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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Legen... wait for it... dary

They will one day write poems about the 6'5" 25-year-old from Hickory, NC who took over the World Series and put his team on his back. Yes, I will avoid the "work horse" references here dear reader.

Of course I am talking about Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants. Bumgarner the man child who talks like a hillbilly and throws a baseball like a god. Wow. He was impressive in this World Series. I wanted the Royals to win, but each year a man emerges that takes over the grand stage and does something special for his team. This year it was Bumgarner.

Of course the Royals were close. Man they were close. Alex Gordon caught a break and hit a drive and all Salvador Perez needed to do was lay off those sweet juicy high fastballs and drive the ball anywhere and the Royals would have tied the game. But that's easier said than done against Bumgarner.

I could list all his stats here, but you can go look them up yourself or tune into any sports outlet today and hear all about how awesome he was this postseason and especially the World Series.

I'll just let his awesomeness speak for itself!

Congrats to the Giants for winning the World Series... again. Only 112 days till Spring Training!!! Go Braves!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No you didn't

As you know dear reader I work at a hotel. And at this hotel people from the public walk in all the time. And, as you know dealing with Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public is quite a pain in the ass sometimes. You do meet some really cool people but you also meet some really strange characters. These are the people that you wonder what it is that they do when they are home. How did they find their way out of bed that morning? Have they ever traveled outside of their own neighborhood? Do they know what Google is?

Now, a good part of my job is giving directions to people. Most people don't listen to me when I do.
What time is it?
Its 4 o'clock Sir.
Oh. So, what time is it?
4 p.m.
Will it rain today?
Probably not Ma'am. The weather says there is only a 5% chance of rain.
So, do you think it will rain?

Now this is much more common than I'd like to admit and shakes my faith in American society sometimes. Our foreign guests may not understand me, but at least I know they are listening. But not listening is not nearly as frustrating as those that just out and out lie to you to try and get a discount. These are the people that I just want to shake. Maybe this should be the focus of this blog for a while. Guests and the dumb shit they come up with.... What's Next?

So yesterday I had a "gentleman" check in to his room and then immediately return to the front desk to ask me where the safe was in his room.
"We don't have any in-room safes Sir."
"What? I was told there were in-room safes here."

Now, this guy made his reservation that morning, with me, over the phone. I did not tell him about in-room safes. I did talk to him about the parking, the discounted same-day rate, the free breakfast and wi-fi and all the other things we offer while waiting on him to pull the trigger on a one-night stay. But no mention of safes.

"No Sir, sorry no safes."
"Wow, well we're traveling down to Florida for the winter," (I tried to suppress and eye roll here and may or may not have done so) "and we have all my wife's jewelry with us."
"Ok Sir, well if you like you can either leave it in your room since nobody will be in or out of there except you or you can leave it locked in your car overnight in our lot that is completely secure."
"Oh no. No. We'll be fine thanks."

And off Mr. Safe goes. Now, he wasn't trying to get any kind of further discount from me so much as he was either registering a complaint about a lack of a particular kind of amenity or just needing to complain so that I would then offer him something complementary for his "trouble." Or, he could just be super paranoid about his stuff getting stolen at a hotel. Now, none of the employees here would have even been aware that his wife had jewelry in the room had he not come up to the desk and said something. Either way, this is just background for...

About an hour later I was across the street getting a bucket of ice for the lobby's beverage station. When I came in I saw Mr. Safe talking to my co-worker whose shift had just begun.

Mr. Safe: "I was told there would be safes in the room, and it was on your website!"
Co-worker: "Um, no sir that isn't something that we have on our site."
"Well I saw it on some site when I booked. I travel a lot and when I booked..."
This is when Mr. Safe realizes that I have walked into the lobby and heard him spout the same lie from an hour before and cuts off his sentence.
Co-worker: "Well sir, if you'd like to show me where you saw that I can address it with the appropriate party."
Mr. Safe: "Um, never mind. How do I get to King St?"

Really dude? You were going to try and come in here and shake down another employee for the same complaint? For what purpose? Do you not want to get out and enjoy the city on your one day in town? Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

This dear reader is just one of many interactions that I have throughout the day that make me shake my head. Also, while I was away from this blog a minute ago I just had to hang up on a lady on the phone for the first time this year. I'm pretty good about never doing that, but every now and then, you can only take so much abuse...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend oops!

Hey remember that blog that I'm writing everyday? Yeah neither did I! Ha! The weekend had me doing other things and not keeping my attention on this blog dear reader; sorry.

So the World Series is going to a game six tomorrow night...  Just kidding, I'm not writing another baseball blog... yet.

I'm four days away from a four day vacation! How ya like them apples? Now I am working five shifts leading up to those four days off but I'm not complaining about that since that schedule is of my doing. I decided to pick up a shift at my old job (another downtown property) just for that extra cash and because I liked working there and it's not a bad place to spend eight hours on a slow Wednesday morning. Now it does put me working 16 hours that day, but whatever.

It got me thinking about a lot of the places that I've worked over the years. I can say for just about each and every one of them that I would actually enjoy going back there and working an eight hour shift. Some of them I got a laugh out of. Now this is not a comprehensive list of all my jobs, but...

Bag boy and cashier at a grocery story. I think I'd love to do this for a day. Bagging groceries and talking to people about their day, the weather, the price of milk... whatever. For a day, I'd love it.

Go-cart track supervisor. Um, yes please. The only draw back wold be if it were a day shift. That was kind of boring. But the nights were fun and my memories are always sort of like that scene from Karate Kid where they go to the amusement park. Bad pop music blaring of the loud speakers, people smacking gum, lots of denim, flashing lights, smiles, and just Americana goodness.

Grounds keeper. Meh, this would be great if it were Fall or Spring, but that job suuuuuuucked in summer.

Librarian. Not unless I had some reading to catch up on.

Waiter. I laugh with CC because every place we go to eat I picture myself waiting tables there. It makes me wonder about the staff, the kitchen, the ups and downs of that location, the menu and everything. Kind of fun but most times I decide that I'd rather not.

I bet if you thought about it you'd probably enjoy most of your former jobs too... at least for a day anyway.

Friday, October 24, 2014

You probably don't...

Anyone else ever get bored at work? I know you all probably don't but every now and then I'll run across a shift where the is literally nothing going on. I feel guilty just reading a book or watching TV and there really is about a half an hour worth of crap that I can look at on the Internet before I'm bored.

So, what are acceptable things to do at work when you're bored? Write a blog? Read? Watch TV on-line? Now, before this goes too far I do want to stress that my work is done and the place is clean. So "if you got time to lean you got time to clean" doesn't apply here. The other issues is that I can't get into any really deep activity because at any moment a guest could walk in or the phone could ring. (Funny, it did just ring in the middle of me typing the word phone. A guest needed some wine glasses).

For tonight at least I have g-chat with CC who is at home and Game 3 of the World Series on the radio. I also have two British people hanging around in the lobby who, while nice prevent me from doing anything too loudly.

So I guess I should put this away and focus on what it is that's bothering me. Guilt. I feel guilty for getting paid to virtually do nothing. When I'm busy I "earn it" but when I'm not doing much it makes me feel guilty that I'm "being lazy" or "slacking off." It's strange. Sometimes I'm really happy with a slow night because it's a break from the hectic days that we've had so many of lately but for some reason tonight I felt guilty for not having more to do. I guess part of that is the fact that normally Friday nights are crazy and this one has turned out to be historically slow. But why the guilt? That's I guess what I'm struggling with this evening. Why should I feel guilty? I just happened to land on a shift where not that much is going on. Not my fault right?

It's a funny thing how close money and guilt follow one another. Did you spend a lot of money on that new shirt? Feel a bit guilty about it? Money has never been that big of a deal for me but that guilt that comes with it sure has. Not that I've ever had that much money to feel guilty about so...

Anyway! Game 3 is about to get started so I'm going to open the door, let the Fall air in, and crank up the radio. Play Ball Dear Reader!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get to bloggin'

I have no idea what to write about tonight. I've felt kind of sad all day for some random reason that I'm unaware of. Just haven't felt "into it" today.

CC and I are fostering two kittens from our local shelter until they are old enough and big enough to be 'fixed' and sent out for adoption. We've had them for a month and this morning I took them for their final checkup before they schedule their surgery. So today I found out that we'll have them until Monday morning when I'll have to go drop them off to never see them again. This is not why I'm sad dear reader but it sure didn't help snap me out of my funk. These two kitties are super cute too. We had them for more than two weeks before they even weighed a pound. So super cute, but I digress...

Maybe I can blame it on the first game of the World Series being such a bust. Great pitching from the Giants but not too exciting overall. I was so happy to be able to sit on my couch and watch it even if CC wasn't into it and I felt like I missed time hanging with her. But, she had shows to watch too. Game one was like getting hyped for a Super Bowl and then having a blowout. One team looks good, the other... not so much. But, the beauty of the Series is that we have a potential 6 more games. I'm currently listening to Game 2 on the radio at work while I have our front door open to let the Fall breeze in. I love baseball on the radio and cool weather. Makes me feel more American, more alive, more grounded. No it doesn't, but I really like it.

Damn Jake Peavy keeps stepping off and making me forget what the count is! Ooooh but the Royals just tied it. Sometimes listening on the radio can get a bit confusing. Lots of numbers to try and remember. Thank you Internet for having instantly updated box scores though.

Anyway, I'm not trying to write back to back baseball blogs but that seems to be what this is turning into since I can't think of anything other than baseball and giving away little fluffy kitties. I have nothing to offer you today dear reader. I'm just here typing out words until I decide to call this post over.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Fantastic!

So tonight the World Series kicks off and for once, since the Braves aren't in it, I have a favorite. Of course I'm speaking of America's new darlings the Kansas City Royals. I'm not a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants but I don't harbor hate in my heart for them either. Well, not a whole lot anyway.

The Royals have won this year with a brand of baseball that the modern fan "hates" to watch. Some would call it fundamental baseball or "small ball." Lots of bunts, running, solid pitching and a good bullpen. CC is not a big fan of baseball but if you ask her who to blame for a loss, she knows to tell you, "the bullpen." In football, defense wins championships. In baseball, pitching wins pennants. I don't mind the Royals' brand of baseball despite my love for all things statistics and I think with the right group of guys it could work on a lot of teams.

But, if pitching wins, these two teams are about as close to each other in pitching as you can get. SF had a 2014 team ERA of 3.50, a BAA (Batting average against) of 2.41 and gave up 564 earned runs.
Kansas City finished ever so slightly below that with a team ERA of 3.51, a BAA of 2.50 and 565 earned runs.

Now, KC lives and dies by their bullpen a bit more than SF who has a touch more dominance in their starting staff. This shows up with an 82% save percentage for KC where SF only converted 72% of their save chances. But as we know, pitching is helped out by defense and KC has one of the best defenses in the game despite committing the 9th most errors in baseball this year. (Remember, defensive stats are deeper than errors and putouts. The eye-test can help a lot with that too). The Royals also had one of the lowest defensive chance totals on the year too which again speaks to their pitching.

Blah Blah Blah. Chicks dig the long-ball and offense sells tickets; so what about the bats? Here is where heroes are made in October. And, when it comes to offense this is where you start to have more of a rooting interest in the players and their stories. Neither team is an offensive juggernaut so it's really more about the stories.

San Francisco has a couple of guys that no matter your affiliation, you have to pull for. Travis Ishikawa was almost out of baseball and a 30-something year old guy wasting away in the minor leagues before getting called up by the Giants this year and eventually hitting the home run that sent them to the World Series. Buster Posey is just awesome and Tim Hudson is one of my favorite players in MLB. (Former Brave). Michael Morse was all but a dead end prospect bust, he's still not great but he is doing well and Joe Panik is a rookie story that anyone can fall in love with. Really the only douche bag on this team is Angel Pagan and he's hurt and not even on the roster. So, yea for that!

Kansas City also has a ton of fun guys on the roster. Mike Moustakas is a legend in KC already after picking up a bar tab for half the city after the Royals won the ALCS. Well and he's a fun guy that "the every man" can relate to. The Royals also have two Latin players that are good TV and funny guys in Escobar and Salvador Perez. Perez especially is must see TV. He caught more innings this year than any other catcher in the majors and is a giant Shrek of a man who wears women's perfume because the umpires like the smell. The Royals are that blue collar mid-western team that has an funny way of coming up winners. Oh and they have a Korean Super Fan that has all of Asia on their side too. And, Aoki who, while a shitty fielder, is fun to watch.

A few years ago the Royals made a decision to take what everyone else was doing and do the opposite. Everyone was paying big money for big named home run hitting free agents (See Josh Hamilton, Pujols, A-Rod, Cabrera, and Fielder).  The Royals built for defense and bullpen dominance. You want big named starters? We want journeymen middle relievers. You want a high strikeout rate but big power? We want on-base percentage and line-drives. Back loaded contracts? We'll take short-term deals and arbitration. This didn't really workout until this year. Their last playoff appearance was 1985. Now they look like geniuses after building slowly, but their fans have had YEARS of suffering through mediocrity leading up to this. Will this be a one hit wonder? Will the Royals formula work in the long term? Guess we'll have to revisit that in 2018.

The Giants on the other hand have been a model of consistency for the past decade. They won the Series in 2010 and 2012 and have done so without ever being a dominant or even being favored. They were the wild-card team this year and are in most circles the underdog in this series. However, you should never count them out of a series. They've always had good pitching and usually have an anemic offense at best. This year the offense is a bit better and the pitching is still, as I pointed out, better than most. The Giants are a team that is built for the playoffs. Series wins instead of the marathon season.

So what does this all mean? It means we should have a good series between two evenly matched teams. This hopefully won't be a 4-0 series that is all lopsided. The whole of the 2014 playoffs has been great with a ton of close games so far. I haven't gotten to watch all of it to be sure, but just reading and highlights can tell you that this year has been special. Plus, no Yankees, no Red Sox, no problem. I hope the Royals win, I hope the Giants keep it close, I hope that all the games are fun.

Damn it dear reader the World Series is here! Fall! Classic! Let's do this!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Damn this blog stuff is tough. Everyday, damn you dear reader, you demand different topics from me! What am I an endless source of knowledge here to fill your ever emptying cup with knowledge? Well, yeah, I know that I am, but still... it's hard to come up with topics everyday.

Tonight I had a great dinner with CC. We went to a good spot downtown that is not a tourist destination and we had a good meal. Good wine, good food, great dessert and of course great company. It's nice. A Monday night, no responsibility other than to ourselves. We had a good time. We weren't worried about the bill or who was waiting on us at home. We just went and had dinner and didn't worry. Makes for a good time.

So tomorrow dear reader, as I'm sure you know, the World Series starts. I'll be back with my baseball preview then.

Good night!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't Bring Your Guns to Town

I need more Johnny Cash in my life. Where's the I-pod when you need it? Damn work on Sunday. Nothing but old people and missed mimosas.

Anyway, as you can see I missed another posting yesterday. Oops. I was busy hanging with my girlfriend and some friends of ours. Also, I didn't have any free time in the evening due to a wonderful meal and then some indigestion afterwards. Not meal related and I won't go into that here. (Today anyway).

What I will discuss today is gun ownership. I kinda want one. I have a friend that is really into them and has quite a collection and we went shooting yesterday. He is really knowledgeable and able to explain a lot about the different types of guns, bullets, and action. It's really fun and I love to shoot.

Now, the sticky part of this is gun ownership. I'm really on the fence about it because I've never really wanted to be "a gun owner." I'm not afraid of them. I'm not paranoid that I'm going to be a victim of a crime and I'm not afraid that someone in my home would injure themselves with a gun kept in the home. I'm not worried about the cost or the maintenance.

Sooooo.... what's the issue? Well one, I can barely decide what shirt I want to wear everyday so now I have about a billion options on what gun to buy. Oh man! The options! And, most of them are a lot of fun to shoot. And two, I need to discuss it with my partner in "crime" CC about bringing a gun into our home. I would never be the person who would bring a gun into our home if in any way it made her uncomfortable. I'd want her to be comfortable with it and shooting it was well. So then I have to find a gun that isn't too much gun for her either. Aaaaaggggghhh!!!

There is something very 'Murican about gun ownership which kinda creeps me out too. This is me and this is my gun? Plus there is the aspect that with ownership you may be calling gun situations into your life. Does that make sense? I need one of those pro/con lists of gun ownership for me I guess.

I do enjoy shooting, and I'd like to get more into it and get better at it, but... can't make up my mind. I guess that kind of answers my question there too. I should probably continue to wait before making a decision on it.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Not happening

My lord, I had this whole post planned out for you dear reader and now it's post 10pm on a Friday night and all I want to do is go home and curl up with CC and go to bed. Work just went on far too long for me to be able to type out all that I wanted for you tonight.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to it. Maybe I won't. But I promise. It'll be a good one.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Every Day has it's... Day?

Today is National Boss'(s) Day, World Food Day, National Dictionary Day, and National Feral Cat Day. So feed a homeless bossy cat today would you.

Every month has three or four causes. October is Breast Cancer and Bullying. And, this blog of course is a national treasure this moth too but I digress. There was National Talk like a Pirate Day not too long ago, National Coffee Day, Food Truck Day... What the fuck day is it?

Why can't I just have a Thursday? Breast Friends Thursday? (Yes that's a real thing). Throwback Thursday? No. Just Thursday. You don't need a picture of me from 15 years ago and a paragraph about my nostalgia for my old Nintendo and Lunchables. It's just freakin' Thursday.

At first I tried to embrace all these "days" and their causes but after a while I was just over it. Now it kind of makes me laugh a bit. (I know this next sentence will make me sound like an old man) If we'd have had National Bullying Awareness Month when I was in middle school, bullies would have demanded ribbons and lunch money from us. National Bullying Month is a chance to identify who the rats are in your class kids. Report a bully? I smell cheese. As my friend Ben was fond of saying, "snitches get stitches." Report a bully to your fist not the hall monitor. All that suppressed rage you have over dealing with your parents, the bully is your outlet. (I know kids don't read my blog, so we're good here dear reader).

What I'm asking is are all these recognition days really all that important or is the fact that now there are so many of them that no day is even heard about outside of a tweet. #TodayIsNational___

All these cancer awareness things do nothing. We're all so numb to them now. Pink. I see pink things. Ok. And why is it awareness? We're all aware. When do we get Cure-ness? I never hear about doctors in a lab mixing things over Bunsen burners. All I see are people shaving their heads for awareness. You're not curing cancer by shaving you're head. You're saving money on shampoo.

Where was I going with this? I don't mean to rant on people doing what they think is a good thing and something that makes them feel better about themselves. Well, as long as they know that's what it's really all about. #CancerRant

I want some coffee. That's me being honest with myself. So, I'm going to go get some right now. See ya tomorrow dear reader. (Unless I forget).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On a Scale of 1-10?

I was talking to an adviser today who helped me realize that on an anger scale of 1-10, I have no plans for 3-8. I'm either calm on the surface and stewing on the inside or I'm a fucking atom bomb ready to blow.

I can do 1 or 2. I can do 9 or 10. I can't seem to find levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. I can either do nothing and accept the problem or issue as reality or I can let so much stuff get to me and let that build up until I completely overreact and blow up. If you step on my foot I may bring up that dirty dish you "made me wash" five years ago. I didn't have to wash it. I just did and then stayed angry at you for it. Crazy sounding right? It's the rantings of a crazy person on the blog tonight dear reader.

Really when you realize that you've been doing something dumb for a long time you feel like a crazy person. Now, the question is, will you keep doing it?

My task (should I choose not to ignore it) is to find ways to respond to situations that are somewhere between 3 and 8 on the angry scale. I don't have to even be right. I just have to find different ways of reacting to things that annoy me so that I have options. It's not black and white. It's not right or wrong. Sure I'd love to be a Zen Master about every situation but that isn't going to happen right now. Right now I just have to not allow myself to be walked on and then bottling up my frustration or blowing up on someone for a minor annoyance. If I have to get angry, I need to find an appropriate level of anger.

Also, just remember: You give Love, You get Love. (Random capitalization is Mine and Random).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Missed another one yesterday. Didn't realize it till I was driving into work today after one shitty morning.

Ya ever get woken up to do an adult thing and then do that adult thing before wanting to complain about it? I did this morning. Clogged toilet 20-30 minutes before I have to normally get up had me up and moving and concerned about overflow issues before I was even aware that I was doing adult things. Adult things: Those responsible calm acts that you have to do and can't complain about because there is no other person to do it for you. No calling parents, no pushing it under the bed. I did call maintenance because I aint no plumber but I did the best I could before they got there.

Well, this is my apartment complex, so despite several calls, nobody ever showed up. I went to the office at 9am to find that it was a complex wide water problem that had everyone backed up. Ended up having to go into work early to take care of some other business and I'm hopping that by the time I get off that everything will be fixed at home. I did call and they did say that the water for the entire complex was fixed. But again, this is my apartment complex and they aint the greatest.

Adult things make me laugh. They make me cry sometimes too. When ever I think, 'man this is really hard and I don't like doing it' I just ask: Who else is going to do it? Nobody else was going to change out my hubcaps last week. Nobody else is going to do my laundry on my day off even though I want to lay on the couch. Now, CC will bring me ice-cream, so that's nice.

Sometimes I like doing adult things. Paying bills doesn't bother me. Grocery shopping doesn't bother me. Plunging toilets doesn't bother me either. I'm starting to get better at other adult things too like talking about my feelings, being honest with myself about my life and my desires in it, dealing with my anger when it comes up, finding my fears and trying to deal with my sources of anxiety...

There are other adult things I'm still not good at or even feel like I'm making all that much progress in: confrontation and confronting others, being assertive in my relationships, being forgiving to others, and showing love to others no matter what. These are also things I need to be working on. However, I'll get around to these when they come to me. Day by day ya know?

I've found that I can't just work on one thing. They're all connected and they all come and go. I need to show love always. I need to be honest to myself always. I need to work on forgiveness when there is a slight or a perceived injury. I can't decide to do one one day and just get it out of the way. I wish I could.

You're life is like a toilet dear reader. Don't wait until it gets all backed up to deal with an issue. Flush daily and don't put too much on yourself at once.

I should write a book of this gold.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend in a flash

Ever look up on a Friday and thank the good lord for the weekend ahead only to look down on Sunday night and wonder where your time went? Sometimes that happens and you feel like you either slept too much or not enough,  you either weren't productive enough or you didn't relax enough and you just may feel a little guilty about one of those things. 

Sometimes you have an opportunity to get something done that you'e been waiting for for a while but when the time comes you either can't or don't want to do it. 

I was presented with an opportunity this weekend to have a conversation with a family member and I didn't take it. I was either distracted by other information presented to me, unable to find a chance to approach the subject, unwilling to make an opportunity, or maybe it was something else all together. Maybe because I was so open to the idea that everything would be taken out of my hands and taken care of that the best thing was for nothing to happen at all. Could that be it? 

Could what I'm viewing as a missed opportunity really be what was supposed to happen? Could me missing this chance to change things be the lesson here? Hey look! These are the types of things you're missing by not asserting yourself and making things happen. Or maybe this was, like I said, what was supposed to happen and I did the right thing by not doing anything at all. 

I understand that you have no context for this dear reader, but I needed to make a note here for myself to come back and look at later. So much changed, but nothing changed at all. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beach Day Blu

Ha! Went to the beach, had a few beers, spent time with some family and ate at a restaurant named Blu. That was my day today dear reader. I did manage to watch about 20 minutes of college football in there too.

There is something to be said for the beach in the off season. Sure you can't get out and sunbathe all day long and sure the crowd can be a little cheaper and not as "normal" as a beach crowd is normally, but it's quiet. It's still warm and it's still beautiful.

I love my girlfriend and I love that we find ways to have times out on the beach and near the ocean together. We both enjoy it and I think we both enjoy being out there together.

That is all...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Young and Carefree

I work at a hotel/inn as most of you know. Today is Friday and we are always busy on Fridays. Today was no exception. However, I came in today and found a new face near the door wearing a valet uniform. So I went inside to ask what it was I was looking at here.

"Hey, where's XXX?"

"XXX is no longer with us. He quit."

Well shit. So now we have a super busy Friday and a new guy who knows nothing about the property and has never been a valet before. (Shockingly, it does involve more than parking cars).

"Wait," I continued. "How did we get this guy here then?"

Apparently, during our last round of hiring, we kept his resume on file. (Shockingly, people do do that).

Now a ton of other things are going on on this particular Friday, but I won't bore you with all that. What I will say is that after some more questions and some texting I determined that our 25 year old Mr. XXX had a weekend full of concert tickets in a city 5 hours away that he wanted to go to. He didn't get those days off, so he just quit his job and went to the concerts.

Now, I in no way appreciated this as a co-worker who now has to participate in the training of a new employee on a busy Friday with two off days a mere eight hours away. However, part of me wanted to say to Mr. XXX, "Good for you man! Rock on! Enjoy it!" Because, damn the man. I want to go to a rock concert. Fuck this job.

Now if you're the type who wants to just go on living as you are right now, then what would make you think this was a bad idea? Rock-n-Roll never dies right? This Mr. XXX can come back to town and get a job waiting tables or parking cars just about anywhere else. This isn't going to stop him from being able to do that. He may eventually burn through every place in town, but that'll take years! So, make some money, have some fun and then move on.

What keeps the rest of us from being able to do that? A sense of responsibility? Obligation? Right from Wrong? Who knows. Part of me hates that we got left high and dry by this kid. Part of me just says, "good for you." Get another tattoo, turn the volume up, point your middle finger to the world and rock on.

Sorry, I would type some more on this, but I have to do some more catch up work while wearing my white shirt and necktie.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Like a rollin' stone

So, just as a piece of insight, I have kidney stones. Sounds like an old man disease, but it mostly affects men between the ages of 30 and 40. So there.

They started on me about a month or so ago and got to the point where I actually had to go have myself looked at by an actual "doctor." Now I don't have the 'giving birth to a small child' stones, I have the series of "small" stones that feel like a BB that slides around your back, down through your abdomen and then... well... out. Its painful. Not drop to your knees painful, but pretty rough sometimes.

The reason that I've gotten on this topic today is that after a break from these little bastards for a while, I had one roll through on me last night. Ugh. Sitting at work with nowhere to go and no place to lay down. (Ironic for a hotel I know). So anyway, this hell span is rolling through my body and I'm sitting here trying to make it through my shift and then I started going through ways to find home remedies.

So I've used apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and tons of water. That has been tired. I then found that I need to order some Dandelion Root and Uva Ursi. I've stayed hydrated. Trust me. I'm hydrated. But man, these little things just seem to keep coming back. I was ok this morning but right after I headed into work I felt another one leave my left kidney and start its journey through my urinary track.

Too much information dear reader? Sorry. They say that these stones run in the family and mine sure does have a history of them. However I'm less and less inclined to believe such hereditary excuses these days. Others say stones are caused by unresolved anger. My family also has a history of that.

I'd like to believe that I can find a way to release that anger a lot more productively and creatively rather than leaving it all balled up and then allowing to manifest as hell spawn prongs that I then have to let rip through me. I'm better than that. I can treat my body well through diet and exercise and I can treat my whole system well by clearing my mind out and letting a lot of anger go.

But why oh why am I so angry? I don't feel like an angry guy. I don't come across that way nearly as much as I used to when I was younger, so... what's the deal? No seriously, what is it? I'm at a loss. Trying to dig up 5,000 things from the past that I could be still angry about seems pointless. If that exercise seems pointless then how could any anger it digs up have any meaning to me? Is that the trick? It seems pointless so therefore it isn't? I'd rather live in the moment and deal with what's going on with me now. But, now for some reason feels great! I'm being much more honest with myself and I'm much more open about what's going on in my life. Where is the anger? I'd being lying if I said I didn't feel it "down there" but its not "present" on the surface everyday, so I seem to have the ability to either ignore it or have the disability of not being able to see it.

Kidney Stones. They suck! Anger. It sucks! I've gotta go dear reader. Still work to be done here this afternoon and I've got some more water to drink. Only a few more ounces and I can probably get rid of this last one passing through.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not so fast!

Well well well... look who is remembering to post his blog tonight. I feel like this is something of an exercise like beginning a new daily vitamin or starting a new exercise routine. Once I get into it and stop being lazy I'll feel better and have a renewed sense of energy.

Right now though it's more of a pain to let my fingers just click along again as I get my thoughts to appear in random letters on the page/screen. I wonder what this exercise will really bring. Will I have a renewed love of blogging? Will I find an inspirational topic to get on a soap box about? Will I just use it as a way to turn off all the other stuff rolling around in my head and spend 10 minutes just typing. God I bet that would make for some terrible reading. Me randomly typing for 10 minutes. Then again, it could start a new religion. Ya never know dear reader.

I was thinking about writing about baseball tonight but I've decided to hold off on that until the W.S. starts in about two weeks. I love the match-ups for the LCS(s) by the way, but I want to wait for the Fall Classic before I make my comments on the year. That and I don't feel like going into the failings of the Braves right now.

So tonight I think I'll write about cheese. Literally I had no idea what I was going to write about until I just forced myself to type that sentence and see what word it would end on. I don't even know all that much about cheese. But...

I do like cheese. I got stuck for a while on making ad campaign style rhymes using cheese names. It was fun, but I won't force you to read all of them here since I had a ton of them and ya never know, I may need to sell one to Kraft one day just to pay rent. I eat cheese sticks still. I like the Colby ones. Or Sharp Cheddar. I like sharp cheeses and ones with pepper in them. Of course who doesn't love a good grilled cheese with soup or just by itself. Shredded cheese always seems like the best bet because you can either put it on something like a salad or chili or use it in your sandwich. You just have to be careful in preparation then.

Goat cheese is where its at for me these days though. Warm goat cheese. You put some warm goat cheese with just about anything and its going to be awesome. Mmmm... I've had some different dishes over the past year that have used goat cheese to perfection. Also, CC and I tend to order a lot of cheese plates when we go out as apps. I like all kinds of  those random little cheeses. Sheep's cheese though sometimes still gives me flashbacks to Muganlo; and that smell. So, for the most part I shy away from the sheep cheeses. I'll always give them a nibble, but never really enjoy them all that much.

I've always thought the process of cheese making was really interesting. Milk to cheese. Then moldy cheese. Science! Am I right? I should have paid better attention in chemistry class. I could be making my own soap, cheese, drugs; you name it. We do have homemade deodorant at the house. Love that stuff. Sorry, I'm leaving the cheese topic. I got distracted by science. Damn you science!

So really there isn't a whole lot that you can't make better with some cheese. And, with all the different types there's some cheese out there for every dish and everybody. I really would like to eat more cheese, but then I'd just be eating straight crackers or bread a lot. I need to find more ways to get more cheese around me. And not that crappy powdered stuff or squeeze cheese either. More of the smoked, sharp, good kind of stuff.

Yeah I think I said earlier that I don't know a lot about cheese. So I think me spending a few paragraphs saying, "I like it." will have to do for now. I bet when I read all this its going to sound like a fifth grader's homework essay.

Anyway, that's the blog for today dear reader. It's obviously going to be a long month with a lot of work in progress...

Um, about that posting I promised

Wow! This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. It's amazing how you can be thinking about doing something all day and then when some free time comes around it completely slips your mind. I was busy from 8am until about 9pm last night and then with my two hours of free time I just wanted to relax and not think about anything. Certainly didn't think about writing a blog.

Tonight though. Tonight I will I'll come up with a topic and make sure I get a post up here for you dear reader. Hint: It'll probably be about baseball.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Damn it! I didn't even make it a week!

Hahaha. Guess who forgot to write his blog yesterday? This guy! I'm not counting this post. Yesterday was a clear missed day. I thought about it at work a few times, but once I got home and started hanging out with CC and watching some TV, I just plain forgot about it.

I'll write another one today for today since like I said this post doesn't count. Just me making excuses for why there wasn't a post yesterday.


Sunday, October 5, 2014


I don't know about you dear reader, but on Sunday there is nothing I love more than sleeping in, laying around while sipping on some coffee, then heading out to find some brunch. After a mimosa or two I like to then either go for a walk outside, do some shopping, or if nothing else, take a nap.

Today I got to do all of those things except the nap. So, 'gotta say it was a good day.'

Currently I'm passively watching some football while I wait on a computer app to run for about an hour before it needs action from me. CC is making us a spaghetti bolonaise for dinner which will be awesome since her homemade dinners are always a treat.

I only want to report one thing today. I'm not voting this year in the mid-term elections. Just don't care enough to do it. SC is electing not one but both of our US Senators this year and I'm not even interested enough to go and vote against the two Republicans that will eventually win. Lindsay Graham makes me want to puke every time I either see his face or hear his voice. Just FYI. Graham, if you have heard of him does not represent the good people of South Carolina. He represents himself and his own interests and desire for fame.

And, that is all I will say about the damn dirty business of politics.

I'd rather go back to enjoying my Sunday. CC is crocheting and watching some TV while I'm playing some random games and keeping up with sports scores. It's great to sit around and do whatever you want.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Coffee Talk

Anyone remember that SNL skit Coffee Talk? Horrible accents from NY actors, but it had its moments.

Guess what I'm doing as I write this blog? If you guessed taming a wild lion, then you'd be wrong. If you guessed drinking coffee, then congrats. I've changed the way I drink my coffee over the years. I used to like flavored creams and lots of sugar, then it kind of went to little sugar and regular cream, now I'm down to mostly no cream and maple syrup. That's right, I said it, maple syrup. One spoon full of that delicious natural nectar in the morning and plain black coffee and I'm set. Call me Canadian, call me what you will, but you've got to call me? Anybody? Anybody? Never mind.

So the weekend is here. Fall and football go hand in hand but as I may have said in the first post and as you can gather by the lack of college football blogging going on here, I'm just not as into it this year. I still pull for the Dawgs from Georgia but I'm not going to plan my afternoon around the start time of the game. Give me some highlights, let me see the box scores and if I happen to catch a game good. If not, meh. Now I'll probably over the course of the season set aside some time to see a game or two, I'm not going to spend 12 hours of my Saturday watching football anymore. (This year anyway).

Also, I've kind of soured on the NFL. Not for all the pink wearing, the domestic violence, the drunk driving, and the whining about money, but more for quality of play. Am I alone in this? Seems like the NFL is just too predictable these days inside of games.

And, for one of the same reasons I dislike the NBA, there is just too much "star worship" in the NFL. Stars sell the game, I get that. But I don't think we should be holding these athletes to a higher standard. (Did you know?) The rate of domestic violence cases in the NFL is three times lower than the national average. I heard that on ESPN radio the other day. Yet somehow we get all outraged when a football "star" does it but not the guy down the street. Also, we seem to not only hold them to a higher standard but use them as some kind of moral compass as well.

Let us not forget that athletes like Ray Lewis, Chris Carter, Dieon Sanders, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irving... these guys that are now up there on a national stage each and every week ALL have been arrested for breaking the law on either domestic violence, drugs, drunk driving or murder! Yet somehow they are given a national platform in which to pass moral judgment on the behavior of others. These are not the people we want telling us right from wrong. Simple as that.

Deep breath...

The NFL is too slow to react and sometimes knee-jerks their reactions as well. It's pretty lame. But my main argument is over what goes on on the field. It's ok. But make it what it is. Football is a contact sport. Concussions are going to happen. These athletes are signing up for a short career full of potential fame and fortune. With high reward comes high risk. Don't tell me you don't know that! Don't turn around and try to sue a league that allowed you to go out and make millions on your athletic skill. Nobody is paying you to run a 4.3 40-yard dash on the street. Fans don't spend millions each year to watch flag football. The UFC and NFL are the only sports left that allow us to fill arenas and scream for our gladiators. Fans don't want touch football. They wants heads rolling across the 50-yard line. The quality of play is so reduced by all these no-contact rules that I'd rather have a roster of 100 expendable guys that I can injure and replace than 40 guys out there afraid to get hurt. Give me a guy like Suh from Detroit that's willing to stomp on you and spit in your face because you dare to oppose him and his team. Don't give me a guy who is there to keep his face pretty for the camera and his next infomercial shoot. Give me a Molina from St. Louis (MLB here of course) who will get in anyone's face to protect his pitchers.

Deeper Breath...

Ok, I'm going to cut myself off here. The caffeine is obviously kicking in and I'm awake now. The point I'm making is that the NFL isn't what it once was and eventually this house built out of million dollar bills is going to come crashing down once fans realize they aren't watching the game they fell in love with.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Beard up Brothers!

That's right! Other than playoff baseball and Blogtober, October also begins my annual beard growing. Off goes the goatee and on comes the full beard. Now I just have to shave the neck for the next six months until Spring Training and less facial hair.

I don't really remember when this became an annual thing for me, but I kinda like it. CC is not as big of a fan, but I keep the beard short so there isn't too much hair just hanging out there. I'll take a before and after "selfie" for you dear reader since I now am in the land of "smart phone" ownership.

Well I don't know when/if you'll read this but it's Friday night here in Charleston and I'm once again here at work. I work most Friday nights. Not a big deal. It's like every other night and while I'd much rather be home with CC it's not like I'd be out tearing it up and tossing back jello shots. I've somehow finally found myself in a mostly M-F schedule these days and I've gotta say it has its ups and downs. Awesome that I'm home with CC on the weekends. Sucks that I still have a mixture of day and night shifts. It's like I'm caught in the middle of that 'home every night' and 'not home at night' type routine. Now, I'm not complaining to complain here or really complaining at all. Just letting you know why I'm at work pounding out a few paragraphs for you dear reader. That, and so you'll be up to date on just one more piece of what's going on with me right now. I have no idea where I was going with that paragraph. Moving on...

I also just recently got on Twitter. If you want you can follow me @HolyCityAndre. But I've found that it's a place/thing that you can pay attention to or not, make a good news source or a place for entertainment. I'm also well aware that unless you're famous, Twitter is like talking to yourself in a crowded room. You may say something but more than likely nobody is listening. As long as you're clear on that, Twitter is just fine.

I follow the Dalai Lama just because he says things that make you realize you're either not in the moment or not even paying attention. I had a laugh today after I re-tweeted something he said. Then I noticed later that over 5,000 people had re-tweeted that same tweet. (Sorry for the over use of tweet and all it's derivatives here). I laughed because I thought, 'I wonder if his holiness ever goes back and says, I wonder how many people re-tweeted me today?' I highly doubt it, but the thought of him saying something like, "Man that was profound. How come only two-thousand people re-tweeted me?" makes me laugh. This Lama talks a bit like Yoda too which makes it all the more funny in my head.

Well this has not been my best work I'm sure. I'll find out in a second when I post it then read it. But hey, I'm at work. What can I complain about? I have tea, baseball on the radio and I'm streaming thought onto a keyboard.

Seeya tomorrow!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just to prove a point

Ha! Here it is: Day Two of Blogtober!

I was just asked, "what happens if you miss a day?"

Well I guess nothing. I think the point would really be to not feel guilty or like a failure if I did miss a day out of the 31 this month. And that's what something like this is for. Missing a day would be like eating an ice cream cone while you're on a diet. Hey, ya just wanted some ice cream. Sure you may feel a tinge of guilt creep in there; but so what? If you wanted it then go for it.

I heard a phrase today that made me smile. "Life's a joke." Not a joke like pointless and stupid. More of a joke like fun and light. Life is a joke. Have fun with it.

If I'm too busy playing games or eating an ice cream to post this blog one day then in the grand scheme of my life is that going to matter? No. Now if I was doing this as an exercise in commitment, then maybe I would have a different feeling on the issue. But I don't have that. I do have issues with having to "be perfect" and "feeling guilty" when I don't get it right all the time. Those I think are more to the core of the answer to what happens if I miss a day.

So, maybe one day this month we'll come back to that question dear reader.

Until then...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Blogtober!

Well well well. Here we are almost a full year since I've last posted on here. So much has happened and yet I don't feel the need to let you in on any of that just now dear reader. What I will tell you is that this month October, 2014; I plan on blogging EVERYDAY for the whole month.

That's right 31 (well 30 after this one) glorious ramblings from me here at What's Next?.

What is Blogtober? Just something C.C. came up with and I've decided to latch on to. It's going to be a good way for me to do a bit of writing and for me to force myself to get back into blogging. Hopefully most of it will be unfiltered and unedited so you'll get true rambling and none of the messy grammar. Either way, this should be fun.

Sorry I just took a short break there to eat a bit of my apple turnover. See! It's going to be easy to lose focus. But, hopefully I won't stray for too long.

I do hope to get some pictures on here and some video. I do have a few ideas of things that I'd like to post. Baseball rants, spiritual development posts, questions, solutions to the world's problems, random thoughts, but... no college football this year. I really wasn't into the start of the season this year and just don't have that college football "fever" this year.

I do know that by now my readership has probably fallen off to about zero, but that's not what this Blogtober is about. I'll keep writing as is you're out there dear reader, but if you're not... so be it.

That's it for Day 1. See you tomorrow!