game long. FSU gained 569 yards of total offense to Duke’s 239 and if it weren’t for their 3 turnovers, they would have racked up even more points.

I picked Rutgers and I won it with a 31-6 beat down of the S. Florida Bulls. That takes me to 11-3 on the year and a very successful Pillow Fight season. Thank you Rutgers for delivering this win for me. And thank you dear reader for another exciting year of pillow fights.

Auburn RB Tre Mason. Let the stats speak for themselves: 46 carries for 304 yards and 4 TD in a SEC Championship Game. He won’t win the Heisman (Presented by Nissan) but he should be invited to New York.

My picks go…
8-2. So a strong finish for me to finish out the year. I missed on OSU and OSU. (States of Ohio and Oklahoma).

We’ll be back next week for Bowl Games and Predictions!!!

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MAC is wack said...

Sorry such a long break... life, eh?

I was willing to shoot myself in the head if Texas were to win the Big Xii (little letters denote missing teams). Gawd almighty.

Poor NIU had one week to get their expectations up after Fresno lost. Then they pushed an egg through their... then cracked it open and scrambled it in the fourth quarter. I'll stop that analogy. I did leave out the graphic details, though.

Auburn sure did fly up the ranks, though. Wooooowwwweeee! I don't particularly like Auburn. I don't particularly like Florida State, either. It's kind of sickening, the lies or truth, what some football players will say during a police interview. Whether or not a rape occurred (and it kind of sounds like one did, depending on your definition of rape), I'm just glad that I won't ever have a daughter gang-banged by a bunch of football players. Hopefully my sons (and they probably won't be playing football) will learn how to respectful in their sexual lives. Back to football... man, that is a fucked up situation with no good coming out of it. There's nothing I can say here that hasn't already been said. Back to not football.

Michigan State? Really. I guess that happened.