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Friday, October 24, 2014

You probably don't...

Anyone else ever get bored at work? I know you all probably don't but every now and then I'll run across a shift where the is literally nothing going on. I feel guilty just reading a book or watching TV and there really is about a half an hour worth of crap that I can look at on the Internet before I'm bored.

So, what are acceptable things to do at work when you're bored? Write a blog? Read? Watch TV on-line? Now, before this goes too far I do want to stress that my work is done and the place is clean. So "if you got time to lean you got time to clean" doesn't apply here. The other issues is that I can't get into any really deep activity because at any moment a guest could walk in or the phone could ring. (Funny, it did just ring in the middle of me typing the word phone. A guest needed some wine glasses).

For tonight at least I have g-chat with CC who is at home and Game 3 of the World Series on the radio. I also have two British people hanging around in the lobby who, while nice prevent me from doing anything too loudly.

So I guess I should put this away and focus on what it is that's bothering me. Guilt. I feel guilty for getting paid to virtually do nothing. When I'm busy I "earn it" but when I'm not doing much it makes me feel guilty that I'm "being lazy" or "slacking off." It's strange. Sometimes I'm really happy with a slow night because it's a break from the hectic days that we've had so many of lately but for some reason tonight I felt guilty for not having more to do. I guess part of that is the fact that normally Friday nights are crazy and this one has turned out to be historically slow. But why the guilt? That's I guess what I'm struggling with this evening. Why should I feel guilty? I just happened to land on a shift where not that much is going on. Not my fault right?

It's a funny thing how close money and guilt follow one another. Did you spend a lot of money on that new shirt? Feel a bit guilty about it? Money has never been that big of a deal for me but that guilt that comes with it sure has. Not that I've ever had that much money to feel guilty about so...

Anyway! Game 3 is about to get started so I'm going to open the door, let the Fall air in, and crank up the radio. Play Ball Dear Reader!