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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Strap in College Football Fans, its RIVALRY WEEK!

Throw out the records, hang your season and all your hopes on the line, go out and play the guys that you hate the most and above all, feel free to commit a personal foul penalty from time to time just to spice things up. This week is all about the rivalries, trophies and pride.

Hey! The NBA is back. Oh, wait. I couldn’t care less. I was so hoping that their labor dispute would drag on so I could go a whole year without hearing about Kobe Bryant. Moving on…

Last week I said the BCS should look like this (1-10): LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Oregon, Boise State, Oklahoma. (Guess nobody noticed that I had Stanford in there twice. I couldn’t make up my mind on them)

And instead it looked like this (1-10): LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, Stanford, Boise State, Houston, Oklahoma, Oregon.

Now, obviously the BCS computers don’t read this blog nor would they listen to me if they did, because I have NO love for Houston and I think Oregon is a way better team than either Oklahoma or Boise State. The computers LOVE Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I don’t think VT is that good, but their record will keep them in the top 5. Anyway, this week and next week will tell us a lot about how these teams will end up come Bowl selection time.

How can you tell the female student who is a college football fan from the north from the female student who is a college football fan from the south?
The female student from the north is a physics major who understands Sylvia Plath.
The female student from the south is a Miss USA contestant and understands the west coast offense.

I’m altering the format this week and instead of ranking the games, I’ll just start at the top and work my way down the rankings. And, for those of you that care, going into the final week, my college picking accuracy is at 92.5% this year. Fail.

So with all that hate hanging in the air, let’s get on with this week’s games….


The Battle for the Golden Boot
#1 LSU over #3 Arkansas 41-17
This game was THE most important as far as the BCS went this weekend, but even more important to each of the schools. And, the score does not show just how close this game really was… for a half. It was all defense in the first quarter and felt like two boxers feeling each other out through the first round. But, Arkansas scored to start the second and was up 14-0 before LSU scored and then tied it on an awesome 92-yard punt return. The Tigers then scored again to take a 21-14 lead into the half. Arkansas got a field goal to start the 3rd and then… well then LSU just pulled away. However, the story here was LSU’s defense shutting the Razorbacks down. Arkansas managed 50 plays on offense (22 passing and 28 rushing) but for only 47 rushing yards (that’s a 1.7 yrd average) and 207 through the air.

LSU’s QB Jordan Jefferson had a good game and it looks like LSU is just going to cruse to a National Title this year. The Tigers are now 12-0 for the first time in the school’s history. They are the best team in college football AND they have awesome stuff like this…

The Iron Bowl
#2 Alabama over #24 Auburn 42-14
This is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. Every year is means something and love em’ or hate em’ the people of Alabama put on a great game. However, this one was never close.
The upset minded Tigers were just way over matched in this game and could do nothing to stop Alabama from making their case to meet LSU again in the National Championship Game. Really this was simple. Alabama played great defense and Trent Richardson went off for 203 yards on the ground but was amazingly held out of the end zone. Total yards? How about Alabama 407 to Auburn’s 157. Ouch. Guess this was a little pay back for last year.

The Battle for the Commonwealth (The Commonwealth Cup)
#4 Virginia Tech crushes Virginia 38-0
Now that’s a rivalry beat down type score. I’ve never thought this was one of the top rivalries but this one meant something to Tech since the win gives them the division championship and putting a beat down on your rival in their house is always nice especially since Virginia was riding a 4 game win streak in the series. This was also the first time that Virginia was shut out at home since 1984. How do you keep a Virginia football player out of your yard?
Put up a goalpost.

The Legends Trophy
#5 Stanford over #22 Notre Dame 28-14
Was I alone in NOT noticing that Notre Dame had moved back into the Top 25? They were 8-3 coming into this game, so, I guess that’s legit. Oh wait, no, it’s Notre Dame. This game was a tale of two halves since Stanford won the first 21-0 then Notre Dame tried to pull off a comeback wining the second 14-7. But the hot start by Luck and the Tree gives Stanford the Legends Trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights. Ahhhh Notre Dame…. You SUCK!

The Civil War and the Platypus Trophy
#10 Oregon burns through Oregon State like Sherman through Atlanta 49-21
Great rivalry, but what a crappy trophy. Anyway, I love that in a rivalry you can put a beat down on and then pull your starters. Nothing says ‘I hate you, but you’re not even worth my time’ like pulling your starters. I get it. Oregon ‘rested’ their starters for next week’s championship game and knew they had this game won after they took a 28-7 lead into the half and a 42-7 lead early in the 4th. So, no need to run up the score and risk injury to your starters.

Battle of the Palmetto State
#12 South Carolina runs over #17 Clemson 34-13
It’s always a good day when the rednecks beat up on other rednecks. But it’s even better when the rednecks getting beaten are the rednecks from Clemson. This win is especially sweet for South Carolina since it gives them 10 wins for only the second time in school history. Even with that great season they won’t be playing for an SEC Championship because of the Dawgs having a slightly better season. "Historically, Clemson has owned this series," Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said. "They don't own us now." Amen Coach.

There is nothing worse than hearing a Clemson fan drone on about how good their team is year in and year out while watching them play sub-par ACC schools and then suck it up at the end of the year. This loss drops the Tigers to 9-3 and sends them to face Virginia Tech for the ACC Championship on a losing streak. The loss will also probably drop them to near the bottom of the Top 25. So, Clemson fans… SHUT THE HELL UP!

Clean, Old-Fashioned HATE
#13 Georgia craps on #23 Georgia Tech 31-17
This is not only one of my favorite rivalries but my ALL TIME favorite name for a rivalry. Nothing says ‘I Hate You’ like having the word Hate in the name of your rivalry game. I just love that it’s clean unadulterated, no bones about it, I HATE YOU!

Oh how sweet this win is too. Not only did Georgia lock up a 10 win season, they did it against the fags from Georgia Tech who were picked to win this game by all the ‘experts.’ They thought Georgia had nothing to play for and that Tech would ‘want’ it more. Not so fast my friend! Georgia had everything to play for; that everything being whippin’ Tech’s ass.

“Oh the spread option is so awesome and we are soooo prolific in our scoring.” Yeah, no. Fuck you. Go back to your calculators and add up all those yards you racked up in the second half. It shouldn’t take you too long since you only got 79.

"I don't like losing to nobody, but when it's in-state, when it's your rival," Tech linebacker Julian Burnett said, his voice trailing off. "We're tired of being the little brothers in the state." Um… maybe Burnett should talk to his coach then and get him to design a better offense and not throw in the towel in the 4th quarter. Well except for when Paul Johnson showed his class by spiking the ball with :08 on the clock down 31-17 in order to get another play in for his backup QB who was in the game, “getting some practice in.” Tech then gets a false start penalty and the game ends with the aforementioned backup scrambling around and then getting tackled after about a 5 yard gain. Douche Bag. Also, it should be "losing to anybody" not "nobody." I guess he was just trying to prove that he sucks at more than football.

I hope Aaron Murray laughed himself to sleep last night after burning Tech and exposing their God Awful secondary in this game. I hope all those people on all those pre-game shows are having fun pulling their feet out of their mouths after saying Georgia’s defense was going to get “exposed” by Tech. I know the UGA fans that dominated a whole corner of Tech’s stadium and could be heard on TV chanting and cheering over the Tech fans loved this one.
Hey Tech fans… FUCK YOU!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
The Game
#15 Michigan gets a win over Ohio State for the first time in eight years 40-34
Worst name ever. Just too pretentious and self-assuming. Well, that’s the Big-10 for you. What with the ‘Leaders’ and ‘Legends’ divisions, did you expect anything else?

Denard Robinson had one hell of a game in this one though. 5 TDs on the day (3 passing 2 rushing). His performance was just icing on the Ohio State shit-cake that is the 2011 season that stands at 6-6 and what I hope will be another Bowl loss to a SEC team. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a team like Vandy beat OSU in a bowl game? I would just fall over laughing and then laugh some more. Anyway, this was one of the better games on Saturday since a lot of the other rivalries were simply blowouts this year. Congrats to the maize and blue for snapping OSU’s win streak in the rivalry and completing a 10 win season.

I thought Urban Myer was “tired” and “wants to spend more time with his family away from the stress of the college game.” So why was he commentating on games and now is pretty much a lock for the Ohio State job next year? His wife and kids must suck.

What do you get if you drag a $100 bill through the ghetto?
An Ohio State recruit.

Heroes Game
#21 Nebraska over Iowa 20-7
Another crap name from a crap Big-10 rivalry. This game used to be referred to as the ‘Zeroes Game’ around my house during the Thanksgiving Holidays because we’d rather have taken a nap than watch it. But, Nebraska isn’t that bad these days and well, they proved it by rolling over Iowa in this year’s snoozer.

The Lone Star Showdown
#25 Texas broke the hearts at Texas A&M 27-25
The lone ‘star’ in this game was Texas QB Case McCoy. That’s right, he’s Colt’s younger brother. Anyway, he broke off a long run on the final drive after what had to have been the WORST call I’ve seen all year by an official that gave Texas 15 free yards for a “personal foul” that wasn’t even contact. After that it was tick and pick for field goal position and the game was over. A&M played really hard in this one and deserved to win what may be the last time we see this rivalry for a while. They’ve been playing it since 1894 and now with A&M moving to the SEC it could be going away. I hope not though because this is a great game every year.

And now I would like to present this year’s...


The Backyard Brawl
West Virginia over Pittsburgh 21-20
They brought the pillows out into the backyard this year as the Big East continues to try and convince us of its relevancy. But, this was a ‘good’ game. Down 20-7 WV dominated the second half and pulled out a win at home thanks to 10 sacks including one on the final Pitt drive as time expired; oh, and some really bad Pitt special teams play. Will an 8-3 West Virginia team get the automatic BCS bid? If they beat S. Florida next week, they just may.

The Victory Bell
North Carolina over Duke 37-21
I guess since one team would technically have to win the game, Victory Bell is an appropriate name. Wow. It’s not basketball but I assume that rivalry transfers to football as well. Blah. Blah. Balh. It’s the ACC and it’s Duke and North Carolina. Need I say more?

The Sunshine Showdown
Florida State gets out sucked by Florida 21-7
In a game that used to mean something every year… this year it was just about pride. Florida just sucks this year. Period. John Brantley had a horrible game and then got knocked out of it in the second quarter. Florida committed 4 turnovers and managed only 7 points on a meaningless TD with about 5 minutes left in the game. Florida State on the other hand somehow won this game despite racking up only 95 total yards of offense and 7 first downs. Since 2000, no team has EVER won a game with fewer than 100 yards of offense. Wow.

These teams may not be putting quality out on the field, but one thing is for sure, they do still continue to put quality in the seats.
The Egg Bowl
Mississippi State scrambles Ole Miss and Huston Nutt; 31-3
Get it? Egg Bowl. Scramble? Never mind. This game is not even worth typing about. It’s just a classic rivalry and Nutt’s last game at Ole Miss. Nutt ends with a 24-26 overall record at Ole Miss, including a 10-22 mark in conference games. The Rebels have lost 14 straight SEC games. Not Good.

The Battle for the Barrel
Kentucky beats Tennessee for the first time since 1984; 10-7

A Kentucky fan and a Tennessee fan, fighting side-by-side, were captured during World War II and sentenced to die by firing squad. The enemy commander asked the Tennessee fan if
he had any last requests.
The Vol said, "I want to hear Rocky Top one last time."
The Kentucky fan was then asked if he had any last requests.
"Yes, shoot me first!"

Tennessee finishes the year at 5-7 and with their 6-7 finish last year, has ended seasons with consecutive losing records for the first time since 1910-11. I love this more than redneck Tennessee fans like camouflage, chewing tobacco and the color orange.

They should change this to ‘The Orange Pants Bowl’ since Derek Dooley continues to disgrace his last name by wearing those god awful pants week in a week out. If Tennessee wins, the UK coach has to wear orange pants for the next year’s game. If Kentucky wins, they get to strip Dooley straight out of his pants after the game and burn them on the 50 yard line. Dooley would then have to walk home in his tighty whities in shame.

Part One of Championship Saturday and…
Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State in The Bedlam Series
Iowa State and Kansas State in Farmageddon!!!! (That’s really what it’s called. There is no way I could have made something that great up.)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 12: Upset Saturday!!!

And we’ve reached… UPSET SATURDAY!!!

Well well well… the BCS just got a whole lot more interesting. With Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Oregon falling out, all the other one loss teams can start lining up and making a case for why they should be able to play in the National Championship Game.

Speaking of the BCS, if you want to read an interesting article on how they whole system maybe getting changed check out:

Next week is my favorite week of the year: Rivalry Week! So be sure to tune in because I’ll have all the trophy presentations and a few laughs as well. (A couple of rivalry games were played this week, so we’ll get to those in a minute). Also, this week I’m going to replace (for one week only) Biggest Loser with Biggest Winner.

But, before we get to this CRAZY week in college football, let me first be a fan for a second and congratulate my Georgia Bulldogs for ripping off 9 straight wins and clinching the SEC East title this weekend. It was an ugly win over KY but a win nonetheless. The Dawgs had to play with their third string RB, but it didn’t really matter since Georgia’s defense is, in a word, awesome!

Toss a coin, grab a seat and let’s get on with this week…


Unranked Iowa State UPSETS #2 Oklahoma State 37-31 in Double OT
I woke up on Saturday morning to watch the end of this game thinking I would just catch some stats and see what the games on Saturday were looking like. I turned on my ESPN player just in time to see Iowa State score to tie it at 24 and force OT. What? What? What? The first OT was normal enough but as OKS snapped the ball to start the second OT a linebacker flew in tipped the pass and got an INT. What? Iowa State then handed the ball off four times and from the 25, found themselves in the end zone. Game over, National Championship hopes over. Just an overall lack of defense and 5 turnovers killed the Cowboys on Friday night. Now next week’s OSU vs. OKS matchup isn’t quite as interesting. However, with all the one loss teams lining up for a shot at the National Championship game, Oklahoma State can stick a dagger in the heart’s of Oklahoma fans with a win. #22 Baylor over #5 Oklahoma 45-38
Bob Stoops got Greeeeedy! Oklahoma drove down and tied it up at 38 with 51 seconds left. They kicked off to Baylor who was content to let the clock run out and play in OT. Stoops saw the decent field position and took a timeout. Baylor thought, ‘well, ok, now that the clock has stopped, we’ve got some time here, so let’s see what we can do.’ Robert Griffin III (Baylor’s QB) is awesome and one of the better athletes in college football. 4 plays, 80 yards 43 seconds and a 34-yard TD pass put the Bears up 7. They kickoff and then recover the kick! Oklahoma stunned, out of any National Title shot and it was the first time OU has EVER lost to Baylor. EVER! By the way, Griffin went 21/34 for 479yds and 4TDs while also rushing for 72 yards in this game.

Unranked USC over #4 Oregon 38-35
If you have a legitimate claim at playing for the National Championship, why would you leave it up to your kicker to force OT in a game you should have won easily at home? Blame the coach here Ducks fans. USC was up 38-14 late in the 3rd before Oregon’s offense even woke up. It took a USC fumble inside the Oregon 10 for the Ducks to even have a shot. They drove down the field having all their timeouts and got to the 25 before stalling out. Now, they only used 1 of those timeouts and the play calling and execution were highly suspect. So, the kicker’s career long is 40. The attempt was about a 37-yard try. And, he hooked it wide right. Goodbye National Championship shot.

Honorable Mentions this week go to:

#8 Virginia Tech hangs on to beat Unranked North Carolina 24-21. Up 24-7 going into the 4th VT fell asleep and almost let this one get away from them.

#9 Stanford survives Cal 31-28 to win the Stanford Axe. Well, at least somebody won today. This was a close game and is HUGE for Stanford; especially this week.
UPSETS OF THE WEEK: (as if there weren’t enough already)

Unranked North Carolina State over #7 Clemson 37-13 and winner of The Textile Bowl Trophy
Oh Clemson. You were already going to the ACC Championship game, you had a chance to fly up the rankings with a win and all those teams ahead of you losing and then you got tripped up by the Wolfpack of NC State. Oops. This is the wrong time of the year for Clemson’s offense to go to sleep and their defensive holes to start showing up. Clemson turned the ball over 4 times and gave up 27 points in the 2nd quarter. This is the best the ACC has to offer? Wow.

Unranked UAB over #20 Southern Miss 34-31
I made a joke a few weeks ago about Southern Miss getting into the top 25 and was shocked when they climbed as high as 20 in the rankings this week. This game proves my point. Then 9-1 Southern Miss just got upset by then 2-8 UAB. Oh C-USA… who cares? Southern Miss is now 5-2 in conference play and will get either #11 Houston or Tulsa in the title game. I’m thinking I need my conspiracy hat here and promote the theory that Southern Miss was just a ‘little’ overrated in the hopes that Houston would get a ‘quality’ win the title game. Here’s hopping Tulsa upsets Houston at home on November 25th.


Tennessee over Vanderbilt 27-21 in OT
Oh Vandy. I know you wanted to become bowl eligible over the hated Volunteers of Tennessee, but… you’re Vandy. If you were something other than Vandy maybe you wouldn’t blow leads in the 4th quarter and then throw pick-6 INTs in overtime. Vandy was favored by 1 1/2 points in the game, but Tennessee has now won 28 of the last 29 in the series. The Commodores had a chance to become bowl eligible against Tennessee and now must beat Wake Forest next week for a chance to go bowling for just the fifth time in history. The Vols needed the win over Vanderbilt coupled with a victory at Kentucky next week to keep from missing out on a bowl for the second time in the past four seasons. Even the SEC can provide us with a pillow fight from time to time.


#15 Michigan State over Indiana 55-3 and winner of The Old Brass Spittoon!
Love those Rivalry Trophies, but… Ouch. Indiana only has 1 win this year and that was all the way back in week 3 against South Carolina State. The Hoosiers managed just 236 total yards and threw two INTs. Michigan State was just toned up for this game and now has clinched the Big-10 “Legends” Division with Michigan beating Nebraska.

I wanted to put LSU here since they started taking knees inside the 10 with 5 minutes left in the game. 4th down? Knee. We’ll turn it over, who cares? Wow.


The SEC!!!
Yeah, so LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are all laughing their asses off right now. Next week will determine who will play (and probably beat) Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. However, whichever team doesn’t win will probably have a legitimate claim at still having a shot to play for the National Championship.

I’ve also got to put Virginia Tech and Stanford in this category as well. Here is how I think the
Top 10 should look this week:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Virginia Tech
5. Stanford
6. Oklahoma State
7. Stanford
8. Oregon
9. Boise State
10. Oklahoma

Wow. Next week is going to be AWESOME!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 11/11/11/11...

I sadly have to start this post with what you’ve all heard about all week; that being Joe Paterno and the Penn State “Incident.” I have never had any love for Penn State or Paterno, however, I do feel a little sad that his amazing career as a football coach came to an end like this. But, having said that, if he did in fact have anything to do with the cover up of those horrific crimes against children, I hope that the government prosecutes him and anyone involved to the fullest extent of the law. Child molesters and those who would cover up their crimes in order to save themselves should be shot. While Paterno may have brought Penn State to national prominence over the last several decades, nothing (not his name, the Penn State brand, college football, sports in general) is worth sacrificing our basic human decency. The man who committed those crimes should be stung up in those same showers and those who covered up his crimes should be forced to watch and then banished from our society.

You can read a timeline of just how far all this goes back (well over 10 years) with Penn State and Jerry Sandusky here:

With heartfelt sorrow for those children, let’s get on with what was otherwise a great week…


#7 Oregon over #4 Stanford 53-30
Ka-Boom! If last week the big game was in the SEC this week it was the PAC-12’s turn to show the nation their top two teams and dream boy do all QB Andrew Luck versus an Oregon team that refuses to go away. Oregon is on fire after losing to back-to-back SEC opponents (Auburn in last year’s title game and LSU to start the year). Since then, they have been calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath. Stanford’s last loss before this game? Yeah, it was against Oregon. Just too many missed tackles and too many turnovers (5) for Stanford on Saturday. Luck was in the driver’s seat for the Heisman Trophy but last night it was the LaMichael James show as he ran for 146yds and 3 TDs. Oregon can now go on to the PAC-12 Championship and Stanford can wonder how close they could have been to playing for a National Championship had they just been able to beat Oregon.

Unranked TCU over #5 Boise State 36-35
Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes!!! What’s purple and eats flies that get in the BCS ointment? A TCU horned frog. Remember last year when Boise lost to Nevada because of a missed kick? Yeah, it happened again. This time however, it happened on their home blue turf which means that the Nation’s longest home winning streak (35 games) is now over. BSU also hadn’t lost a home conference game since 1998. Wow. This was a great game though. TCU scored to cut the lead to 36-35 with just over a minute to go and coach Garry Patterson made a huge call to go for two and the lead rather than the tie. They made it and went up by one giving Kellen Moore the ball and a chance for immortality. Didn’t happen though. While Moore got them down the field, the last-second 39-yard FG attempt went wide right and with it a chance for any major Bowl appearance for Boise State.

#14 Kansas State SURVIVES Texas A&M 53-50 in 4 OTs!!!
Kansas State needed a win after back-to-back losses. Texas A&M wanted to get bowl eligible off a conference opponent and make some kind of statement. But, down 14-0 K-State tied it up at 14 before halftime. Then down 31-21 with under 6 minutes to go they came charging back overcoming turnovers and poor defense to tie it up at 31 with about 2 minutes to go. And, as we all know, anything can happen in overtime. (Hence why I believe TCU went for two). The four OTs in this one went: TD/TD, FG/FG, TD/TD, FG/TD. K-State winner winner.

Honorable Mentions this week go to:
#9 Clemson surviving Wake Forrest 31-28. Wake had one hell of a 3rd quarter, but got shut down in the 4th.

#13 South Carolina surviving Florida 17-12. Man, Florida with all that speed just can’t get it together this year.

#15 Georgia (winners of 8 straight now) laying a WHOPPIN’ on #20 Auburn 45-7. It’s ‘The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry’ and it rarely disappoints. Georgia has the inside track to the SEC title game and is only a win over Kentucky away from playing in Atlanta in December. GO DAWGS!

Unranked Missouri over #16 Texas 17-5
5? Really Texas? 5? Missouri (who was 4-5 coming into this game) lost their starting running back and all you managed was a field goal and a safety? You only had 247 total yards? This was the first time since 2004 that Texas hadn’t scored a touchdown. I know they have some injury concerns, but… Wow.

#19 Nebraska over #12 Penn State 17-14
After Nebraska’s loss to North Western last week, I thought they would probably pack it in and not have enough to beat PSU on the road this week. However, with all that’s gone on at PSU, you could kind of see this one coming. It’s wasn’t like the PSU players could get on a ‘win one for the coach’ type ride and they just didn’t have anything really to offer Nebraska this week despite a pretty good effort in the second half.


Toledo over Western Michigan 66-63
Wait… How can two teams with a combined 11 wins be in a pillow fight? Well, one they only have a combined 11 wins and two they scored 129 points and didn’t play any defense! Oh, and three it’s a MAC game. A whopping 16,000 fans came out on a Tuesday to watch Toledo rebound after losing to N. Illinois last week 63-60. Toledo is now 8th in the nation in scoring but 96th in the nation in points allowed. I mean what is going on in the MAC? I get that nobody would watch their games on a Saturday so they move the marquee matchups to Tuesdays to get some TV time, but what their playing isn’t football. It’s like those old Madden games where you have 4 downs to get a touchdown or you turn the ball over. 1,439 total yards??? Really!? Just let the feathers fly in the ol’ MAC I guess.


#2 Oklahoma State over Texas Tech 66-6
Um, yeah. I started watching this game and then I stopped. It was one of the early contests so I thought I’d look in to see if Texas Tech could possibly pull another upset or to see just how good OSU is since they may just end up playing for the National Championship. I think I turned it off about a minute into the 2nd quarter when OSU was up 21-0, kicked off, TT fumbled the kickoff and OSU scored. It was ugly. That ball laid there for about 10 seconds with two Tech players looking for it before an OSU gunner ran up, picked it up and walked into the end zone to put the Cowboys up 28-0 with over 14 minutes still left to play in the second. It’s down to Oklahoma in two weeks to stop the Cowboy’s run, but I really don’t see that happening right now.


No clear candidate this week aside from the obvious that I spoke of in the introduction. So, we’ll just give it to: Texas, Stanford, Boise State, Toledo and Texas Tech’s defenses, and this guy…
Have a good week everybody!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 10; Will they play it again?

It was November 5th which means we finally got to see 1 vs. 2 on the field in a game we’ve all been waiting on for the past month. It wasn’t the game of the century but it was the best game so far this year, that’s for sure.

What is the deal with the Big 10? For the past 3 weeks the division titles have been there for the taking and it seems like nobody wants to step up and grab them. The ACC is a cluster of mid level teams and the Big East is well… we’ll get to them later.

Speaking of conferences, The SEC seems set to welcome both Texas A&M to the West and now Missouri to the East. (Announcement coming this week). I was hoping that the SEC would pick up a program a little better than Missouri, but whatever.

With a heartfelt welcome to the Top 25 for Southern Miss, let’s get on to this week…


#1 LSU over #2 Alabama 9-6 in OT
WOW! As a wise man said to me just yesterday, “Play some F-ing defense!” I picked Alabama in this one simply because they were playing at home. I thought this was going to be a low scoring and close game, but this was just great. I think had it not been for some key mistakes by Bama (also all those missed FG tries) the outcome would have been a lot different. But all credit to LSU, they went on the road, played a tough game and won. If you get a chance and didn’t see it, go look up the INT from LSU defensive back Eric Reid. He saved a touchdown that would have given Bama a lead and it was an awesome individual effort. Could this be the first time we see and all SEC National Championship Game with a rematch of this one? It’s too early to tell and there are still games to be played, but I can tell you that I would love to see this one played again. Now um… back to those kickers for Alabama. I hope that they and their families are safe this morning and no physical harm has come to them from the outraged Bama fans. A combined 2 for 6 in a game like this may just get you killed in Alabama. But, it’s a buyer’s market and I’m sure they can find nice housing in Louisiana.

#7 Arkansas over #9 South Carolina 44-28
Well well, Arkansas finally won a game that didn’t have to come down to the last play of the game. If the marquee matchup of the weekend featured defense, this one featured the offensive minded Razorbacks taking on a South Carolina team that is coming to the realization that without a Marcus Lattimore, they have no run game. (79 yards on the ground all day and only 207 total). They do still play good defense, but just not this week against a determined Arkansas team. If you like kick returns look up the 98-yard kickoff return in the 1st quarter by Arkansas. The guy ran untouched to the end zone and it was a big early momentum shifter. Really this game sets the table for the rest of the year in the SEC. South Carolina just opened the door for Georgia to win the East and Arkansas still has to play LSU and even though they’ve already lost to Alabama, they could still make a BCS bowl appearance and really make things interesting on November 25th.

#3 Oklahoma State over #14 Kansas State 52-45
Oklahoma State remains unbeaten and Kansas State (even with the loss) proved that they are a legit team this year; just not an elite team. It was a 27-24 game at half and K-State was actually playing some decent defense and hanging in there for most of the game. However, OKS’s passing game proved to be just too much for the Wildcats. The Cowboys have an inside track to the BCS Championship Game if they can get by a sneaky Texas Tech team next week on the road and then survive the Oklahoma game on December 3rd.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Unranked UCLA upsetting #19 Arizona State 29-28; again, missed kicks will kill you!

Northern Illinois over Toledo 63-60; 1,121 total yards in this game and a track meet broke out in the MAC.


Let’s remember that last week it was Nebraska upsetting Michigan State and Ohio State taking out Wisconsin for a Big-10 upset week. This week it was…

Unranked Northwestern over #10 Nebraska 28-25
Really Nebraska? Northwestern? They were 3-5 coming into this game and 1-4 in the BigTen. Nebraska was there and had the division pretty much wrapped up. Northwestern had to go to their backup QB in the second half and their defense had been getting shredded all year long. So how is it that Nebraska couldn’t come up with a win here AT HOME!? Nebraska now becomes the third team in as many weeks to be upset at home by an unranked team: (Clemson/GT last week and Texas Tech/Oklahoma the week before).

Unranked Iowa over #15 Michigan 24-16
With the Nebraska loss, Michigan of all teams had a chance to take control of the “Legends” division of the Big-10. Oops! Michigan had FOUR shots at winning this game at the end and missed on all four chances despite the statistically awful Iowa Red Zone defense. Now really in this game Iowa’s Defense came up big (holding Michigan to half of their average rushing yards per game). There were some questionable calls in this game from the officials, but this game should have never been this close. But, Iowa has now won a few in a row against Michigan and may be the Wolverine’s kryptonite.

Hey college football fans; care to take a guess at which team is leading the Big-10 right now? Think of a team you haven’t heard about all year… yeah, it’s Penn State! Penn State is sitting at 8-1 overall and 5-0 in the conference. Now, they’ve cruised through an easy schedule, and they still have a shot at winning out with: Nebraska at home, AT Ohio State and AT Wisconsin to make this a very interesting end to the year. Now, I don’t think they will win out because it’s the Big-10 in 2011, but there’s a chance.


Idaho over San Jose State 32-29
A classic WAC rivalry game. Idaho came in 1-7 (0-4) facing a San Jose State team that was sporting a beefy 3-5 (2-2) record. SJSU took a 22-10 lead into the 4th quarter and then just let it all slip away. Oh the dreams of a WAC championship may never come true for ol’ Sparty, Well unless Michigan State ever moves to this conference. Idaho’s only other win this year came against North Dakota in what I guess was their “fluff” game this year. Anyway, yeah, these were two crappy teams throwing feathers at one another in another Pillow Fight out west.


#18 Georgia over New Mexico State 63-16
Score not indicative of the beating the Dawgs laid down this week. Georgia was without their top three running backs due to either injury or suspensions and had to go with two walk-ons in the backfield on Saturday. It didn’t matter. Georgia scored 42 points in the second quarter and then pulled the starters for the second half. To Georgia’s credit they did only attempt 10 passes in the second half and since it was homecoming, they let some of the alumni from the women’s soccer team come out on the field and play defense in the 4th quarter just so NMS could get a score or two. (Only one of those statements was intended to be a fact).



What the hell? West Virginia lost to Syracuse earlier and then hung on to a Top 25 ranking before losing to Louisville this week 38-35. This should give us a poll this week without a Big East team in it. Now, there are no criteria for stripping a conference of its automatic BCS bid. In fact, even if the Big East finishes with no teams in the Top 25, they would still have a representative in one of the BCS Bowls. Why? Because they were given one at the formation of the BCS and there are no clear criteria for stripping a conference of its bid unless they fail to have at least 8 teams playing football. That’s it. In fact if the Big East were denied a bid this year, they could file a huge insider lawsuit against the BCS. So essentially this rule at the formation of the BCS a few years ago keeps the Big East from slipping into national irrelevancy (at least as far as bowls go). Now, contracts will be renewed at the end of the 2013 season and things could change after that, but until then, the Big East is here to stay.

Now, that last part is important because all the conferences should be done with all this realignment by the end of the 2013 season. Boise State should have chosen a conference by then and maybe just maybe Notre Dame will join up somewhere as well. (We all know about the Notre Dame clause in the BCS). So, while the current system will force us to watch a crappy Big East “Champion” in a BCS bowl for the next two seasons, things will surely change in two years. We could see conferences like the SEC, Big Ten, and PAC-10 getting 2 automatic spots and the bowls being expanded to include more non-automatic qualifiers. We can hope against hope that the BCS will establish a play off, but let’s not get started on that this week. I don’t have the energy.