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Sunday, September 29, 2013

College Football Week Five

Awwww yeah! Go Dawgs! Um, yeah there were other games, but Georgia just won a statement game in the SEC and won what was hyped up as one of the games of the year coming in. Fun times!

Also, Oregon swam up stream in a monsoon to beat Cal, Alabama played defense, South Carolina lost a QB in Central Florida, and Ohio State played a ranked team. Ok, it was Wisconsin, but still. The ACC looked average except for North Carolina who looked bad and Duke who picked up another win to go to 3-2 (3 more wins till another Bowl Game). The Pac-12’s top teams separated from the pack this week and USCalifornia took another hit in the hot Arizona sun. Oh and USC decided Kiffin was that bad and didn’t offer him a plane ride home. Ouch. 2-3 and out the door.

My TV schedule included: Georgia, Ohio State, Washington, and Oregon. I had regular TV this week, so I had to cut down on the channel surfing.

With all apologies to the MAC, let’s kick this one off…

Games of the Week:

#9 Georgia over #6 LSU 44-41
Nail Biter! Oh man my blood pressure went up during this one. Neither defense was doing anything to stop the other offense and this was really one of those games that came down to whoever had the ball last. Thankfully for Bulldog Nation, Georgia had it last. Both QBs played very well and it was an exciting game to
watch and a great win for Georgia. Still a ton of question marks for that team, but they’ve got a few weeks to get all that worked out before they head to Atlanta at the end of the regular season.

#10 Texas A&M survives Arkansas 45-33
Um, remember last week when Arkansas got beat by Rutgers and I thought that they may have some fight in them? Well they took that fight to A&M this weekend and it took one hell of an effort from Johnny “better lucky than good” Manziel to get A&M out of there with a win. This was another barn burner in SEC Country and I was surprised by the amount of times the Razorbacks just kept moving it down the field.

Honorable Mention to: #14 Oklahoma taking out #22 Notre Dame in South Bend. Notre Dame had dominated the Sooners historically, so this was nice. I just like hearing announcers use the term Bell-Dozer for the OU QB, oh and I like when the Irish lose. Which, by the way is also a historical trend.

Rivalry Watch!

Iowa over Minnesota to win Floyd of Rosedale a.k.a. that pig statue 23-7
This was pretty much a walkthrough for the Hawkeyes of Iowa in their B1G opener. Minnesota should really stop playing these trophy games. That case on their campus has got to be depressing! Just a bunch of
outlines of trophies and dust. Whatever. Congrats Iowa! You have won a giant brass pig which is about as useless as a B1G conference win.

Upset of the Week:

Unranked West Virginia over #11 Oklahoma State 30-21
Oh Mountain Mama! West Virginia just called in all the cousins for dinner and took it to the Cowboys from OK State. The Mountaineers pretty much got dominated in the stats but stayed ahead on the scoreboard the whole way through. I guess the defense for W. Virginia deserves some credit for that pick six and the three forced turnovers too. The Big XII is more exciting with West Virginia around. They bring the moonshine and things just get crazy.

Beat Down of the Week:

#3 Clemson over Wake Forest 56-7
Really all you need to know about this is Tajh Boyd’s state line for the afternoon: 17 of 24 passing for 311yds and 3TDs, with 17 rushes for 69yds and a TD. Oh, and he didn’t even play the whole game. Wake is bad, that we know, but this was kind of embarrassing.

Pillow Fight of the Week:

Nailed it! Youngstown State over Southern Illinois 28-27 on the road. That was a close one though. That damned Saluki took a 27-14 lead into halftime before the Penguins woke up and put the deep freeze on SIU in the second half. It took until under two minutes in the game before they took the lead, but they did and pushed me to 4-1 on the year in the pillow fights.  
Next week I’m going to take New Mexico (1-3 Los Lobos) over New Mexico State (0-5 Aggies but they have some kind of bandit cowboy as a mascot named Pistol Pete) in the battle of the desert. Of course the only thing hot about these schools are the average temperatures so this should be a ‘slug-fest’ between a pack of wild dogs and some broke down cowboy named Pete. I’m taking the pack of dogs. Pop the popcorn and but the women to bed, this one is going to be ugly!

Player of the Week:

I’d like to give this to either Mike Davis, RB from South Carolina or Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis. Both of them played with a ton of heart this weekend. Davis carried his team to a win while Abbrederis played with a ton of passion and tried to show the Badgers how to win. So, you pick.

Biggest Loser:

The Southern Miss Golden Eagle Athletic Department. You don’t need paydays that bad do you? I mean come on! You’re at least in Conference USA. They’ve started the year 0-4 after an embarrassing home opener loss to Texas State 22-15, they then went on the road for three straight weeks to Nebraska, Arkansas, and Boise State! Those scores looked like this: 56-13, 24-3, 60-7! Ouch. At least they have Florida International coming to town next week and I almost made that my pillow fight pick, but I can’t tell if the boys in Southern Miss have any pride left at this point. Good luck guys.

My Picks Go…

9-1 this week! Thanks to NIU and Arizona State for coming through for me. Also, I picked up another pillow fight win to go 4-1 on the year. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

College Football Week Four

Well the NCAA powers that be must have fallen asleep when the schedulers got together to talk about week four. What a snooze-fest of games! Only one matchup of ranked teams? Come on guys! I guess Notre Dame and Michigan State was supposed to be good? I mean Pittsburgh sneaking by Duke 58-55 was entertaining but not a ‘marquee’ matchup. Tennessee and Florida was good about 10 years ago but the only thing fun about that game was playing ‘count the turnovers.’

My TV schedule included: Georgia over North Texas (Go Dawgs), Wisconsin over Purdue (Zzz..), Florida over Tennessee in a horribly played game, the end of Notre Dame’s survival of MSU then the one “interesting” game Arizona State at Stanford until that got uninteresting then I flipped over to K-State and Texas.

One note this week: I think this may be the year that the PAC-12 overtakes the SEC as the top conference in the nation. Now, the SEC still has three of the top ten teams in the nation with Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU/UGA. You pick the third, we’ll find out next week. However, top to bottom the PAC-12 headed by Oregon and Stanford is just a better overall conference this year. Now, the debate is really over the lower end schools and I’d take California, Oregon State and Colorado over Mississippi State, Tennessee and Kentucky over a full season. Now, in one game, I’d stick with the SEC dogshousers but over a full season, I like the PAC-12 punching bags.  We’ll see how this pans out, but right now the SEC has 7 top-25 schools to the PAC-12’s 5 in the top-25 the rest of the numbers are about even.

With all my condolences to the small schools in Florida, let’s kick it off!

Games of the Week:

Virginia Tech over Marshall 29-21 in 3OTs
So this wasn’t the best played game of the weekend to be sure, but the entertainment value of the overtimes alone gets this one a nod for this week’s top games. (Also these two schools really don’t like each other). This game was played in a driving rain storm and the Hokies of VT waited till there were only 3 minutes left to tie it in the 4th quarter. Then, the overtimes went: missed FG, missed FG, missed FG, fumble, touchdown. What? Anyway, if you were bored listening to the Ohio State fight song, this was a good one to watch.

Rutgers defends their turf against Arkansas 28-24
Anyone notice that the Razorbacks were off to a 3-0 start and looking to jump into the top-25? Tough road trip up to New Jersey to be sure, but Rutgers made a bit of a statement by taking down this SEC team (even if it was Arkansas). The Scarlet Knights were down 17 in the second half but fought hard and put up some points in the 3rd and 4th. More importantly, Arkansas’ offense looked to be back on track and Rutgers was impressive in the second half on defense. Good thing the Razorbacks got those three wins early though cause after this it’s a rough road ahead with Texas A&M, Florida, USC, Alabama…

Honorable Mention:
Southern California survives Utah St. 17-14 and Lane Kiffin keeps his job for another week.

Upset of the Week:
Both Notre Dame and Michigan came close to getting upset this week, but both held on, so NONE.

Rivalry Watch: THE HOLY WAR!

Utah over BYU 20-13.
Well well well. It took till week four but here we go! Utah took out the more conservative BYU (school or offense you pick) and won the Holy War for the fourth straight year sending cross-state rival Steve Young U to a 1-2 record on the year. Actually this was a pretty defense dominated game despite only one turnover. Utah was up 13-0 at the half and the Cougars of BYU (a Mormon Cougar, yeah right) only managed two field goals in the 3rd. Really though, BYU never came close in this one and sent all their overly sober fans home for another night of disappointment. I guess if one Mormon school had to win; it might as well be the smart one that packed up and joined the PAC-12. Utah is that school you never pay attention to until the slip up and beat you in bowl game. Right Bama? Cue the Mormon Girl! (Been waiting all season for that)

Beat Down of the Week:

#4 Ohio State over Florida A&M 76-0
We all know Urban Myer and Ohio State suck monkey balls for all their douchebaggery, but this was just too much! They went for a 2-point conversion in the 1st quarter! What the hell? Then they just kept chucking the ball around and kept pounding on those kids from A&M. FAMU had 80 total yards in this game to OSU’s 76 points. Meyer let his QBs throw for 6TDs!!! What the hell? Classless. (Sure, keep moving the ball till the other team can stop you, but not when that other team isn’t the same level of competition.)

Runner up goes to #7 Louisville’s 72-0 win over Florida International. Ouch. 

Pillow Fight of the Week:

Boom! Yale for the win 39-22 over Colgate. The Raider’s teeth may be whiter, but Yale’s defense is much tighter! I was wise to go back with the Bulldog and Yale was wise to keep running the ball all over those toothpaste loving freaks who now find themselves 0-4.
Next week I’m going to take (3-1) Youngstown State to keep rolling on the road and take down Missouri Valley Conference foe Southern Illinois (2-2). I like the Penguins in this one because I like penguins more than the Southern Illinois’ mascot. What is it you ask? The Saluki. It’s an ugly ass dog that is known as the Royal dog of Egypt. Well, I’m making the Saluki a 14 point dog in this matchup and going with Youngstown State.

Player of the Week:

WKU RB Antonio Andrews: Now they may not play the best defense at Morgan State but Western Kentucky’s RB went off for 213 yards and 5 TDs on only 17 touches. That’s a 12.5 yard average per touch and about 1 TD for every 3.2 carries. Those are video game numbers in real life there. Way to go buddy. That had to have been a fun afternoon.  

Biggest Loser:

The college football fans! What a snoozer of a week!
Oh and Florida QB Jeff Driskel who is out for the year because he broke his leg throwing a pass. Florida now has to go with a backup who has been on campus for four years and never sniffed the field. Let’s be honest, you’ve taken as many snaps as hes taken. He’s not worth the Charmin extra soft he wipes his butt with. (Insert teen football movie quote here). Hey SEC defenses! Bring your blitz packages. There’s blood in the water in Florida.

My Picks Go…

Damn you K-State! My hatred for Texas blinded me on that one. So I only went 6-4 since I also missed on Duke (don’t say it I know), BYU (I just wanted them to win for better jokes), and Air Force (Do they not play defense anymore?) I’m still at 73% on the year so not too bad and I did pick up another pillow fight win which puts me at 3-1 there. Next week I’ll use my head and not pick cats in dog fights. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

College Football Week Three

My TV schedule was obviously interrupted by work, but I did get in some of UCLA v. Nebraska (Taylor Martinez is STILL the QB at Nebraska by the way. It’s his 4th year as a starter, but it seems like his 8th.), I watched a few drives in the Arkansas game, the 4th quarter of that Michigan v. Akron craziness, watched Alabama and A&M all the way, and then channel surfed the late games. Yeah. And I worked an 8 hour shift. That’s the kind of love I have for my readers. The kind of love Durham native Vad Lee of Georgia Tech had for his hometown when he lead the Yellow Jackets to a 38-14 win over Duke. Tough love I’m sure.

Anyway, with Duke’s perfect season destroyed, we’ll all have to move on and pay attention to the regular contenders. Ya know, like Alabama, Oregon, Stanford and an Ohio State that should coast through the Big-10.

With all due respect to the idiots that came up with this “targeting” rule which by the way is the dumbest rule I’ve ever seen… Let’s kick it off!

Games of the Week:

The Game of the Century!!!... Of the Week
#1 Alabama over #6 Texas A&M 49-42
What is this? The PAC-12? 49-42 in the SEC? This wasn’t Alabama surviving A&M, it was Bama proving that they can play anybody’s game. They may have a weakness in their secondary, but Bama is the best team in the country hands down and it’s going to take some team’s perfect Saturday and a whole lot of luck to beat The Tide. The drive they put together at the end of the first half to go up 28-14 was textbook and they are just too good for 95% of the country to even compete with. Oh, and AJ McCarron must feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of the SEC. No Respect; just keeps on winning. A&M is a real to to be sure, but they’re just not ready to hang with Bama year in and year out.

Big-10 falls to the PAC-12 - 3-1

Interesting matchups between these two conferences this weekend. Not good enough to make their own mark here, but together…
#16 UCLA over #23 Nebraska 41-21. Ouch! 38 unanswered points by UCLA.
#19 Washington over Illinois 34-24. This one stayed pretty close all the way through, but Washington isn’t a real threat out of the PAC-12 just yet.
#4 Ohio State over Cal…ifornia 52-34 I like to hate on the Gay Acorns of OSU, but even I have to admit that it’s impressive what they’re doing even with their backup quarterback.
#20 Wisconsin upset by Arizona State 32-30. Um, See below.

Honorable Mention: Akron’s losing effort against Michigan 28-24. The Zips were four seconds away from being this year’s App State. Did you know that Akron is on a 27 game road losing streak and that Terry Bowden is their coach? Terry Bowden!!!???

Upset of the Week:

#20 Wisconsin! Bad punts, fake punts, lots of rushing TDs and then… What? Whether you think it was a fumble, a kneel down or whatever you thought you were doing to center the ball for a FG, you had to know that either way you were going to have to spike it to stop the clock because it was going to keep running. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and done! The Badgers just upset themselves. Bad Bad Bad Loss.

Beat Down of the Week:

#10 Florida State over Nevada 62-7
Nevada took a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter and I thought for a brief second that maybe FSU was going to overlook the Los Lobos (Wolfpack; whatever.) Then FSU ripped off 59 unanswered points. Florida State hasn’t look great this year, but a tune up like this (and next week vs. Bethune-Cookman) may put them on a roll heading into ACC play. Anyway, the Seamanholes of Florida State racked up 617 total yards and had two rushers go for over 100. Nevada gave up an average of 9.2 yards per rush attempt and that, will lead you to a beat down each and every time. 

Pillow Fight of the Week:
Oh no I missed one! Damn you Western Carolina! You let the Citadel build a 21-0 halftime lead and then couldn’t quite catch up. To be fair it was a 28-21 final score so I was close in my blindly picking the Catamounts. Stupid mountain cat.

Next week I’m going to get smart and go with a Bulldog. Yale baby! They open their season against Patriot conference “powerhouse” Colgate (0-3). I say the Colgate Raiders fall to 0-4 while Yale starts off 1-0 and redeems me for picking against a bulldog this week.

Player of the Week:

Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon Ducks. Quack! It was only a matter of time before Mariota found himself here. This week he’s awarded our player of the week for laying a quack down on Tennessee. The numbers: 23/33 for 456yards and 4TDs with 27 rushing yards and a TD on the ground. A couple of guys threw for more yards this weekend, but I’m going with Marcus for nearly swimming the #2 Ducks to this week’s Beat Down section.

Biggest Loser: 
Joel Stave, QB, Wisconsin. Hey Stave, you might want to learn the rules of college football, or pee-wee football for that matter. At least the clock portion. Seconds tick away and with them your hopes of winning games. Also, YOU SUCK!

My Picks Go…

I went 7-3 this week, and stand at 74% correct so far this year, but now (much like Duke) I’m 2-1 on the pillow fight picks. This week Wisconsin, Nebraska and Penn State all killed me. Why did I have faith in the Big-10??? I hate the Big-10! And UCF! Whoa, hold on there. I did correctly pick Iowa over Iowa State, Ole Miss over Texas and a few others that were pretty close. So far so good. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

College Football Week Two

Whoa hold on there! Is the ACC trying to present themselves as a legit college football conference? Duke is 2-0 and well we all know that’s twice as many wins as they usually get in a season. They’ve started off 18-7 with big wins now from Clemson and Miami, and with a few of those losses coming from top 15 teams and themselves in conference play. Watch out! This could be the year that a top ACC team tries to make a play for the National Title.

My TV schedule included: FLA v. Miami, Georgia v. USC, West Virginia v. Oklahoma and a little of the Michigan v. Notre Damn it game.

Before Western Kentucky has time to turn the ball over again, let’s kick this week off…

Games of the Week:

#11 Georgia over #6 South Carolina 41-30
Breathe easy Dawg fans, you got by SC. Georgia managed to save their season in week two by beating South Carolina and starting the SEC season 1-0. But, the defense looks terrible. They’ve got next week to figure it out, but unless they’re prepared to score 40+ every week, this could be ugly. Now, with that out of the way, Aaron Murray’s 4TD and Todd Gurley’s awesome day were fun to watch. And 40+ points a game may not be out of the question. Um… and I’m going to say it here: Todd Gurley; Heisman (Presented by Nissan) Watch.

#17 Michigan over #14 Notre Dame 41-30
I wanted to just shout I HATE YOU at the screen, but this game did have a bit of intrigue since it does stop a long running rivalry and it was one of the few top 20 matchups of the weekend. Thankfully, it turned out to be a pretty good game and despite the fact that Michigan was in control throughout, the Irish kept making you think they were going to get back in it and take the lead at any time. Then, they remembered they were Notre Dame and they suck. Michigan may have a good year ahead of them if they can keep slinging the ball around like that while maintaining a bit of balance.

Honorable Mention to OU over West Virginia 16-7.  OU had to pull their starting QB in the 4th and put in the Bell-Dozer and even though he didn’t run the Tebow offense, it worked out, OU started running the ball and won the game. This was one entertaining matchup and WV’s entrance into the Big XII had been an entertaining one.

Upset of the Week:

Unranked Miami over #12 Florida 21-16
I was just cruising around on and noticed Will Muschamp’s resume on there under the, ‘will anyone hire me after this season’ category. Um. Miami managed just 50 rushing yards and 58 in penalty yards. They only got 10 first downs all game. So how did they win? 5 count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Florida turnovers. Last week Florida just looked inconsistent in a win over Toledo, this week they just looked bad. Hey Florida! Tennessee is coming to town next week. Ya might want to hold on to the ball or else you could be looking at a rough year.

Unranked BYU over #15 Texas 40-21
Overrated! Cha Cha; Cha Cha Cha… You get the chant. BYU gets the win. Um, Mac Brown might want to get to posting a resume too. See below for more on this game.

Beat Down of the Week:

#23 Baylor over Buffalo (surprisingly not the Bills) 70-13
781 yards (new school record) and 32 first downs while still getting over 100 yards in penalties. Welcome to Baylor Football! It only took Baylor about 3 minutes to end this game and they were up 56-13 at half. Since the Waco Middle School Cubs played the second half for Baylor they only scored 14 more points. But those little ankle biters are tough on defense since Buffalo didn’t even manage a single second half point.

Pillow Fight of the Week:

Last week I went with William and Mary over Hampton and let me just say, nailed it! Bill and Mary sunk the pirates of Hampton 31-7. Abandon ship! Hampton is 0-2 and we may not have seen the last of them in this section of the blog.

This week I’ll go with Western Carolina and my hometown Citadel Bulldogs. Now being from Charleston and being named the Bulldogs, this should make the choice easy, but… I’m going with the Catamounts of Western Carolina. If you remember a few years ago they made a good run on this blog and I’m going to trust them to get me off to a 3-0 start on my pillow fight picks. Both teams are 0-2 so, they’ve got that going for them.

Player of the Week:

Nobody really stood out as the clear winner, so I’ll give it to Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville for his 23/32 for 397 yards and 4 TDs in a 44-7 win. Way to go Teddy. You took down a Western Kentucky defense like any major college QB should do. Hey! Louisville is no joke, but seriously, congrats for doing your job.

Biggest Loser:

The Texas Looooooooonghorn’s Defense. Um, I get that Big XII schools aren’t that big on defense, but that was bad. BYU was supposed to give me my first chance to cue the Mormon Girl, but Nooooooo! Texas had to let them rack up a whopping 679 total yards with 550 of them coming on the ground. Read that number again: 550 rushing yards! Wow. That’s bad Texas, real bad. Oh and 259 of those yards were to the BYU QB who also ran it in for 3 TDs!

My Picks Go…

Meh again. I went 6-4 this week, but keep in mind I am 2-0 on the pillow fight picks. Part of my downfall this week I blame on Florida, the other on my faith in Texas and apparently Cincinnati isn’t the team I thought they were. And I was forced to choose between Utah State and Air Force. When faced with that kind of decision, it’s best to just start drinking for a few hours then come back and see what the booze tells you. The booze was wrong. The booze is always wrong kids.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

College Football Week One

Well well well, it wasn’t a booming start to the season but a fun one and while a ton of questions were asked during the off season, not a whole lot were answered this week. Is Alabama that good? Meh. We’ll see. Is Ohio State overrated again? Well yeah, but whatever. Is Johnny Football an asshole? Yes. Is scheduling a cupcake game in week one a good idea? Um, that seems debatable.

My Saturday TV schedule included: Texas A&M’s 52-31 over Rice, Miss State falling to Oklahoma State 21-3 (Nice defense from the Cowboy’s by the way. Watch out “Big” XII this may be OKS’s year), Alabama over Virginia Tech 35-10 (Zzz…), and Georgia falling to Clemson in an early season heartbreaker for this Dawg fan 38-35. Georgia needs to go back to Athens and find both an offensive line and some heart and try to regroup before the USC game next week. (Oh, if you’re new to the blog, USC can refer to the University of South Carolina or Southern California; in this case its South Carolina).

Also, in an unrelated note, Duke is 1-0 after beating NC Central (High School?) 45-0.

Anyway, with mad respect to the state of Washington… let’s kick it off.

Games of the Week:
#8 Clemson over #5 Georgia 38-35
So this game was 14 all before anyone had a chance to sit down and grab a second beer. It looked as if a track meet was going to break out and we were headed for a Baylor style bowl game.  The second quarter was slightly less eventful and at half the score was 21-21 but the momentum seemed to be all with Clemson. Their stadium was rocking and congrats to those redneck fans for keeping the energy level high all night long. In the second half Georgia’s young defense was exposed and the offensive line was either just out of gas or just plain bad. Either way, the Tigers took advantage and rode Tajh Boyd to a 38-28 lead. A last gasp pulled Georgia to within 3 but when you’re counting on an onsides kick to save the game, you’ve already lost. Congrats to Clemson. They have a good squad. Looks like Georgia is once again, a lot of hype around a good team. A good team. Not a great one.

#12 LSU over #20 TCU 37-27
In probably the least hyped game of the week but one of the few featuring two top 25 teams, LSU and TCU actually put on a good show in Arlington, TX Saturday. LSU built a 30-17 lead late in the third before TCU decided to stage a comeback and pulled within 3 with less than 8 minutes to go. But, LSU still has a defense and Zach Mettenberger at QB. They also have a kicker whose last name is Delahoussaye. And, well, that has to count for something.

Northern Illinois over Iowa 30-27
What? The Huskies rose up and took over the second half against Iowa IN Iowa City and hit a 36-yard FG with 4 seconds left to win it. Wow. Iowa took a 24-17 halftime lead and this game looked like it was going to be romp but Iowa turned the ball over 3 times and you just can’t do that against a hungry pack of Huskies.

Runner Up: #18 Nebraska survives The Wyoming Cheneys 37-34.

Upset of the Week:

Eastern Washington over #25 Oregon State 49-39
The Eastern Washington Eagles from the Big Sky Conference have shocked the College Football World! Well, not really but damn! I’m never one to say that Beavers are overrated, but the ones from Oregon just may have been after paying EW to come to their house and then letting the Eagles put up 29 points in the first half. Wow. The Beavers tried to hold on, but in the end took a bit of a pounding giving up 625 total yards to the Eagles.

Honorable Mentions:
North Dakota State University over Kansas State 24-21. Um. Ouch.

Washington over #19 Boise State 38-6! What? Did Boise’s 6-year starting QB finally retire, I mean graduate?

Beat Down of the Week:
Georgia Tech over Elon 70-0!
Georgia Tech’s offense is a joke. There are three plays: Option left, Option right, Option up the middle. So, Elnon’s defense must be the WORST in America. GT just set and ACC record for margin of victory. I really don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Elon let Tech run for 368 yards or that their offense got out passed by Tech 189 to 164. I’m glad this happened in week one because sports fans, this is the definition of beat down that you can expect to see in this section each week. Usually though it’s done with a bit more class than GT’s week one smack down.

Pillow Fight of the Week:
I called it correct this week picking Gardner-Webb over Furman and they came through with a 28-21 win. G-Dub racked up 434 total yards to Furman’s 213 and that’s pretty much all you need to know I guess. That, and Furman had a halftime substitution where they replaced their D-line with a group of passing NASCAR fans. It was a bold move, but they just kept circling the field every snap and following the running back really closely without actually tackling him; employing the “drafting” strategy. I mean it’s a Southern Conference vs. Big South Conference matchup so it screamed Pillow Fight.

For next week I’m going to take (0-1) William and Mary over (0-1) Hampton in a classic CAA v. MEAC matchup. W&M call themselves the Tribe but there are only two of them, so maybe they’ll pick someone up on the way to the game and then down the mighty Pirates of Hampton. Like I said I’ll stick with the home team and have Bill and Mary win it by 10.

Player of the Week:
Derek Carr. Remember David Carr? The guy who played for Fresno State the last time they were good and then went on to be the Houston Texans’ first franchise QB? Well, some of us do and this guy also plays for Fresno State and may be able to throw the ball as well. He’s either David’s little brother, cousin or son. I didn’t bother looking it up. Anyway, he went off for 456 yards while going 52 for 73 passing and 5 TDs. He led F-State to a 52-51 win over Rutgers (in OT) and even ran for 24 yards. I really don’t know what’s more impressive: completing 52 passes, throwing it 73 fucking times, or being in your 5th year at Fresno State before I realized that David Carr had a brother/cousin/kid playing at F-State. Either way. Congrats Derek! Keep up the good work!

Biggest Loser:
Johnny “Hancock” Manziel is Week One’s winner or loser. Whatever. 6 for 8 passing for 98yds and 3 TDs with 0 INTs with 19 rushing yards all in one half doesn’t usually get you a Biggest Loser Award, but taunting a player from Rice not once but twice and getting a personal foul penalty is a joke. Manziel was the talk of the off season because of his behavior and potential rule breaking. And the reigning Heisman Trophy (presented by Nissan) winner didn’t help his image on Saturday by acting like an asshole on the field either. He’s a spoiled brat who has a million dollar arm but a five cent head. Johnny, you are this week’s biggest loser.  And, best of luck to A&M’s coach. He’s tied to this kid, his family and his attitude.

My Picks Go…

Meh. 6 and 4 plus my pillow fight win. I missed on Boise, Cal and Iowa (sorry NIU fans, I didn’t think they had it in them) and of course on my Bulldogs who let me down in week one. Could be a long year if I keep picking with my heart. Guess I’ll have to take a 6-4 start and build on it best I can.