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Monday, October 20, 2014


Damn this blog stuff is tough. Everyday, damn you dear reader, you demand different topics from me! What am I an endless source of knowledge here to fill your ever emptying cup with knowledge? Well, yeah, I know that I am, but still... it's hard to come up with topics everyday.

Tonight I had a great dinner with CC. We went to a good spot downtown that is not a tourist destination and we had a good meal. Good wine, good food, great dessert and of course great company. It's nice. A Monday night, no responsibility other than to ourselves. We had a good time. We weren't worried about the bill or who was waiting on us at home. We just went and had dinner and didn't worry. Makes for a good time.

So tomorrow dear reader, as I'm sure you know, the World Series starts. I'll be back with my baseball preview then.

Good night!

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MAC is wack said...

I have to write a lot for work, and I always feel shitty about whatever I write: It is never good enough. At some point, though, I just get some stuff typed, and it explodes from there. Then I feel shitty because of how little time I actually spent writing (and the fact that it is bound to be shitty writing if I spend so little time on it). Sometimes writing sucks.