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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend in a flash

Ever look up on a Friday and thank the good lord for the weekend ahead only to look down on Sunday night and wonder where your time went? Sometimes that happens and you feel like you either slept too much or not enough,  you either weren't productive enough or you didn't relax enough and you just may feel a little guilty about one of those things. 

Sometimes you have an opportunity to get something done that you'e been waiting for for a while but when the time comes you either can't or don't want to do it. 

I was presented with an opportunity this weekend to have a conversation with a family member and I didn't take it. I was either distracted by other information presented to me, unable to find a chance to approach the subject, unwilling to make an opportunity, or maybe it was something else all together. Maybe because I was so open to the idea that everything would be taken out of my hands and taken care of that the best thing was for nothing to happen at all. Could that be it? 

Could what I'm viewing as a missed opportunity really be what was supposed to happen? Could me missing this chance to change things be the lesson here? Hey look! These are the types of things you're missing by not asserting yourself and making things happen. Or maybe this was, like I said, what was supposed to happen and I did the right thing by not doing anything at all. 

I understand that you have no context for this dear reader, but I needed to make a note here for myself to come back and look at later. So much changed, but nothing changed at all. 


MAC is wack said...


MAC is wack said...

What the heck is going on? Stupid work id and personal id and making me log in multiple times. You're still a braggart... but only on the previous post.