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Sunday, September 28, 2008

College Football Week 5 The Upset Issue

Time for Week Five in the world of College Football!

It’s the first week of the UPSETS! Too many to contemplate…must restore order… can’t believe this amazing Beaver… Oh! Sorry. Anyway, week five brought us what we came to expect last season and now the world of college football has been flipped around at the top.

Just when we thought USC was going to cruise through an easy PAC-10 schedule and play for a national championship…oops. And, that wasn’t the only one in the stink from this weekend. I was going nuts watching these games either online or on the screen. My Dawgs decided to lay down. Sit Doggie Sit. Now roll over and die. Wow, just when they get my hopes up for a run at the National Championship they bring me back down with a performance like this weekend. &*#!@&*%!

Too much to describe here so we’ll just get to it…


#15 Auburn survives Tennessee 14-12
This game made me want to puke! It wasn’t for the defense, it was for the total lack of offense in this game. (AUB-226 total yards TEN-191) Boooo! If I were a fan at Auburn on Saturday I would have been pissed because Auburn should have come out firing after last week’s close loss to LSU. Instead, they looked terrible and Tennessee, well Tennessee just sucks! Let me just say on any other week Jonathan Crompton (UT’s “QB”) would have gotten my Biggest Loser Award. 8/23 67yds 0TDs and some horrible throws. This year he’s 64/123 658yds 2TDs and 4INTs. As my lone Tenn friend quipped this weekend, “You’re telling me we have no one on the bench that’s better than this guy?”

The other ones have to go to:
#2 Oklahoma over #24 TCU 35-10
#5 LSU over Mississippi State 34-24
#12 Penn St. over #22 Illinois 38-24
Good job LSU, Oklahoma and Penn St.! Ya’ll won games you were supposed to win. Oklahoma had to deal with an upstart TCU squad who was looking to fly up the rankings if they pulled out a win. And Miss St. tried to give LSU a game and probably had some Tiger fans sweating after they’d seen the other scores from Saturday. Penn St. had to win probably the toughest of the three contests and has to be the Big 10 leader at this point.
Oklahoma has to be a clear #1 and one of three teams at this point that truly control their own road to the National Championship game. (LSU and Alabama being the other two and they still have to play each other)


Wait wait wiat… First the Lesson of the Week:
Never count a win till it’s in the win column. Never overlook a team. Always come prepared and never think your past success will carry you to today’s victories. (That’s all me people. Poetic isn’t it?)

“If at first you don't succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.” –Bill Lyon

#1 USC shocked by Oregon State 27-21
(Note the shocker reference from the into is continued here)
“Oh how I love Beaver(s), Oh how I love Beaver(s), Oh how I love Beaver(s) cause’ they beat USC!” Wow! I was at work and not even looking at the score updates since I thought this would be another Dirty Sanchez show and USC would just (sorry) pound the Beavers, but when I got home all I saw was a sea of Beavers storming the field to celebrate a huge victory. Stats wise, this was pretty close aside from Oregon State’s run game which got 176 yards thanks to Rogers who actually rushed for 186 and 2 TDs.

The Trojans bust and ended up just falling limp at the end despite a late spurt for what must feel like an unsatisfying quickie for Pete Carroll and his national title hopes. (Its still early I know, but this was a big loss)

#8 Alabama dominated #3 Georgia 41-30
FUCK! I was ready to puke after the first quarter, then when Bama went up 31-0 with about 1:30 left in the 1st half I was ready to have a stroke. When did Georgia start believing that wearing black would be enough motivation for a big time SEC game? The Dawgs just looked flat out FLAT! The window of opportunity was wide open and Georgia just slammed it shut on their own hands. Hats off to Alabama, they came in and dominated. I have to go throw up again. Ok, I’m better now. Georgia did outscore Bama 30-10 in the second half and cut out all those dumb ass penalties. There’s a positive. Total yards were about even and Stafford did look good in the game (24/42 274 2TDs) he was only held back by good defensive secondary play and piss poor play calling. Glen Coffee showed big holes in Georgia’s run D going off for 86yds and 2TDs. Better than the whole Georgia team with a combined 50yds on the ground. Kind of hard to run the ball when your behind 31-0 huh?

#4 Florida falls to Ol’ Miss 31-30
Superman’s weakness must be a pass rush. Tebow did not look like the Heisman winner of 2007 and Florida simply overlooked the Rebels. The coaches may not have, but the players (outside of Harvin) played like this was going to be a walk in the park. Hello! It’s the SEC! This win could define Ol’ Miss’s season and they played like they wanted it more. Florida had plenty of chances to win this one and just didn’t. That blocked extra point was huge and Ol’ Miss can feel good about winning a big game and playing their asses off against an under motivated Gator squad. 1 for 11 on 3rd downs for Florida and 3 lost fumbles. Ouch.

#9 Wisconsin falls to Michigan 27-25
Wow! The Badgers lose after a 19-0 halftime lead. I thought they were going to win this one after scoring a touchdown with :13 left in the game and going for two to tie and getting it. Oh, no… flag on the play; ineligible man down field. Second attempt didn’t pay off and neither did the onside kick. Man I hate to see Michigan win but this was a great game and for the 500th in Ann Arbor’s Shit House, I guess they deserved a win. (I’m bitter this week people)

Runners up:
Navy over #16 Wake Forrest 24-17
Maryland over #20 Clemson 20-17
Houston over # 23 East Carolina 41-24
Wall Street over America 700Billion-0


#7 Texas over Arkansas 52-10
Dear Lord! How bad is Arkansas? Oh wait, that’s right it’s the bad karma brought on them by Bobby Petrino. They’ve lost their last two games by a combined score of 101-24. Pig SooooooWeeeeeeSuck! Oh by the way, the Razorbacks now have to play a pissed off Florida next week then go to Auburn. Have fun Bobby!
Good for Texas (and a 10gallon hats off) for not getting trapped on this weekend from hell for teams in the top ten.


Eastern Washington over Idaho State 45-31
This week’s Pillow Fight comes from the Big Sky Conference. Big Skies and Low Expectations. I think this one was a quarterback duel all the way. Eastern’s Nichols went off for 382yds and 5 TDs while Idaho State’s threw for 312yds and 3TDs. This one was tied up going into the fourth, but really, who cares? These teams are a combined 2 and 6.


Enough Said!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

College Football Week 4

Time for Week Four in the world of College Football!

Week four as in 4-0 for the Georgia Bulldogs! I was unable to watch the game live as I was out watching a live stage performance of Biloxi Blues. You have to mix in a little culture now and then people. But, thanks to the magical world of DVR, I caught up on all the action once I got home. So I was up till the wee hours of the morning watching games and finishing off a case of beer.

Anyway, the Dawgs avoided the trap game out west and pulled out a 27-10 victory over the Sun Devils. It could have easily been 31-10 or 38-10 but the offense decided to be good but not good enough to punch in a few easy scores. Either way, a win is a win and 4-0 is 4-0. Glory! Glory!

Thanks to my buddy Dave for the text updates throughout the game and Matt who offered since I’m too cheep to pay for the ESPN service.

Moving on…


#6 LSU over #10 Auburn 26-21
I think we all saw this one coming when the rankings came out last week. 6vs.10 is big enough but add in some LSU vs. AUB action and you’ve got a sure fire game of the week. I’ve got to give it to LSU they took on a great Auburn defense and raked up 178 rushing yards compared to 70 for the home team. I thought Auburn was going to pull it out when they went up 21-20 with about 7 minutes to go, but a late Jarrett Lee 18-yard pass TD to LaFell and LSU steals a victory on the road. A great game for both teams and Auburn shouldn’t drop too far out of the top ten after playing though and losing by only 5.

#18 Wake Forrest over #24 Florida State 12-3
Not even I saw this one coming. I like to hate on FSU from time to time, but I thought for sure there would be no way in hell that they would let Wake come in there and beat them again. The ESPN line even had this tagged as an upset. That’s two trips to Dope Walker Stadium and two wins for the Deacons. Seven turnovers for the Nols and good game management from Skinner and Wake is taking the early ACC lead.


Boise State over #17 Oregon 37-32
Why is it not Idaho State again? Boise is a city right? Anyway… Oregon is once again the hands down champ for the most God Awful uniforms in America. Thankfully they weren’t playing in Boise on that blue field, my TV would have blown up. Speaking of blowing up, Boise’s QB went 24/36 for 386 yards and 3TDs. Wow. Player of the week? Back to those uniforms, stop it, just please stop and become known for your football not your ugly ass uniforms.


#11 Texas Tech over Massachusetts 56-14
No wonder these guys have great stats. Texas Tech is 4-0 after playing Eastern Washington, Nevada, SMU and UMass. Dear Lord, who’s next? The Wyoming School for the Blind? I think even The Golden Gophers could run that kind of schedule. Overrated! (clap, clap,…clap clap clap) Overrated!

Runner up: #9 Alabama over Arkansas 49-14.
This game was U-G-L-Y Ugly! Bobby Petrino; its called Bad Karma!


#15 East Carolina gets upset by rival NC State 30-24 in OT
This was a decent game but NC State brought their FLY SWATER! SMACK! The ointment of the BCS is clear of a pesky fly. East Carolina made the typical mistake these mid-level conference teams make. Turnovers! Now they only had two, but the one that hurt is the one in overtime. NC State is bad. I mean real bad. But the Purple Pirates’ cannon fired right into their own foot this week. If you care to debate the ‘Kick the field goal late’ vs. ‘Pin them deep and hope for the best’ Go look at this game and ask Skip Holtz which is better.


Connecticut over Baylor 31-28
This was such a non-marquee match up that the game was played on Friday. Friday? Thursday, sure. Friday? I thought that was reserved for High School. Well, I know some High Schools in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina that could take out either Baylor or UConn, so I guess that’s cool. The Huskies are 4-0 and 2-0 in the bigEast, so look for them to be overrated soon.


Philip Fulmer. (And yes, I know he needs to go on the game show too, but let’s stick to football) Oh man. That’s two years in a row that the Vols’ have just been beaten down by Florida. This time in their own house on national TV in front of 100,000 pissed off Tennessee fans. The fans were pissed, the media was laughing and casting bronze statues of Tebow in the press box and the players were just laying down. Fulmer may have always been a loser, but this week for not having his team ready for this rivalry game, he lands here as the biggest loser of the week. He could also be losing a job if this keeps up. UCLA now Florida and a pissed off Auburn waiting next week. Ouch.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

College Football Week 3

Time for Week Three in the world of College Football!

I am exhausted! I don’t know if I can sit through another Georgia game like the one we witnessed this weekend. I’m pretty sure that I had two separate heart attacks during the fourth quarter.

Other than that this was a better weekend in the world of college football than last week and there were a lot of games that were able to hold interest besides the OSU v. USC game. Speaking of which, I can’t stand the naming of the games trend that’s going on here. “The Collision in the Coliseum” F that! It’s week three. I don’t care if it is #1 v. #5 it’s September! Just for that this week’s theme is name that game as you’ll see in the space below.

This week I dedicate the blog to Shane “Sponge Bob” Petite and his Texas Tech Red Gay-dars. I think that’s the mascot there right? By the way T.T. won 43-7 over SMU. Congrats you beat up on a group of Methodists.

Moving on…


#2 Georgia survives South Carolina 14-7 (The Coronary in Columbia)
I was hopping that this game would only make an appearance in the introduction, however SC’s defense and Tight End made this a much more interesting game than my nerves could stand. No pass defense from UGA whatsoever and Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez may have to look for a new job if this trend continues. After going for two to take a 14-7 lead, Georgia had to hold off self destruction by penalties and a Tight End that no one seemed to be able to cover. It took a Gamecock fumble into the end zone and a last second interception on the two yard line to get the Dawgs into next week’s showdown with Arizona State (who lost by the way).
UGA did dominate the time of possession and most of the major statistical categories, but a few more pass completions by SC and that would have been loss number one on the year.
The only thing that concerns me about this game, aside from the pass defense, is the fact that Moreno kept taking himself out of the game either because of fatigue or injury. With only 20 carries and 79 yards I don’t think Georgia is going to survive with that kind of production for very long.

#1 USC kicks the crap out of #5 Ohio State 35-3 (The Sleeper in Southern California)
Oh look, another big game and another big loss for Ohio State. USC does look like the #1 team in the nation on both sides of the ball right now and this game was not even close at any point. The score could have easily been 41-3 or 48-3.
Ohio State fans SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! Go crawl into your basements and don’t come out till its time for you to convince us that you’re team is even worth watching again. You should not even be allowed to wear your team colors in public again till you win another bowl game. SHUT UP! Why should anyone care about this team? Michigan? That’s your next “big” game? Please. Nobody cares about you, those whipping boys that you play from the other Ohio schools or that crappy Big-10 conference that you “dominate” every year. When it comes time for you to play any team with any kind of national credit you CHOKE! JUST SHUT UP!

#19 South Florida takes out #13 Kansas 37-34 (The Train Wreck in Tampa)
You know it hurts me to put South Florida in on one of my top games of the week, but this one was entertaining. And, anytime you can run out a true freshman kicker to drill a 43 yarder to win it with no time left, you’ll end up on this blog. Congrats to Maikon Bonani who made the kick and showed that even a skinny asian looking kid can win a game against Kansas. I know what you’re saying! Ouch! You can’t say that. Yes I can.
This game had zero defense and was a back and forth battle to see who got the ball last. Ended up falling to S. Florida and there you have it. Entertaining? Yes. Good football? No.

Runner up: #9 Auburn survives Mississippi State 3-2. Yes, 3-2. It’s called defense South Florida and Kansas.


Maryland over #23 California 35-27 (The Crushing on the Coast)
I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t watching this until there were ten minutes left in the game. I mean, Cal is overrated anyway and Maryland is a sleeper in the ACC at best.
Basically the Terps jumped out early and Cal spent the whole game trying to battle back against a very well coached defense.

Runner up: UNLV over #15 Arizona State 23-20 in OT
Score one for the mighty MWC conference. And someone please tell me why UNLV is named the Rebels? Was Rhett Butler from Nevada? I don’t remember seeing Wayne Newton on Stone Mountain.


#18 BYU kicked the shit out of UCLA 59-0 (The Beatdown of the Bruin)
Oh wow. Seven TD passed for BYU’s QB Max Hall tying a school record and handing a record beat down to the Bruins. That’s UCLA’s wost loss in 75 years! They had less than 10 yards rushing the whole game and four turnovers. Not to mention the 520+ yards they gave up on defense but they gave up over 500 yards on defense!


BUT… go over to youtube or wherever it is that you get your video fix, and look up the ending to the Middle Tennessee State v. Kentucky game. Oh so close!


Buffalo (2-1) takes out Temple (1-2) 30-28 (The Melee in the MAC)
This week’s pillow fight comes to us from the great MAC conference and Buffalo snatches a last second knockout with a Hail Mary pass to win it with no time left. Temple had taken a 28-24 lead with 0:38 left in the game but let it get away from them thanks to the 35-yard Hail Mary. This leads us to this week’s…

Lesson of the Week:
The last time Buffalo was over .500 (and it wasn’t Week 1) as a Division 1-A team was back in 1969, when the Bulls finished 6-3. Since becoming a Div. I-A team in 1999, Buffalo was just 5-33 in August/September games entering this season. They are 2-1 to start this season.


Charlie Weis. His Notre Dame team may have beaten Michigan 35-17 but Charlie got beaten up by his own player who was flying out of bounds on punt coverage. The guy basically leg whipped the coach and tore his ACL and MCL. I guess since I hate both of these teams I got the best of both worlds. The Irish might have pulled out a win, but Weis is going to have to miss a few meals while recovering from some surgery in his near future.
Yes. He is that big. Thank God it was raining or they would have had to delay the game to clear the gravy off the field.
Thats it for this week kids! Tune in next week when I try to make more sence and come up with something entertaining for you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Review;
By: Oksana Robski

Let me sum this up in two words: Chick Book.

My mom passed this one off to me as a light read and it most certainly was. Now I’m not knocking it 100% because it was a good read with a few twists and turns. Mostly about the new elite in Russian society, Casual lets the reader into a world that none of us are ever likely to experience.

Contract killings, baby’s momma drama, caviar and cocaine all make an appearance in this international best seller. Basically the plot is like Sex and the City meets Moscow’s mob scene. A group of elitist Russian women throw away housekeepers, boyfriends and husbands like you toss out a tissue. The central character’s husband is gunned down in the street in the first chapter and the book is dedicated to her revenge and recovery. I don’t quite know what else to say because really the book isn’t that complex.

If I were to give you too much about the plot here I would ruin what kept me turning pages. Like I said; chick book, but readable. Robski’s style was very enjoyable and I liked the internal dialogue of the main character as she both shuns and identifies with the world around her. I think there is a bright future for this genre in Russia and around the world as Robski continues to lead the way and develop her style and material.

One Passage that I thought told the author's story was the following:

"Some people treat life as consumption. Some as an exploit. Some see it as a cup to be drained. To the bottom. I look at life as a partner in a game. The whole world is the playing field. Life always takes the first move. I respond and then wait life's response with interest.

There are no rules, which makes it a bit scary, but I've gotten used to that. There are no winners either.

At first I tried to keep score, but gave up quickly. I never missed my turn. Whenever I felt like quitting, I took a time out.

Life always has a joker in the pack. Its appearance in the most unexpected places made the game even more interesting. It was impossible to guess in what capacity the joker would appear the next time. The important thing was to live as if there were no joker.

I was playing for happiness."

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Book Review; The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer By: Ernest Hemingway

Ever since I first read The Sun Also Rises I have had a huge fascination with Ernest Hemingway. His writing is the best I have ever had the pleasure of poring over and I do not have the ability to describe the emotions that it evokes. I am also just amazed that a writer of his caliber who changed the way the English language is used had the audacity to take his own life in 1961. In order to better understand the man and the way in which he developed his craft I decided to read every word he ever printed in a more or less chronological order. This has led me to The Dangerous Summer his final piece of nonfiction published during his lifetime.

Before I get to the Review, below is a list of Hemingway’s works all of which I have read except those denoted in bold font:


The Torrents of Spring (1925)
The Sun Also Rises (1926)
A Farewell to Arms (1929)
To Have and Have Not(1937)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)
Across the River and Into the Trees (1950)
The Old Man and the Sea (1952)
Adventures of a Young Man (1962)
Islands in the Stream (1970)
The Garden of Eden (1986)


Death in the Afternoon (1932)
Green Hills of Africa (1935)
The Dangerous Summer (1960)
A Moveable Feast (1964)
Short Story Collections

Three Stories and Ten Poems (1923)
In Our Time (1925)
Men Without Women (1927)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1932)
Winner Take Nothing (1933)
The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories (1938)
The Essential Hemingway (1947)
The Hemingway Reader (1953)
The Nick Adams Stories (1972)

Now The Dangerous Summer is a story of Hemingway’s travels in the Summer of 1959 as he follows two bullfighters through Spain and parts of France as they compete head to head to prove who is the greatest of their time. While The Sun Also Rises is a piece of fiction where the main character Jake Barnes has a close relationship with bullfighter Pedro Romero and sees him through a bull fighting season, it is not a book about bullfighting as this piece of nonfiction is.

Here Hemingway directly involves himself in the story and is one of the major characters. He has attached himself to Antonio, a young and masterful bullfighter who is out to prove that he is the greatest in all of Spain and the world. Hemingway describes that in between the days of Pedro Romero, who was indeed a real life bullfighter, and the summer of 1959 that the sport had taken a sharp downturn in its legitimacy. Promoters had started fixing fights with weaker bulls and by blunting their horns to make them less dangerous. Bullfighters too he says were fighting with “tricks” rather than true, and more dangerous, technique.

Antonio however is out to prove that not only is he better than his main competitor and brother-in-law Luis Miguel but that he can restore bullfighting to its former glory and respectability. Throughout the book, Hemingway is there at Antonio’s side with advice and support. He does not root against Luis Miguel and in fact the entire group is quite close as they travel throughout the summer. However, there are obvious passages when Hemingway uses his prose and style to let you know who is the better of the two fighters both in and out of the ring.

Now if you hated The Sun Also rises for its long descriptive passages and its receptiveness in theme, then you might as well not even bother picking this one up. The book basically breaks down to: bullfight, travel, bullfight, hospital, travel, bullfight, bullfight…

If any other writer attempted to write this same book I would have put it down within the first 50 pages. However, I was looking more for the message of the book, the enjoyment of the style, and answers to why this piece was the last. If you do a little research you’ll find that it was a piece of writing that was intended for Time Magazine but that became its own book. But what can we discover from its theme and style?

On a surface read you would believe that Hemingway connected entirely with Antonio his close friend and companion. I don’t think this is exactly true since Hemingway himself is much more aligned with Luis Miguel when it comes to their places in life. Luis Miguel is on his final legs, trying desperately to appeal to his fans in the only way he knows how; in the ring. Hemingway is in the same place. He only knows one way at this point in life to live up the name that is Hemingway. Write. Write something that will bring them all back. Write something that will have them begging for more. The Old Man and the Sea had done this for him but in limited fashion according to his standards. And with this book fame did not come crashing towards him once again.

Here is the passage that really stood out to me when it comes to this relationship.

“But too many things were piling up and he was running out of luck. It was one thing to live to be the number one in the world in his profession and have that be the one truest thing in his life. It was another thing to be almost killed each time he went out to prove it and to know that only his wealthiest and most powerful friends, a number of beautiful women, and Pablo Picasso… still believed it. The important thing was for him to believe it himself. The others would all come back if he believed it and could make it true. Hurt and wounded as he was this wasn’t a good day to make it true. But he was going to try and maybe the old miracle that he had made at Malaga would come true.”

To me this is what Hemingway was going through in the last few years of his life as paranoia and alcoholism were catching up with him. He always wanted to be back on top with the whole of his readership begging for more. However, every time he went out there and published another short story, magazine article or piece of nonfiction, people were unimpressed and looking for The Great Hemingway. Only his most loyal fans were still there for him hanging on to every word. The publishers and buyers however were looking for the old Hemingway and the man that changed the way English was written and read.

Maybe this had something to do with his death, maybe it didn’t. But it is hard for me to believe that a summer spent watching and interacting with death on such a close and daily basis did not convince him of how easy it would be to allow it to come. Throughout the whole book he describes death as something to be feared but something that must be brought close and “carried with you in your pocket.”

I know this hasn’t been much of a book review, but I can save you the read by telling you that it has some amazingly descriptive passages on bullfighting, death and the culture surrounding both during the summer of 1959.

I have one book on my shelf Papa Hemingway by A.E. Hotchner, who makes appearances in The Dangerous Summer that I doubt I’ll read. Hotchner was a close companion to Hemingway and I’m sure presents a very biased opinion of the man and the writer. I do not need to have him presented as a good person, as I’m sure at times he was, in order to believe that he was a great writer and Hotchner has come under some fire for his presentation from what I’ve read so far.

In short, and to wrap this up since I’m sure none of you are reading this far down, nobody will ever know for sure why Hemingway decided to take his own life in 1961 and deny worldwide readers the chance to enjoy his work even more as he developed and changed in what would have been his later life. All of the post-mortem publications are muddled in that we are not sure why he decided not to publish them or why they were not picked up at the time of writing.

The Dangerous Summer just gave me a look at how he viewed death and the way in which we humans interact with it and at times invite it in.

“Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Sunday, September 7, 2008

College Football Week 2

Time for Week Two in the world of College Football!

The Dawgs looked good this week despite the defense giving up a lot of yards through the air. A nice 56-17 win however is nothing to sneeze at. Achoo. Bless you. Thanks.

Anyway, Saturday was my first full day of college football of the young season and I must say I do love my picture in picture function on the TV. I had a lot of games on and was afraid my thumb was going to fall off before 4pm and I had slashed my finger on a faulty beer tab by mid day. I guess not being in top form gave me a little understanding of why some of these teams come out flat early in the season. But never fear fans, I’m here for you and won’t let you down. Not too many exciting games to light up the fire this week, but a few turned out to be worth watching. After surviving Tropical Storm Hannah and that damn beer can, I’ve settled down and am ready for some college action.

So with all do respect to the “great” state of Ohio, here we go…


#3 Ohio State survives Ohio 26-14
I was going to ignore this game all together since you all know how much I hate everything Ohio, but as I was flipping through I saw a half time score that just made me smile: 7-6 Ohio? Wow. I’m intrigued! No Bean-pot, Bean-head, Bean-something or another Wells for Ohio State and no run game or much of a defense at all. If it weren’t for the Bobcats sucking as bad as they did, they may have been able to win this game. I guess not even a middle of the road MAC team is able to get out of their own way to immortality. A late punt return and it was all over folks. We’ll see how the Gay Acorns (Buckeyes; gay acorns; look it up) look next week as they take on USC in a game everyone says will be an instant classic.

Keeping with the theme… I told you this was an off week for the schedule…

Michigan blind squirrels their way to a nut against Miami of Ohio 16-6
Michigan; 10 in the first quarter, 6 in the fourth. That was it. Miami of OH mustered two field goals and…zzz… Oh sorry. I wonder if people in Miami, Ohio refer to themselves as Miami or Miami of Ohio like the rest of the country does? ‘Jimmy where are you going? Oh, nowhere Mom, just driving over to Miami of Ohio.’
Anyway, Michigan avoided going 0-2 to start the year even after going 3-11 on 3rd downs, and gaining only 281 total yards.

#20 Wake Forrest gets by Mississippi 30-28
Remember last week when I was down on the ACC? Well I still am, and this is another reason why. It took a great game for the ACC’s only ranked team to take down a perennial 10th place SEC team. A last second field goal apparently saved Dave’s pool this week while sinking my upset pick of the week. Damn you Deacons! Damn you!
Enough of my bitterness, this was a decent game and Houston Nutt is well on his way to turning Mississippi’s program around and Wake looks like it may be a star for the ACC this year depending on Miami and Clemson.


#8 West Virginia falls to East Carolina 24-3
Three the number of points a “top ten team” scored against a C-USA team in rout to their biggest loss in recent memory. In fact, W. Virginia had not been held out of the end zone since 2001. Hmmm… (Overrated?)
Two; the number of top 20 teams the Purple Pirates have taken out this year (Virginia 27-22 in week one)
One; One giant Ah Hoy! for all the E. Carolina players who believed they could do it.
Here’s to hopping the Pirates don’t just shut it down and lose to one of their next few opponents (Tulane, NC State, or Houston) they could be one of the teams that turns the BCS upside down this year. Go Skip Holtz!

You may remember that I was not on the South Florida bandwagon last year but this is one that I might be able to believe in. Let’s not get too excited just yet though.


Florida State over Western Carolina 69-0
Western Carolina is no Eastern Carolina and Florida State is no Florida State anymore, but they did muster enough of the Seminole spirit to lay a classic beat down on the Catamounts. That’s right I said Catamounts. No need to talk about the game, the score should say enough. Let’s just get to…

The Lesson of the Week:
Webster's Dictionary defines "catamount" as "any of various wild cats such as a cougar or lynx." Cats of the catamount variety, including the bobcat, have roamed the southern Appalachian Mountains, where Western Carolina University is located, for years.

The nickname evolved from a contest that was held on the Cullowhee campus in 1933. At the time, the school was called "Western Carolina Teachers College" and its teams were known as "the Teachers."

Everyone on campus was invited to participate in the naming of the teams. The usual names were suggested -- Bears, Indians, Panthers. However, the college wanted an unusual name, a name that few others had and that everyone would not copy.

The contest came down to Mountain Boomers, a small ground squirrel that scampers about the woods and is extremely difficult to catch, and Catamounts. The latter was the favorite of Head Football Coach C.C. Poindexter and was the nickname chosen. Poindexter wanted his players to be Catamounts with "fierce spirit, savage attacks, and lightning quick moves."

Western Carolina University is the only one of two NCAA schools playing under the Catamount moniker. Western is the only football-playing school in the nation using the nickname "Catamounts," with the University of Vermont being the only other school using that nickname.

While Fluffy here may look intimidating, he is known for his weak backside defense and lack of a deep passing threat.


Now Florida falls right behind Ohio on my list of States that Suck, but they did host the only rivalry games this weekend to go along with the beat down.

#17 South Florida over Central Florida 31-24 in OT
Speaking of South Florida (as I was earlier)… after beating down Central Florida 64-12 last year they decided to cancel the rivalry after the trip to Orlando this year in order to schedule tougher competition and get their national reputation up. Guess they may want to rethink that after Central High School took them all the way to OT in 08.

#5 Florida over Miami 26-3
Score not indicative because Miami played well. I watched about 80% of this game and Miami gave Florida about all they wanted on Saturday night. Superdork threw for 256 yards and 2 TDs while rushing for 55 yards but did find himself on the ground a few times thanks to an offensive line that was less than stellar. (It’s hard to hate on Tebow since he is that good, but come on…he does play for Florida)


Northwestern smacks Duke 24-20
Oh a classic pillow fight for college football fans. Duke outplayed NW for the whole game and had a pass completion for the go ahead score with 1:30 left in the game that was called back due to a holding call. For a bunch of smart kids, Duke shot themselves in the foot with 5 penalties and letting up a 72-yard drive in the fourth to lose it.

Runner Up: Notre Dame survives San Diego State 21-13


Jake Locker; Sophomore Quarterback for the University of Washington Huskies.

Unranked Washington had a chance to tie the game against #15 BYU after Washington drove 76 yards with a Jake Locker TD run with 2 seconds left, but Locker was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, with the extra point being moved back 15 yards, it was blocked. That’s right. Because he was a little too pumped he cost his team a chance to win. BYU takes it 28-27.
Now, do I think he deserved the flag? No. Neither does anyone else and I’m sure that this rule is going to be reviewed because that kind of celebration should not influence the game like that. Doesn’t keep Locker from finding himself here though…Loser.

That’s it for this week folks. Tune in next week when we get some SC vs. UGA and OSU vs. USC action. The schedule should give us some better games and I’ll be in mid season form by then. Until then, be safe and avoid those ferocious catamounts on your next stroll through the woods.


Monday, September 1, 2008

College Football Kickoff It's BACK!

Alright College Football Fans, Welcome to my 2008 College Football Blog!

This should be a great season and you know I’m pumped up about the Georgia Bulldogs being ranked number one to start the year. I’m not too sure they’ll finish that way with the schedule that the Dawgs have to go through, but I can hold out hope that the new Uga will bring us some luck and we’ll run the table. I love that dog.

Anyway, I had to work for most of the weekend but thanks to the power of the Internet and my DVR I was able to catch a lot more of the action than I probably should have.

This year on the blog I’ll still highlight some of the games I thought made a difference and that were enjoyable and I’ll pass out a few weekly awards as usual. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining and get a few laughs along the way. No need to highlight UGA’s win since I’ll address them in a few weeks once we hit the meat of our schedule.

So in honor of my buddy Dave, who came to visit me here in Charleston last week… Let’s Kick it Off!


#24 Alabama over #9 Clemson 34-10
By definition and upset is when a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team. However, in this case a weaker team was ranked higher and therefore not an upset. I get it, Clemson had a good finish to the 2007 season and deserved a top 15 ranking, but number nine? Hmmm… This game once again proved the power of the SEC from top to bottom. (Minus Miss. St. of course. Can we kick them out?) Moving on. Clemson just got dominated in the run game. Rushing yards = Ala: 239 Clem: 0. That’s right zero! Clemson only scored 3 points outside of a great kickoff return to start the second half. Not an upset.

Lesson of the week:
The death of teams who run and constantly have to defend against the spread offense will be the old school power running game. You heard it hear first. With a bunch of smaller linebackers and schemes that are all over the field, teams will not be able to stop a line up and smack you in the mouth run game. Just ask Clemson who were predicted to dominate the ACC this year.

South Carolina over North Carolina State 34-0
Well I knew that USC would have a good defense, but I didn’t know that NC State would be that bad. I thought this would actually be a good match-up for the Gamecocks for a week one game, but the only trouble USC really had was with their inability to execute. The Wolfpack forgot to pack an offensive line and had their true freshman QB knocked out of the game and admitted to the hospital before the first half was even over. The ol’ Ball Coach as usual was on his second QB before the game ended. Hell Peyton Manning would get yanked by that guy if he threw one INT, so we’ll see how the QB situation shakes out.

#6 Missouri over #20 Illinois 52-42
92 points? In an opening game I understand if the defense is a little shaky, but 92 total points? This was an entertaining game from the “big”-12 and big-10 conferences, but what’s going to happen if they play a team with a defense? Again, I know it’s week one, but come on. I was glad to see that Daniel was back on track, I liked watching him play last year and hope he does some good for UM and helps knock off the other “big”-12 “powerhouses.” Juice Williams finished the game with 451 passing yards for Ill. and had a few runs but I’m not thinking he is going to have the same kind of year we saw from him in 07.

#12 Texas Tech over Eastern Washington 49-24
I don’t know what’s more surprising here; the fact that TT has made an appearance on my blog or that Eastern Washington has a football team. They are in the Big Sky conference by the way. Here is another “big”-12 team giving up 24 to a team even I haven’t heard of. I just clicked on this game for the stat line of Tech’s QB Graham Harrel who threw for 5,705 yards last year. He may be the next version of Colt Brennan, but hey it’s still entertaining. This week he kicked off the 2008 campaign by going 43/58 for 536 yards and 2 touchdowns. (1 INT and he rushed for 2 yards and a TD). I wish the kid well for the same reason I want Missouri to do well. (To hell with Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska) Hahaha, sorry “big”-12 fans.


Upset: adj. uhp-set; n. uhp-sett: to defeat or overthrow an opponent that is considered more formidable, as in war, politics, or sports.

Just so we are clear on that before we move on. I figured I would make this a permanent part of the weekly post since last year’s season had at least one every week. This season started off with two real upsets. (Again, Alabama over Clemson was not an upset).

#17 Virginia Tech falls to East Carolina 27-22
E. Carolina is an up and coming program from the Conference USA and is not as bad as their conference would have you believe. But Virginia Tech has no excuse for this loss. VT got beat on the special teams end of the game which is usually their strong point. Taking a 22-13 lead in the 4th and then losing is bad no matter who your playing. I didn’t watch this one (can you blame me?) so I don’t have the down and dirty details of the loss, but it looks like Tech just wasn’t ready to play and E. Carolina was.

#25 Pittsburg loses to Bowling Green 27-17
A lot of people were calling this upset and it looks like they were right. Bowling Green came out ready to play and despite getting out gained 393-254 in total yardage, got the job done on the road in week one. I’m not shocked by this either since Pitt had no business being ranked in the Top 25 to start the year and proved it with this loss. Bowling Green has a chance to start the year 2-0 next week when they take on my favorite whipping boys at the University of Minnesota. The Golden Gophers may lose all of their 18 trophy games this year and look for them to make an appearance here next week if they go down to the Green Falcons of Bowling Green. What the hell is a Green Falcon anyway? If anyone out there has the answer to that, do let me know.


Now this does not have to be a Top 25 team, but it does have to be Div-IA, so look for some big time match-ups here all year long.

Stanford uppercut Oregon St. 36-28
The feathers were flying in this PAC-10 match-up to start what should be another easy run for USC in the conference that everyone believes is worth a shit. This was a decent fight with the Beavers hanging in there in a back and forth game against the Cardinal. (The color not the bird. And that stupid tree mascot is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.) Of course it wouldn’t be a pillow fight without a Beaver throwing a backwards pass in the 3rd quarter to give Stanford a 22-20 lead. One team passed the ball (OSU 404yds) one team ran the ball (STA 301yds) and neither team impressed. USC has to be pleased knowing that neither of these teams will be putting any road blocks up on their way to a Rose Bowl.

Runner-up: Michigan loses another home opener to Utah 25-23
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…. Oh Michigan. YOU SUCK! Seriously, I hope you get better just so you can get bowl eligible because that fluke win over Florida last year is still pissing me off. Utah? My roommate didn’t even know they had a football program. We’ll forgive him for that though since he’s a Wisconsin fan.


Normally this spot is reserved for some WAC team or Minnesota, but this week I’m giving out the biggest loser award to an entire conference:

The ACC!

Wow, after the merger a few years ago I thought this was going to be a contender for one of the nation’s top conferences. Guess not. Just see the scores below and I’ll spare you the explanations.

Losses: NC State to South Carolina, Virginia to #3 USC (understandable), #9 Clemson to #24 Alabama, and #17 VT to E. Carolina. The only two ranked teams in the conference lost. Yuck!

Now they did have some wins. For example, Maryland squeaked out a win over Delaware 14-7. Wow. Boston College looked bad but did win 21-0 over Kent St. Duke took out James Madison 31-7 so that’s good right? And North Carolina managed to out last McNeese St. 35-27. Other than that Miami and Georgia Tech took out some D-II schools and Wake beat Baylor on the road. (The only game that seemed like any kind of a challenge.)

If they want to be considered a top conference they had better pick it up because right now I’m not going to consider their conference play much of a challenge.

That’s it for now people. See you next week when I’ll try to come up with something entertaining for you to read. If you have a category that you’d like to see here on the blog, just let me know and I’ll get it in for you. Remember, I’m here for you!