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Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Road Again

After not driving for two years I got in the car this week and hit the road. Not bad and I kinda’ missed those long road trips. This past week I headed off to Atlanta to catch some Braves games and then stop by the lake to visit with some more family and relax. The week started off well with the retiring of Bobby Cox’s number 6 at the Braves game on Friday night. A buddy of mine from college and I went and had a great time watching the Braves belt 5 homers, Carlos Zambrano loose his mind and the Braves win it 10-4. But, really the best part was the whole ceremony for Bobby Cox before the game. Really cool and here's a video from it:


Saturday night my old roommate from Charleston and I went to the game but the Braves stunk it up on defense and lost 8-4. My least favorite Braves pitcher Lowe was going that night, so not cool at all. But, we had some pretty good seats for the 1991 Team Reunion and saw Dan Uggla’s hitting streak come to an end just as icing on the cake. Look, he got really lucky during that streak and I wasn’t too upset to see him lose it.

Chipper Watches as Uggla Strikes Out

The next morning we went downtown Atlanta (which I have no idea where anything is any more) and made it to Underground Atlanta. Waste of time. And I don’t just mean Underground. There is nothing to do in Atlanta outside of the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, Six Flags, and the sporting events. You can walk around Little 5 Points and Underground and the Capital building looking at homeless people or make your way all over town to The Highlands, but really? No, I am not a fan of Atlanta. Only the Falcons and Braves. The traffic is not worth it. Boo!
Anyway, we did find the one bright spot of Downtown: The Varsity. Yum! I had the Chili Cheese Dog, Chili Cheese Burger, Onion Rings and Frosted Orange combo. Yum! After that he headed back home and I went back to my Dad’s for the night.
Monday was Dad, Chase and me going to the game. And what a game it was! Braves were down 4-2 going into the 9th against Brain (The Beard) Wilson. They scored 3 in the bottom of the 9th to win in on a walk-off single by Freddie Freeman. It was Awesome! I had such a good time at that game and was glad Dad was there to see it with me.

Tuesday morning I headed off to the country to visit Elaine and Jeff and see my grandparents. Their lake house is in Little River, Georgia if you want to type it into Google Maps to see where that’s at. Anyway, it’s defiantly not the cabin in the woods type country. They have it all out there: quiet, a great view, Internet, birds, flowers, great showers (I’m still loving my daily shower even after being back for over two weeks), awesome places to hang out and chill, good food, boats, fishing, tubes, skiing… you name it. Oh and did I say skiing? Yes, yes I did.
Jeff asked me if I had ever skied and I had not. So, he gave me some quick pointers and off into the water I went to give it a try. I did get up on my first try but it took me a few goes to get up and really going. But, after a while I got the hang of it and really had a great time out on the water. We were out there all day on Wednesday and Thursday and I got a little sun burn, but it was worth it. I did leave my shirt on though because I did not feel like getting scorched on my chest and back since I haven’t been in the sun for really two years.

All of us had a great time and it was nice to spend some time with Elaine and Jeff down by the lake. Jeff is an awesome skier by the way. Really cool. So really that was my week. Car, Braves games, Car, Lake, Car, Home. Not bad.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dateline: America; Week 2 Impressions

Food Highlights:
- Smoked pork chops with homemade mac and cheese and rutabagas.
- Seared Wahoo with bacon risotto, squash and zucchini.
- South Carolina Peaches!
- Bacon egg and cheese on English muffin. (By the way, I love how the bacon package has to tell you that this is “not a low calorie food.” DUH! It’s bacon!
- Thai chicken tacos with cheese burger spring rolls.
- Corndog.
- Pan fried flounder with angel hair pasta and veggies.
- Pizza.
- Leftovers that don’t suck.
- Venison tenderloin wrapped in bacon. YUM!

Things I’ve noticed:
-Hey Hipster kids, if you all look the same, how are you different? I don’t get it.
-Americans sure do love their dogs. Wow.
-I still love SportsCenter and Linda Cohn.
-Example of the awesome side of America:
-I may be in love with Camille Ford; Host of Food Wars. (The show sucks, but she’s worth it).
-Seeing old friends is great.

I did make it back to downtown Charleston this week and walked around as much as I could. (It was hot hot hot that day.) Saw some old friends and caught up on the news on the streets as it were. Found out that not only has my favorite watering hole been bought and changed into a bar I would never enter, my local corner store was also bought up and now looks more like a sandwich shop rather than you corner bodega.
Mom and I met up with a lot of her friends that I’ve known for years and call family. They all seem to be about the same. Apparently, Mom talks about me a lot, but she’s a mom and that’s what they do. It’s ok anyway, I’m making her suffer through watching a few Braves games with me and she allows it despite her hatred for America’s game.

I also went out with some friends of mine and we’ve had a great time catching up and making up for some lost time. I’m going to
the local minor league baseball game tonight to cheer on the Riverdogs with two close friends (well, if
one of them doesn’t flake out as is his M.O.). Should be a good time anyway. Tomorrow Mom and I are making the drive to the middle of nowhere Georgia to visit my grandma. It’ll be good to see her but man that drive is long and Boring!

Later this week it’s off to Atlanta again for Braves games Friday, Saturday and Monday!

Hope everyone is staying cool. Peace!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swine Beware!

Week One Impressions:

- Americans are still fat and don’t care about anything going on outside of America. Hey, it’s the land of freedom do what you want.
- It’s weird seeing people again. Oh, it’s you, I know you. We like each other. No really, we are friends. This is not a fake relationship. You’ll have to give me a minute. I’m not used to this.
- Americans don’t like Georgian wine. Huh? But, it’s all natural. Interesting.
- I don’t have a large desire to go out and do everything. Weird, because I thought I would want to be out more. Hate large crowds!

- Showers! 30 mins. is more of a suggestion right? You can go over that.
- I still don’t sleep right but it is getting better.
- Pork is good.
- Internet fast. Me surf long time.
- Commercials both radio and television are annoying as hell!!! Get me back to a land where I can tune them out.
- Kids. Does everybody need two or three?
- I love baseball.
- My favorite round the corner bar in Charleston closed. =(
- You are all controlled by your smart phones! Give in to the power of phone.
- The Rep. of Georgia was more of a “dry” heat. This Charleston humidity is NUTS! It’s like sitting in a steam bath.
- I need to call more people to say hello.

Ah, back in the land of freedom.

America, what have you gone and got yourself into? I see you’ve been eating well and that’s good. Love all the products in your stores too by the way. I think I will try some of those bacon, cheddar stuffed crackers though, thank you for offering. And since when did you lower the price of your 48oz. fountain drink to the same low offer of $0.79 as the 24oz. size? You knew I was really wanting some Dr. Pepper didn’t you?

After not sleeping for 48 hours straight I arrived in Atlanta this past Tuesday night tired but so excited to be home. My Dad, Mom and Mom met me at the airport and we all chatted while waiting for my bags to come through. (That’s another blog post). Then, we headed off to a BBQ place where I consumed: 1/4lb. pulled pork with sauce, 1/4lb. pork ribs, a small tub of fried okra, Brunswick stew, 2 pieces of texas toast, some chicken and two large glasses of sweet tea. YFY!!! I was STUFFED! But, it was worth it.

Mom and I right after I got off the plane.

That night I slept pretty well to say the least. The next day was Mexican food and margaritas for lunch and then just snacked for dinner. I didn’t want to put my stomach in shock by giving it too much pork at one time. Better to ease back into it.

Thursday was an Arby’s sandwich for lunch. I know I know, not a “knock your socks off” type choice, but I had a craving. It was more for the sauce. That night was lasagna and garlic bread. But Friday brought hot dogs for lunch with plain ketchup and yellow mustard. Mmm… regular old mustard. (Again, it was a craving, not a must have.) But dinner was pork ribs (both boneless and regular) sauced up on the grill. Awesome! We also had some more okra. Love it.

Dad showing off his rib selection.

Saturday morning I had pancakes and bacon. Because, well, it was Saturday and what cha’ gonna do? I was however, leaving to go to Charleston. It was a good drive and it was fun to just get in a car and go. Go, drive 5 hours on nice paved roads with virtually no drunken drivers and places to stop to get massive amounts of Dr. Pepper. (Also, places to stop and pee and aren’t classified by their genus and species). Side note, I’m driving my other mother’s car for the summer that she was so awesome to lend me and it’s really fun to drive. Lots of toys.

Saturday night was another favorite: Mom’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes topped with English peas. Yum!

Then we had Sunday brunch where I met up with one of my aunts and a good friend of mine to consume a bacon, cheddar and ham omelet that was massive. Mimosas were had by all (except mom) and we had a few laughs. That night however, we feasted yet again on PORK! This time it was a pork roast that had been cooking all day in a pot with carrots, potatoes and onion. Yum. It fell apart on your plate and the meat was just awesome.

Onto Monday where I just sat around and rearranged the 48GB of music that I’ve collected over the past two years and got it all back into i-tunes. That night however two of my friends came over and we all had frogmorst stew (some call it Lowcountry Boil) and a few glasses of wine. Good times were had by all!

So that was my first week in America. Some would say it was based on the food I ate. I would agree with those people. I am eating like there is no tomorrow. But there is a tomorrow, and I’ve already planned what I’ll be eating then. (It’s pork chops, mac and cheese and rutabagas for dinner by the way.)