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Thursday, July 1, 2010


So just a random post today while I'm sitting around waiting to go to the Azeri embassy to pick up my visa. By the way, I'm leaving on Monday to go to Baku and should be back in Georgia on the 15th of July.

The All-Star game is coming up. I know I'm not there to make a real educated vote, but I just finished voting anyway. I figure it's mostly a popularity contest anyway, so I voted based half on stats and half on reputation.

American League
First Base:Morneau, J., MIN - The guy is having a great season
Second Base:Cano, R., NYY - Hate the Yanks, but he's the best at 2nd in the AL
Shortstop:Ramirez, A., CWS - The non-Jeter vote
Third Base:Longoria, E., TB - Should have punched BJ Upton in the face
Catcher:Napoli, M., LAA - ???
DH:Jones, A., CWS - Why the hell not? I don't care about the DH anyway
Outfielder:Cruz, N., TEX
Outfielder:Hamilton, J., TEX - another solid season for this kid
Outfielder:Suzuki, I., SEA - reputation vote

National League
First Base:Glaus, T., ATL - Albert needs a back-up for the game
Second Base:Prado, M., ATL - best offensive 2nd baseman in the NL
Shortstop:Ramirez, H., FLA - duh
Third Base:Jones, C., ATL - hahaha. Again, why not?
Catcher:McCann, B., ATL - reputation and I didn't know who else to vote for
Outfielder:Braun, R., MIL - reputation
Outfielder:Heyward, J., ATL - he won't get to play, but I thought it was cool he had so many votes
Outfielder:McCutchen, A., PIT - Pirates need a representative in the game and he's the best they have.

Other item I thought about this morning...
Top 5 things I Hate Being Woken Up To:

Now these can all happen in one morning and sometimes I'll sleep through one or two of them and get caught by another one. But, for the most part all of these happen on a daily basis.

5. Crying children: whether its the infant, the 4-year old or the 8-year old, I hate being woken up by crying/screaming children
4. Car horns or a diesel engine starting up: this happens every morning, so whatever. It's either my host-dad's truck or somebody driving by, but the horns suck!
3. The urge to pee: the outhouse is a mile away and I have to get dressed just to go out there, so if I wake up and have to go, it means I'm up for good.
2. The sound of someone hawking a loogie: it seems that everyone in my host-family feels the urge to hawk and spit as soon as they walk out into the courtyard every morning. (Yes, this includes my host-mom) So right under my window every morning, I sometimes get woken up by that loveliest of lovely sounds.
And the number one thing I HATE getting woken up by...
1. Geese! That loud honking noise that its just spine rattling comes from the neighbor's yard (right under my other window) at anytime from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. It seems like they stop once the sun comes up, but there is a 5-hour or so window there that those things love to honk away in. I hate geese!