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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MuganloTV apartment tour video

Here is the link to the video I tried to get uploaded the other day. I had to go to YouTube to get it done. Thanks to Christina for giving me that idea.

Monday, September 26, 2011

MTV has moved, I'm in The Big City now.

Yes, I know I’ve only managed to write about college football since I’ve been back over here in Georgia. Well that and some other stuff but none of which goes on this blog. Sorry, some things go in private emails and some stuff goes on the blog.

First impressions were weird. It was very very surreal being back here and at first I didn’t know what to make of it at all. There were the minor culture shocks to be sure such as: no TV (read: SportsCenter), having to speak in a foreign language all the time and start thinking in a foreign language again, cooking and cleaning again (where did the army of Azeri women go?), taking public transportation and starting work again after three months off. All of these things started happening all at once and it was a lot to deal with in these first two weeks.

I did go back to Muganlo one night to visit the family and pick up all my things. I think the one dog was the happiest to see me. It was kind of funny too because normally those dogs are up and barking at anyone even walking by our house out there. I came up to the gate, opened it and just walked right in after not being there for six weeks. The dogs didn’t even so much as get up. Once the brown one did decide to get up, he wouldn't leave me alone the whole time and was under my feet begging for belly scratching. Freakin' dog. The family was happy to see me too and we had a good evening talking and of course drinking. I brought them some liquor from the States so we didn’t have to drink the local vodka… until the next morning. (Yes, we did have sheep for dinner but they 'grilled' it since my coming back was a 'special' occasion.) By the time I got back to my apartment the next day I was exhausted and stating to feel hung-over. I kept asking myself, how did I ever survive two years out there? It was SO weird being in Muganlo again. Outhouses, kids, sheep, livestock... wow.

I started playing softball and kickball again at the local field with the girls and other expats. I hit a monster homerun yesterday in softball that felt great! (For those of you that have played at that field, I hit it over the left field wall, not the fence, the wall; and had it bounce up and hit that house out there.) It was a legit homer and a moon-shot. It’s fun to get out there on Sundays and play and it’s also a great way to escape even the idea that you’re in Georgia. Well, except the birzah out in right field.

Everything seems to have settled down for me though and I’m starting to establish a few routines and norms. I should be getting really good Internet next month so I’ll be able to Skype and chat with you all. So, give me some time and I’ll get that done.

Let me show you a video and some pictures of my apartment first and then I’ll get on with my school. So, here are some pictures that I took and a ‘Cribs’ style video tour of the new apartment.

Um... Ok, video upload FAIL! Bummer. So, I'll try to load it up in the next post or just take a lot of pictures and get them up on here. Sorry, the file is really big and it was loading for well over an hour.

Let me say that I really like my apartment and my school continues to blow my mind. The opening ceremony on the 15th alone was enough to let me know that this isn’t your typical Georgian school. To start it was catered by the Marriott Hotel’s food service staff and it started on time. That’s right, I said it, a scheduled event in Georgia started on time. It was nice too. The students and parents toured the new building, there was one (believe it or not) quick speech and then everyone had snacks and drinks. It was amazing.

I got to meet several parents who were interested in talking to me. One was a Georgian diplomat to Denmark who has two children attending the school. She wanted to let me know that her youngest son spoke English better than Georgian because he had lived in Denmark for most of his life. This little guy is in my 2nd grade class and keeps telling me he knows English. I keep telling him I know but that he has to now learn to read and write; neither of which he has a grasp on now. Anyway, I met several parents and then had some cake and went home. We didn’t actually start class till Monday like every other Georgian school the only difference was that my school told the kids not to even bother showing up on Friday and to just come back Monday. Nice.

There is one similarity to the other Georgian schools though; we just got books today. This is not because the students hadn't gone and gotten them, it’s because they hadn't arrived from England yet. Chalk up yet another victory for the Georgian postal system. But, this gives me some time to do some pre-testing and assess my students levels before I have to start launching into curriculum.

One thing you should know is that my school went through a huge expansion this year. We have over three times the number of student they had last year. This is not to say that they are a big school by any means (with class sizes limited to 12) but there are a lot of new students. This means there are several groups that have quite a wide range of English competency. Not a huge deal at this point, but interesting. Also, this school is only about 90% Georgian students. We have kids from China, Iran, Russia, Turkey and a lot of kids who, while Georgian, have lived abroad for a few years. Very interesting and very nice. Everyone at my school speaks Russian and 95% of the staff speaks fluent English. So, I have NO issues with communications. My director and the Dean of Students are awesome and have been very supportive so far.

So here is a breakdown of what I’m teaching this year:

2nd grade; 5 times a week. Meaning, I’m with these guys every day. Normally I would hate being with little ones that much, but damn if this group of kids aren’t the cutest little buggers on the planet. You all know me and know I don’t normally say that about any group of kids, but wow. And they are so much fun. They constantly want to show me what they’ve done and as soon as they finish writing anything down they hold up their notebooks for me to see and squeak out, “Mr. Andrew, I finished!” By Wednesday one little guy had to start each lesson with giving me a hug. (See 7th grade below for why this saved me one day). By Friday we were starting each lesson with ‘class hug.’ They love me! And, I know it’s only week one, but damn it, I love them too.

4th grade; 6 times a week. This is a fairly large group so they are split up into two. I have them all together for back to back lessons on Monday (2 lessons) which is a little bit of a challenge but then split up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So far so good with this grade. They are very bright and we are already flying through verb conjugations. There are a few rowdy ones in this grade, but I’ve got them under control and they actually did a little self policing this week as well which is nice.

5th grade; 4 times a week. This group is a little rowdy but I think we’ll be just fine once we get on to normal assignments and stop playing around so much. Very bright group overall but there are a few fairly new students to the language so I have a bit of a competency split to deal with. There are also two little girls in this group that think they run the school. I’m quickly helping them dispel that rumor. We had a little ‘issue’ with them on Friday when one of the girls wanted to pull that “he’s looking at me,” bit when a boy in the class was messing around in the back. I had to stop class to let them know there were two things I would not tolerate: playing around and interrupting my lessons. These middle grades to me are the toughest because I have both language and behavioral issues to deal with.

6th grade; 2 times a week. I have these kids in a two class block as well so really I only have them once a week but for two classes. There is one kid in this group that lived in America for several years and speaks perfect English. The only problem is that he feels the need to correct his classmates’ mistakes. I cut that off pretty quick. I told him that was my job and just how rude it is to yell out the correct pronunciation of a word while someone is speaking. I think he got it since he has a pretty good grasp of American culture and how serious I was when I said it. Overall though this seems like a pretty tame group.

7th grade; 2 times a week. What a hell of a class this was. Again, I have these kids in a two class block as well. I gave them an assignment to write 50-75 words about their summer break (I know lame) just to get a sense of their writing and reading ability to start. There was this one girl up front who I thought was writing due to her arm wrapped around her paper and pen on the paper, but I wasn’t paying that close of attention. After everyone had finished and when I got around to calling on her she just looked at me and started tearing up. The girl behind her quickly told me that she had never studied English before and didn’t understand. I just looked at this poor little girl and said (first in English then in Georgian), “Don’t worry about it. We’ll work on it. Don’t worry.” I said this in a very calm and slow voice so that hopefully she would understand me. However, apparently she was heartbroken. Her head went down into her arms on the desk and tears were a commin’. Now I’ve been teaching for a while now; I’ve seen children cry, laugh, yell, lose it completely, and outright hate doing assignments and try a mutiny. So normally things like this don’t get to me. But this little girl was just so tense and just so nervous that she had me all kinds of confused as to what to do. Luckily I was saved by the bell not too much longer after this and immediately sought out the Dean of Students.

She informed me that the girl was there on scholarship because she is an orphan who has had a history of epilepsy and in fact, “knows no English.” My first thought was, ‘why the hell didn’t you tell me this before?’ I just asked the Dean to go in there, tell the girl that everything would be just fine and to RELAX! Just RELAX! I asked her to make sure that the girl knew that I was in no way upset that she didn’t do the assignment and that everything would be just fine. So, I stood in the hall while she talked to the girl and during the second class she seemed much more relaxed. Thank God! I just smiled at her every time I looked in her direction and hopefully by next week I will have figured out what to do with her.

8th grade; two times a week. About half of this class is in the ‘too cool for school’ stage. I’ve already spoken to our Dean of Students about this group and she says that they had similar problems last year at the beginning of the year that she got straightened out and that she would speak to them again. I don’t think I’ll have too many issues here but we’ll see.

9th grade; two times a week. Very bright group and very responsive. A couple of goofball boys but hey, it’s 9th grade. There are a few students in this class that are near fluency already and I was nothing but impressed with them after the first week.

10th grade; two times a week. Again this class has a large split in competency. I have two students who are fluent and only have slightly perceptible accents and the rest of them are doing pretty well, just not on par with the two superstars of the class. One poor girl is new to our school and has only been studying English for three years. She has done very well in those three years, but had a lot of catching up to do.

11th grade; once a week. Ha! No issues here. I only have them for one 45 minute class a week. So this week I just told them how class was going to work. Every week they will turn in an assignment, I’ll present new material, we’ll discuss, I’ll give them new assignment and in general we’ll have a relaxed time together. They just need a lot of exam prep, so our class will consist of them reading articles or stories, discussing and then writing about it. Most of my feedback will come in written form on their assignments. Ah the joys of teaching upper level students. Let’s not make this stuffy and boring, let’s just relax and fine tune your language.

So that's it. That's my class schedule and my first impressions of it and the students I teach. And, that's pretty much all I've been up to. I'll try to keep y'all up to date on all the goings on here in Tbilisi as much as I can.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 4 in the land of College Football

For those of you wondering where my update is on me, well it’s coming. Check back on Monday and I should have it posted. I’m going to the cafĂ© on Monday after school and they have really good Internet so I can load videos and whatnot from there.

But this post, as if you didn’t know, is all about the great game of college football. I’m sad to say that this week featured a lot of mismatches and predictable outcomes; a few bright spots aside. Of course I say that (full disclosure here) having missed 3 picks this week. I play the ESPN College Pick Em’ game and after missing those 3 this week my percentage dropped to 90%. Last year I finished at 95%. I’ll try to do better.

It’s a good day to be from South Carolina I guess. Well, everyday is a good day in SC, but I’m talking college football here. Normally South Carolina is the place where football hopes go to die, but this year seems to be different. USC is ranked #12 and won; Clemson is #21 and just won a huge game (see below). And yes, in case you aren’t familiar with this blog I refer to the University of South Carolina as USC not USC as in the University of Southern California. I can’t wait till I flip on Monday Night Football one day and see a South Carolina player refer to his university as THE USC. Hahaha. Anyway, looks like this year may pay off for SC, we’ll see.

Let’s not get a delay of game and get right to it…

#7 Oklahoma State over #8 Texas A&M 30-29
Yes Sir! Now this was one of the games I miss-picked because I just went with the home team. I figured with all that 12th man swaying back and forth A&M would ‘protect this house’ and all. Guess not. But what a great game! A&M was up 20-3 at half but this one was really back and forth. Total yardage almost even, time of possession almost even, it was A&M turning the ball over 4 times to OSU’s 1 that made the difference. Talk about having a day though; the Cowboy’s QB Brandon Weeden went 47/60 for 438yds!!! and 2TDs with 0 picks. With all that throwing though OSU only managed 46 yards on the ground at an anemic 1.3 yard average. Am I alone in wanting to see Oklahoma State play Navy? One team refusing to pass the other refusing to run. It would be like watching two separate football games at once.

#2 LSU over #16 West Virginia 47-21
Accuse me of being lazy if you want, but this was one of the few matchups this week featuring two teams in the top 25. Not a close game and not a pretty one either. But, LSU had to go on the road and prove themselves against a much hyped West Virginia team. There was one interesting thing here that has me a little concerned about LSU going forward. They got killed in the stat lines! WV had 533 total yards on offense compared to LSU’s 366. LSU is going to have to tighten up that defense a little this week in practice for sure. How then did LSU win by 26 points? Turnovers and special teams. We all hate to hear the commentator tell us every week, “It’s going to come down to turnovers and special teams Vern.” But, in this one that held true. LSU had a 99yd kick return and WV had 4 turnovers compared to LSU’s 0. Stats be damned!

Kansas State over Miami 28-24
Did I just put a game featuring two non top 25 teams in my games of the week? Yes I did. Miami only has one win this year and that was against the gay acorns of Ohio State last week. Remember? They got all those suspended criminals back and pulled it off. Well as far as I know nobody else got arrested this last week and they were playing at home against K-State. Now, I’m not knocking K-State here (well, not much) because they are now 3-0 and went to Miami to get this third win. K-State put up 265 yards on the ground and had a back go for 166 of those on only 18 carries. This was a very even game and watch out other Big-12 schools, the Wildcats may just be playing spoiler this year.

#21 Clemson over #11 Florida State 35-30
Call this one the Hangover Bowl. FSU was coming off that home loss to Oklahoma and Clemson had just beaten Auburn. Productivity in the up state of South Carolina must be at 0 right now since the Redneck Clemson fans were probably hung over till Wednesday of this week after that win and now after pulling off this upset I’m sure more than a few fans will be calling in on Monday. I couldn’t believe FSU only had 15 rushing attempts on the day for only 29 yards. Ouch. They are not a passing team and need a balanced offense if they plan on winning too many more games this year. Remember the pundits picking them to win the ACC this year? Hmm… Good game though and Clemson’s Tajh Boyd is quickly establishing himself as one of the elite QBs in the ACC.

Honorable Mention to Unranked Arizona State over #23 University of Southern California 43-22
Um, what is up with Arizona State crushing my picks this year? One week they upset Mizzou then lay down against Illinois then they upset USC. What the hell?

The Leigh Mountain Hawks over The Liberty Flames 27-24
That’s right, Leigh over Liberty 27-24. If you’ve got the time, go look up the box score for this one. The lines were virtually identical. The difference was Liberty’s kicker missed two field goals. I just think it’s strange that Leigh is in the Patriot conference while Liberty is in the Big South. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? And how many jokes can you make about Liberty going up in Flames? Really? Liberty Flames?

As I’m having my coffee this fine Sunday morning and writing this blog, Hawaii is up on UC Davis 49-0 at HALFTIME! The Warriors have held the Aggies to only 1 first down and 51!!! total yards. Meanwhile Hawaii has racked up 486 total yards in the half. I don’t care what the final score of this one is. That’s a beat down!

Oregon State. Time to hit the panic button. The Beavers have started off 0-3 this year after losses to: Sacramento State, Wisconsin and now UCLA. Guess where they get to go next week? Arizona State! Now I’d like to make a thousand jokes revolving around Beavers but I’ll save it and try to keep this post PG-13 today. Everyone expected a little fall off from OSU (not Ohio State University; although you should always expect them to fall off) but an 0-3 start has them so far behind in the PAC-12 and looking up at teams like #5 Stanford and #10 Oregon in their own division. Spoiler may even be too high of a goal for this team this year. Sorry Beaver fans, but this year; you stink!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 3 was good for me

Was this the week of matchups that used to matter 5 to 10 years ago? OU at FSU, Iowa and Pitt, OSU and Miami, UCF at Florida Int… oh wait that one never mattered. None the less a few of those will pop up here on the blog along with a few more matchups this week.

School starts on this side of the world tomorrow so I think I’ll get outside and enjoy some fresh air this afternoon with some kickball and beers. Hey, if I can’t have college football, at least give me some kind of foot on ball sport that isn’t called soccer where when some guy runs into you, you drop like Falcons fan’s hopes of making the playoffs.

So let’s not get a delay of game and get right to it…

#1 Oklahoma over #5 Florida State 23-13
This was certainly the most hyped and highest ranked matchup of the weekend and I’m actually surprised that it ended up living up to all that hype. To be honest, I didn’t think FSU stood a chance in this one and really if they would have been playing in Norman rather than Tallahassee I think the score would have been much different. FSU’s defense did a decent job holding the Sooners out of the end zone a few times and limiting them to FGs but something has got to be done about their QB situation. You could say that the defenses were on par with one another and the difference really was OU has an established QB in Landry Jones and FSU, well… doesn’t. And that’s not to say that Jones had all that great of a day but he lead the offense well and seems to have it going in the right direction. Oklahoma survived an early test here an may just be rolling towards a National Championship.

Unranked Clemson over #21 Auburn 38-24
(You know it pains me to put an ACC team over an SEC team in the top games) Again, don’t call it an upset. Remember last week when Auburn beat Miss St. to get into the top 25 and didn’t look all that good doing it? Well now they faced a tough road game and I saw this coming a mile away. Auburn stormed out and had the drunken rednecks of Clemson feeling early hangovers. But by the second half not only was Clemson’s offense rolling, Auburn had forgotten how to play football. Halftime score was tied at 21. By the end of the 3rd Clemson led by 11 and won it by 14. Give credit to Clemson’s defense for not letting Auburn get back into it and snapping the nation’s longest win streak. Love the line from Clemson’s QB Tajh Boyd: 30/42 386yds 4 TDs and 0 INTs. Screw BSU’s K. Moore; T. Boyd played a real defense.

#3 LSU over #25 Mississippi State 19-6
DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! Some people didn’t even have MSU in the top 25 anymore and I thought that was a shame since they… ok yeah they probably didn’t deserve to be there. Anyway, I do love a good ol’ SEC defensive game. LSU’s defense held MSU to only 193 total yards and those six points while snagging 2 INTs. And give the Bulldog defense a little credit here as well holding LSU out of the end zone all but one time and the only real * to that is that LSU had 9 penalties for 83 yards! They’re going to have to clean that up a bit as the year goes on.

#10 South Carolina over Navy 24-21
I’m only giving this an honorable mention. USC should have beat Navy by a lot more, but this one gets in here because of the running stats. Navy, a running team, threw for only 61yds as per usual. They rushed for 274yds and 3 TDs. Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina had a line that looked like this: 37 carries, 246yds and 3 TDs! Heisman? Is he making a case? Whisper whisper whisper…

Notre Dame over #15 Michigan State 31-13
Damn it. I was trying like hell not to mention ND this week at all. I figured I was safe with MSU coming into town. But, remember last week when I said Sparty was overrated? Yeah, they went ahead and proved that this week.

Miami over #17 Ohio State 24-6
Ok, I did not see this one coming. I knew OSU was havin’ “issues” at QB but you can’t go 4/18 for only 35yds 0 TDs and an INT and expect to win any game against any opponent. I think I’ll save my commentary since Buckeye coach Luke Fickell said it best with, "We've got to do a better job all around. They made a lot more plays than we did and ultimately that's what the game came down to." Really? That’s what it came down to? They made more plays? Too bad I don’t have a DUH award for the week.

Wyoming over Bowling Green 28-27
An EPIC pillow fight! Wyoming is now 3-0 (when’s the last time you heard that?) and tried to find a way to lose this and start 2-1 but Bowling Green was having none of it. BG out gained the Cowboys 514 to 396 but committed 6! turnovers. Wyoming led 28-14 going into the 4th but somehow let BG score two TDs late to tie it at 28 with only :03 left on the clock… oh wait, no they didn’t because despite scoring the TD, BG had their game tying extra-point BLOCKED! Oh the hearts of northern Kentucky are aching tonight.

Georgia over Coastal Carolina 59-0
Much like ND, I was trying like hell not to mention Georgia this week as well. But, when you put up 59 points and hold the opponent to only 112 total yards, you’re going to get in my beat down of the week. I know, I know; Georgia played the Carolina school for the blind and deaf and now everybody is going to talk about what a great QB Aaron Murray is, but I aint buyin’ it. Wake me up when the game is over next week after UGA has to go to Ol’ Miss.

Realignment. That’s it. I’m over this. Can these fat, overpaid college regents not handle their dirty business in the privacy of their board rooms? Why does it have to be out in public and headline snatching every week? Now the ACC is expanding? Big Fucking Deal! How about this… Let’s skip all the bullshit and just hurry up and get to 4 super conferences. Does anyone think that’s not where we’re going anyway? Let’s get it down to the PAC X, the ACC, SEC and BIG X and call it good. Split each one up into two regions and have the winner of each region enter an 8 team playoff for the National Championship. What about those teams left out in the cold? Well fine, make it a ten team playoff and get 2 more “at large” bids in there. Have all your other bowl games as filler and make nice with your TV networks. I’m over this expansion talk. Just do it or shut up! I’d rather be watching actual football!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week Two of the College Football Fun

I may be in (Rep. of) Georgia, but I got College Football on my mind.
An exciting weekend from the looks of it. Sorry that I’m late on this post football fans, but I had to move to the other side of the world this week, and well that takes some time. I’m downloading three games now, so I’ll be up to speed, but for this post I’ll just shoot from the box scores.
So let’s not delay and get right to it…

#12 South Carolina over Georgia 45-42
Was there really another game that was as good as this one? Sure, but being a Georgia fan, I’m going to give this one the game of the week. Turnovers! There’s your story. Turnovers killed Georgia last year and it looks like they’ve reared their ugly head again this week (3). Tied at 28 in the 4th this one was a shootout to the end with Georgia just coming up short. You can’t really blame this one on Mark Richt and it’s sad that he may just be coaching his final few games at Georgia. But, win or go home and he hasn’t been winning much as of late. Georgia was the only team to play back to back ranked opponents to start the year. Guess there’s something to be said about playing that cupcake warm-up huh? Now they are one of a few teams looking at an 0-2 start.

#15 Ohio State escapes Toledo 27-22
Toledo out gained OSU through the air but managed only 46 rushing yards in the game. 46! Still they led 22-21 up until the final four minutes. Too bad, I would have loved to see a MAC team go into Columbus and knockout the Buckeyes. Better luck next year Rocket fans.

#24 Texas sucked less than BYU 17-16
Apparently Texas coach Mac Brown thought his starting QB was going to be good. At least he realized he wasn’t early enough to allow everybody else a shot at throwing the ball before this one was over. 4 different Longhorns threw a pass in this game including the TE (who went 1/1 for 23yds. Texas only managed 123yds through the air all day). Each team had two INTs in this one, time of possession was almost equal, and Texas only had about 50 more total yards. Guess those 50yds were good enough for that one extra point. And, you know what that means… Cue the Mormon Girl!
Unranked Auburn over #16 Mississippi State 41-34
Two things here: one, I don’t know that I’ve ever typed ‘unranked Auburn and #16 Mississippi State’ in the same year and two, I have a hard time calling this one an upset. I mean did anyone think that Miss State was going to go into Auburn and win? I didn’t. I guess the Bulldogs of Mississippi thought they would by putting up 333 rushing yards and out gaining Auburn by about 150 total yards. It took an Auburn defensive stand at the end to ice it and this one was probably really entertaining to watch.

Unranked Arizona State over #21 Missouri 37-30 in Overtime
Ouch. Missouri was looking for a nice road win and a climb in the rankings. Instead, they found themselves down 30-16 in the 4th. Give the Tigers credit for tying it up but this one had to hurt. ASU is now 2-0 and may find themselves in the top 25 before too long.
We’ll stick with a Bulldog theme here today and go with South Carolina State (1-1) over Bethune-Cookman (1-1) 26-18. Each team committed FIVE TURNOVERS in this game. Feathers flew and suckage was rampant in this pillow fight. The BC Wildcats blew a six point lead in the last 5 minutes then threw an INT to give the SCS Bulldogs an extra TD in the last 4 minutes. At one point the score of this game was 8-5 thanks to a safety. Wow. What can you say about this game that hasn’t already been said about genital warts? Ah the MEAC Conference. I expect we’ll be seeing you again at some point this year.

#17 (and overrated) Michigan State over Florida Atlantic 44-0
Yes MSU is overrated, but putting a whippin’ on Florida “don’t call us Gulf Coast” Atlantic will only help their ranking. FAU had one, yes that’s right one first down during the ENTIRE GAME! Michigan State out gained them 434 to 48 total yards. Yep, you read that right 48 total yards and they held the ball for only 17 minutes. If you’re going to score, you’re going to need the ball at some point.

I know this is way too easy and I probably should look for a better one, but I’m giving this week’s biggest loser award to Notre Dame. After getting upset last week they went to Michigan and lost… again. When will sports broadcasters stop telling us that this game matters? But, I have to admit the fourth quarter of this one was great. Michigan led 28-24 with 1:12 left and then gave up a 29yd. TD pass giving ND a 31-28 lead. Not to be outsucked, and in the final 3 seconds, Notre Dame grabbed this week’s biggest loser award by giving up a 16yd. TD pass to lose the game 35-31.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Eat More Chicken college football kickoff blog

I was lucky enough to still be in America for the start of this college football season. So, I grabbed a spot in a nice recliner in Atlanta and a remote. I’ve got high expectations for this season and hope that you enjoy my posts throughout the year. Once again, I’ll break down the games that I thought were the best, let you in on some upsets, make fun of Mormons and Catholics, we’ll look at who got beat down, I’ll hate on the ACC and I’ll tell you about the matchup I’m sure you missed in our pillow fight of the week. Also, since it was requested by one loyal reader, this year I’ll bring back the biggest loser award for every week.

Disclaimer: I am a Georgia fan. And, I do live outside of the country so I don’t get as much information as I used to. But, I’ll still be sarcastic as hell and try to have some fun with this.

#23 Auburn over Utah St. 42-38
Um, Utah St. learn how to cover an onside kick and you’ll win more games. Auburn, that was embarrassing. Queue the Mormon girl!

ESPN told us that #5 Boise St. vs. #19 Georgia and #3 Oregon vs. #4 LSU were the marquee matchups of the week. They were right about one of them. Georgia came into their game losers of 7 of their last 8 games. They’ve now lost 8 of 9. If you look up the stats from the Georgia game you’ll see that the two teams were very even on across the board. On the field it didn’t really play out that way. UGA had one run for 80yds and a TD but had no run game outside of that. The defense was just bad and most of that blame goes to the defensive coordinator. Whatever you want to say about this game is probably true. It was just bad. And those uniforms… dear lord!
The LSU game was a lot better. Not just for the SEC, but for the entertainment value. Oregon, learn how to field a punt. 4 turnovers is not going to get it done Ducks. The 40-27 score in this game makes it look a lot closer than it appeared to be for me. LSU just came out and sowed that they were ready to play and ready to start the year as a top 5 team.

Unranked South Florida over #14 Notre Dame 23-20
Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh man, this makes up for any wrongs that may have happened today. Notre Dame fans believed that they had a team this year. Skip Holtz’s SF Bulls proved them all wrong. Again. I was also happy to see NBC have to sit through all those delays.

Unranked Baylor over #14 TCU 50-48
TCU’s coach said at halftime (trailing 34-23), “We need to work on our defensive backs and get some stuff figured out back there.” Really? Ya think? In the first half, TCU gave up scoring tosses of 40, 35, 28, and 14 yards. I don’t know if it’s a good sign that they kept getting shorter, or a bad one that Baylor just kept getting closer before scoring. I guess coach’s half-time speech didn’t do much either since in the 3rd Baylor score 14 unanswered on TD passes of 64 and 42 yards as well. All in all Baylor’s QB Robert Griffin III had a line that looked like this: 21/27 359 yds. 5 TDs, 0 INTs. Hey, if your favorite team is playing TCU anytime soon, shoot an email to your head coach with three simple words: Throw The Rock!

Florida International over North Texas 41-16
I know it’s early and no “true” candidates have had a chance to establish themselves, so for week one we go back to the ol’ faithful SunBelt Conference. North Texas once again brought a feather pillow to a foam pillow fight and lost… again. I’m sure we’ll hear more from them throughout the year.

Cincinnati over Austin Peay 72-10
Ouch. A 62 point difference will get you into this category just about every week. AP had five turnovers to go with Cincinnati’s 561 total yards. Done. Oh, raise your hand if you know Austin Peay’s mascot. Now put your hand down you liar. It’s the Governors.
(Back by popular demand…)

Week one’s biggest loser goes to… Ol’ Miss Head Coach Houston Nutt. Up 13-0 in the 4th Nutt decided to make some bad decisions in the last few minutes that cost his team and gets the Rebels off to an 0-1 start. “Nutt had said that he hoped Saturday's game would be played in stifling heat and humidity since BYU comes from a more arid climate. But with Tropical Storm Lee looming, the weather was relatively pleasant, with highs in the 80s and overcast skies.” So, yeah, the head coach was hoping that the weather would play a factor. Enough said.

I may be late next week due to the move, but I’ll try to get it done for you guys. Hope you enjoy the college football season and of course your comments are welcome as always.